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How To Catch Zeraora In Pokemon Sword

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Is Shiny Mew Legit


It is essentially safe to assume that almost every shiny Mew is a fake, especially any that are international because it was never released internationally. Legit shiny Mew is without doubt one of the rarest shinies ever! This means that the Kanto Tour will be the first time ever shiny Mew has been available worldwide!

Why Cant I Transfer My Shiny Celebi

It seems you need to have previously owned a Celebi to transfer this specific one from Pokemon GO into Sword/Shield. Okay I figured it out: Mew has to be in your party/boxes for you to transfer it out of Home. Mew has no Dex entry so this is the only way to keep it registered, for you to be able to take it out.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Get Shiny Zeraora


Shiny Zeraora is now available to all Pokémon players. We show you the steps to get it in your Pokémon Sword or Shield version via Pokémon HOME.

Following the number of Raids carried out so far, we can receive a shiny Zeraora.

It’s therefore the second official distribution of this creature, which wasn’t recoverable until now if you had missed the one available on the seventh generation, Ultra-Sun and Ultra-Moon.

The shiny version of this Mythical Pokémon is available since yesterday through the Pokémon HOME. Here are the different steps to get it and transfer it to your version of Pokémon Sword or Shield.

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Best Movesets For Zeraora

Outrage Zeraora/Mixed Zeraora: Zeraora is almost always a fast, hard-hitting offensive Pokemon due to its incredibly high-speed stat. In both sets, powerful moves are relied on in order to ensure quick one-hit KOs on opponents, especially those with a weakness to the electric type.

Plasma Fist

Is Zeraora Any Good

How to Catch Zeraora in Pokemon Sword and Shield ...

Zeraora is a mythical Pokemon and therefore has 600 total base stats, comparable to pseudo legendary Pokemon like Dragonite, Tyranitar, and Metagross. Unlike early mythical Pokemon, Zeraoras stats arent evenly distributed.

This is a good thing, as Zeraoras stats make it a strong sweeper thanks to high attack stats and a strong 143 base speed. Zeraoras movepool is relatively limited when it comes to both regular and special attacks, but it has enough diversity that players can cobble together something solid.

The clear best build for Zeraora includes a Jolly nature and maxed EVs for attack and speed. For moves, Volt Switch, Plasma Fists, Close Combat, and either an elemental punch move or Knock Off offers some hard hits and decent type coverage.

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How To Get Zeraora In Isle Of Armor Dlc

Zeraora can only be found in Max Raid Battles from yesterday, June 17, to June 28.

Zeraora can appear in three-star raids and above, so be on the lookout.

If one million players beat Zeraora in Max Raid Battles, you’ll even be able to claim a shiny version in the Mystery Gifts menu. You’ll need to have transferred a Pokemon to or from Pokemon Home to enable this though!


Good news, trainers! Shiny Zeraora will be sent to all players, but you’ll need to use Pokemon Home on mobile to get it. You’ll find it in the mystery gift menu up until July 6 at 4:59 PM PDT.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: How To Find Zeraora In A Max Raid Battle

This Mythical Pokemon will be available to challenge for a limited time.

Trainers, the Mythical Electric-type Pokemon Zeraora is currently appearing in Max Raid Battles in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Its appearance is part of a limited time event that will allow trainers to receive a free Shiny Zeraora.

Specifically, from now until June 28, Zeraora will appear in Max Raid Battles in Sword and Shield. If one million trainers around the world defeat Zeraora in one of these battles, all trainers will be able to collect a free Shiny Zeraora in the mobile version of Pokemon Home, the online Pokemon storage service.

If you want to take on Zeraora in a Max Raid Battle, our guide is here to help you find one!

First, head to the Pokemon Dens in the Wild Area that have a beam of light shooting out of them.

When you interact with one of these Dens, youll see the silhouette of the Pokemon that’s available to battle. If you see the silhouette in the screenshot below, youve found Zeraora!

If you dont find Zeraora in any of the battles that are currently active in your Wild Area, remember that you can cause more battles to appear by completing all of the battles that are currently active.

Keep in mind, you cant catch any of the Zeraora you defeat in these battles, but you will earn some in-game items if you win.

To learn more about Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, or to view the rest of our guides for the games, check out our previous coverage.

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How To Claim The Shiny Zeraora In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword & Shield players have unlocked the ability to collect their Shiny Zeraora. This guide will help players collect it for their team.

