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Pokemon Go Max Item Storage

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How Do You Increase Storage In Pokemon Go


Players will be able to head over to the PokeShop and increase their Pokemon Box storage by 50 with every purchase. Every 50 spaces will cost the player 200 PokeCoins to purchase. Players can either earn these coins by putting money into the game or by having their Pokemon defend gyms around the world.

How Many Pokeballs Can You Carry

You can get 20 Pokeballs for 100 coins, 100 balls for 460 coins, and 200 balls for 800 coins. A player starts the game with regular Pokeballs and more powerful Pokeballs are unlocked later on. Below mentioned are the level caps for each one: The game will start with giving regular Pokeballs unlocked.

How To Earn And Buy Pokecoins

Before you buy anything from the shop, though, youll need PokeCoins. These can be earned in-game, for free, by defending gyms. Youll earn one PokeCoin for every 10 minutes you are defending it, at a maximum rate of 50 in a 24 hour period.

They can also be purchased at a rate of 100 per $1, becoming better value the more you that you buy. North America has a better deal here, though, as 550 PokeCoins cost $4.99, but are the same price point at £4.99 in the UK.

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How To Upgrade Your Pokemon Box Storage

First of all, it’s important to note that the box storage count includes duplicate pokemon, meaning each and every Pidgey, Ratatta, and other canon fodder all take up one slot each. So if you’ve wondered why your box storage fills up so quickly while you’re just out hunting candies for certain species, that’s why.

Luckily, upgrading your box storage is a simple three-step process.

  • Access the Main Menu via the Pokeball icon.
  • Select the Pokeshop
  • Scroll down to the “Upgrades” section and select “Pokemon Storage Upgrade.”
  • Each box storage you purchase costs 200 Pokecoins and grants an additional 50 Pokemon storage capacity.

    Battle Box And Battle Teams

    What are the maximum bag space and Pokemon storage? How ...

    The Battle Box is a feature introduced in Generation V. It allows the player to store six Pokémon, which can be used instead of the current party in infrared link battles, the Battle Subway, and Random Matchup in Generation V, and the Battle Maison and the Battle Spot in Generation VI.

    Tournaments which utilized the “Battle Competition” feature required its use therefore, all the Global Battle Union tournaments required it. Once the user of the Battle Box registered their Pokémon team for an official tournament that used the “Battle Competition” feature, the team was locked in the Battle Box and could not be modified or removed from the Box until the end of the competition.

    In Generation V, the Battle Box was a separate feature from the Storage Boxes and had to be selected from the menu of Amanita’s PC. In Generation VI, the Battle Box became accessible from the Boxes directly, acting itself as the last Box in the lineup.

    Battle Teams are an update to the Battle Box feature that were introduced in Generation VII. The player can register Pokémon from the Storage System to one of six different Battle Teams, and the same Pokémon can be registered to multiple teams. However, any registered Pokémon moved to the player’s party will be removed from all Battle Teams. Also, the game prevents them from being traded or sent to Isle Evelup or Isle Avue at Poké Pelago until the player manually unregisters them.

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    Special Offers And Promotions

    Main article:List of shop special offers and promotions

    There were several special offers and promotions in item shop with first ones known as Holiday Boxes special offer introduced to game in the morning of December 25th, 2016 as a part of Holiday event.

    When bigger special offers are available in the Shop, there is a red circle around icon of Shop Button and red text with “SHOP” in game Main Menu. Also during Holiday event, while Shop had Holiday special offers its button had a gift icon instead of shopping bag .

    Tests & Disappointments Down Under

    Holding Gyms has always been the sole method of earning Pokecoins. That is up until last year when Niantic began testing more dynamic approaches for trainers to earn a living in the game. This endeavor began in June 2020 in response to the initial COVID-19 outbreak.

    The wide array of potentially profitable actions Niantic was considering are as follows:

    • Nice, Excellent, and Great throws
    • Pokemon catch
    • Winning a Raid
    • Defeat Team Go Rocket

    5 of these would appear as a set of Daily Tasks in the Today View and trainers would be required to complete every task for the day in order to earn the daily 20 Pokecoin payouts or lose out on the entire reward for that day. The all-or-nothing approach rather than incremental pay per task may seem severe, but the tight restrictions didn’t stop there.

    While Niantic introduced these new payout methods, the developers simultaneously nerfed Trainers’ earnings from defending gyms. This cut Trainers’ hourly earnings from Gyms from 6 to 2 Pokecoins, in turn slashing the total daily Gym rewards from 50 down to 30 Pokecoins.

    The other 20 possible coins were allotted to these Daily Tasks. So rather than increasing the daily cap, trainers would need to divide their focus across more aspects of the game to earn the same daily rewards. The flip side of this is that trainers who don’t have access to Gyms or the means to hold them could at least earn a daily allowance of 20 Pokecoins by completing these tasks instead.

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    Knowing Whats Valuable Vs Not

    The general rule of thumb is to not throw anything away until you rank the value on it. Some consumables are easier to replenish than others. All types of pokeballs can be easily replenished through research tasks, friend gifts and Pokestops for example.

    Berries can be replenished in a similar way along with medicine . Note: do not throw away golden razz berries and silver pinap berries these are harder to get!

    Other items that you want to keep are your TMs, modules, evolution items, candies, poffins, incubators as they are harder to find and obtained through research task rewards.

    How Do I Increase My Pokemon Go Free Storage

    NEVER RUN OUT OF BAG SPACE! Pokémon GO Item Storage Guide!

    Trainers need to enter the shop found within Pokemon GO. From there, they can purchase a Pokemon storage upgrade for 200 coins. Each 200 coins spent gives trainers an additional 50 Pokemon slots. If trainers are interested in grabbing that additional storage, they can simply keep purchasing until they hit the max.

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    What You Need To Know

    • Storage capacity in Pokémon Go is expanding.
    • Players can now upgrade their Pokémon storage to 3,000 Pokémon.
    • Players can also expand their item capacity to 2,500 items.

    Today, Niantic announced it will be expanding maximum storage capacity in Pokémon Go. Players can now expand their Pokémon storage up to 3,000 Pokémon and they can expand their backpack to hold up to 2,500 items. Each expansion of 50 items or Pokémon will still cost 200 Pokécoins. Players begin the game with 300 Pokémon slots and a backpack that can hold 350 items, so fully expanding their