Players have unlocked the ability to have their very own Shiny Zeraora in Pokemon Sword & Shield. This guide will help players collect their very own. Pokemon Sword & Shield recently released the first half of its expansion pass with the Isle of Armor. The Isle of Armor came along with a new wild area to explore, over 100 older Pokemon, and a new legendary Pokemon to capture. To celebrate the release of the Isle of Armor, the Pokemon company held an event to unlock a special Shiny Zeraora in the game. Over 1 million players needed to defeat a Zeraora in a Max Raid battle for each trainer to have the chance to collect a shiny one. Fortunately, the players have done it and the shiny is available. Here’s how players can claim it.

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How To Claim A Shiny Zeraora In Pokmon Sword And Shield


Thanks to a new promotion, Sword and Shield players can claim this special Zeraora

ver 1 million Pokémon Sword and Shield players managed to beat the Zeraora raid, which means you can now collect a shiny reward.

If you own Sword or Shield and also use Pokémon Home, you’re eligible to claim a shiny variant of a Zeraora very soon.

During the recent Pokémon Presents live stream, the Zeraora Max Raid battle was announced to celebrate the release of Sword and Shield’s first wave of expansion content The Isle of Armour.

Players were invited to take part in the special raid against the mythical Pokémon and if enough people won the fight, they would get a Shiny Zeraora delivered to them in their Home Storage.

As announced on the Pokémon fanatic website Serebii, this target has been well and truly smashed.

Players should now start to see Zeraora sent out to them at the end of June.

There is one more thing players must to do be eligible for this special shiny. Regardless of whether you took part in the special Max Raid battle, you must transfer a Pokémon between Sword and Shield to Pokémon Home by Monday, July 6.

The Zeraora Max Raid is still ongoing at the moment so players can still get involved if you want to fight it.

Once you’ve transferred to or from Pokémon Home to the game, you’ll be able to claim the Shiny Zeraora between Monday June 29 and July 6.

Elsewhere in Pokémon news, the very first MOBA-style Pokémon game is heading to Nintendo Switch and mobile very soon.

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What Zeraora Does In Battle

As a Mythical Electric-type, Zeraora has immense Speed. It also has its own unique attack in Plasma Fists. Since it’s so punchy, it’ll do better with physical attack moves. Grass Knot is pretty much essential to get rid of the Ground-types Zeraora is weak to. Other than that, you would do well to give it one of the many Fighting-type moves it can learn for some extra power against those tank Rock and Steel-types.

Defeat It In A Max Raid Battle

Between June 17th and June 28th, Zeraora appears in Max Raid Battles in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

However, you can’t catch this one. Instead, if more than a million trainers defeat Zeraora in the Max Raid Battle during this time, each will receive a Shiny Zeraora delivered to their Pokémon Home app.


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How To Redeem Zeraora For Free In Pokemon Unite

In Pokemon Unite, Zeraora is said to be lightning-fast. This makes it capable of trapping opponents in corners and attacking them with rapid strikes to deal massive damage.

His special Unite move launches an electrical discharge of incredible power. It then generates a zone of plasma around the attack area, keeping enemies at bay for even longer.

This Electric-type Mythical Pokémon is fast as lightning, catching opponents and dealing massive damage in the blink of an eye. Zeraoras Unite Move sends out a powerful electric blast, creating a zone of plasma around its strike zone. #PokemonUNITE

Pokémon UNITE

To obtain Zeraora in Pokemon Unite, it is fairly simple. The first step is to load Pokemon Unite when it is released on July 21, 2021. It can be obtained for free in the Nintendo eShop.

After entering the game, players must log in to their personal Nintendo or Pokemon Trainer Club account. Whichever they choose is up to their preference. Once players log in, they will receive a Unite License.

The Unite License will allow them to redeem Zeraora in Pokemon Unite for free. There is no catch. Zeraora will be players’ to keep and play with in-game for as long as they play it. That means forever.

Zeraora will be free for all Nintendo Switch players who follow the steps to redeem it in Pokemon Unite. This free character giveaway only lasts from the release date of July 21, 2021 through August 31, 2021.

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How to claim your free SHINY ZERAORA POKEMON SWORD AND ...

While this certainly may seem like a moral defeat, youve got to remember that your victory still counts in the grand scheme of things and once Zeraora has been beaten one million times, youll receive your reward. To claim your Shiny Zeraora reward, open up the Pokemon Home app on your phone and navigate to the Mystery Gifts section. From there, youll be able to capture the elusive creature once the milestone has been met. Further, for every 100,000 Zeraora defeats after the one million mark, players will receive a piece of Amorite Ore that can be used to teach your Pokemon new moves at the dojo in the Isle of Armor expansion.

Its also worth mentioning that the Isle of Armor DLC has a new level scaling feature that will increase the difficulty of your opponents based on your highest level Pokemon. So keep that in mind if you plan to add the Shiny Zeraora to your party. For more on Pokemon Sword and Shield, be sure to check out some of our guides linked below.

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Everything You Need To Know About Zeraora In Pokmon Unite

Zeraora is classified as a Speedster who specialises in melee attacks in Pokémon Unite.

Its high stats in both mobility and offense make Zeraora perfect for moving quickly around the battlefield and attacking your opponents. Zeraora’s low endurance, however, means that you need to keep an eye on its HP level and be ready to make a quick retreat when necessary.

You should also always avoid using Zeraora for support, focusing, instead, on collecting Aeos Energy and scoring goals.

Thankfully, its Basic Attack will restore some of your HP on every third use and Spark, which you can select upon reaching Level 6, will also restore HP once it’s been upgraded.

Best of all, Zeraora’s Unite Move, Plasma Gale, causes a great amount of damage to both surrounding Pokémon and forces them away from you, which makes it perfect for clearing the battlefield. Plasma Gale also has the added bonus of creating a zone where both the range and power of Zeraora’s Basic Attack is enhanced.

It’s important to note that, difficulty wise, Zeraora on the Expert level. For this reason, we recommend using the Practice Area to gain a better understanding of its moveset before using Zeraora in a proper match.

Good luck using Zeraora in Pokémon Unite!

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How To Get Shiny Zeraora Free Gift

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    Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Get A Shiny Zeraora

    Pokemon Sword & Shield allows players to get a Shiny Zeroara in the new Isle of Armor DLC. Here’s how players can unlock this shiny legendary Pokemon.

    A Shiny Zeraora can be collected in Pokemon Sword & Shield. This guide will help players do what needs to be done to collect it. The Pokemon Sword & Shield expansion pass has finally released its first half. The Isle of Armor provides the player with new story elements with a new legendary Pokemon, Kubfu. This DLC comes along with a new wild area for players to explore, including over 100 older Pokemon spawning out in real-time. This builds on one of the best features of the original game. Although, Game Freak is currently hosting an event that allows players to have their very own shiny Zeraora. Here’s how players can participate in this event in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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    Transfer Zeraora To Pokmon Sword Or Pokmon Shield

    ZERAORA GOAL MET! How To Get A FREE Shiny Zeraora in Pokemon Sword and Shield

    To be able to play with your magnificent new pocket monster, you will have to return to your Pokémon HOME application on the Nintendo Switch. First remember to quit the application on your mobile because it is impossible to launch the application on both your devices at the same time with the same account.

    Once you are on the menu, follow these few steps to finally be able to enjoy this fabulous in all its splendor.

  • Take the Pokémon menu
  • Choose your Version
  • Find Zeraora shiny in your Pokémon HOME boxes
  • Move it to a box of your version of the game
  • Save and exit
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    How To Get Zeraora In Pokmon Sword And Shields Isle Of Armor Expansion

    Another raid event is your best bet.

    While Zeraora is appearing in Max Raid Battles throughout Pokemon Sword and Shield right now, you cant actually catch it right now.

    Even if you do manage to defeat the Thunderclap Pokémon and complete the raid, there is no prompt to throw a Poké Ball. Instead, you will be sent straight to the reward screen before exiting the raid altogether.

    This is similar to the Mewtwo limited-event that set the standard for this type of Max Raid Battle, where the challenge is very high, but you dont actually get the payoff of capturing a Legendary Pokémon.

    Just because you cant catch Zeraora right now, however, it doesnt mean you cant still obtain one. In fact, Game Freak has already said that if enough people complete the limited-time raid, every player will receive a free Shiny Zeraora for their time.

    Zerora is set to continue appearing in Max Raid Battles until June 28, which is the cutoff for the event and when Game Freak will tally up the numbers. If more than 1 million trainers have Zeraora defeated, a Shiny Zeraora will be distributed through Mystery Gift after the conclusion of the event.

    Get A Shiny Zeraora From Mystery Gift

    Event Period
    Requirements Move Pokemon between Pokemon HOME and Pokemon Sword or Shield between June 30 and July 6, 2020.

    More than a million players managed to beat Zeraora in the Max Raid battle available for a limited time, so all players were able to get the Shiny Zeraora as a Mystery Gift. This event is already over, but keep checking the Max Raid Events for when Zeraora strikes back!

    Event Zeraora Moves and Info


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    How To Claim Shiny Zeraora In Pokemon Home

    Before you can get your free monster, youll need to have transferred a creature from Sword or Shield into Home, or vice versa, between June 17 and July 6. Thats for everybody, too not just those who participated in the Raid originally.

    It also should be stated that youre only able to receive the mon via the mobile phone application version of Home, not the Nintendo Switch one, so make sure you download that from the appropriate app store.

    Once youre in the application, click on Menu at the bottom of the screen. Then click on Mystery Gift, select Gift Box, and then click on Receive.

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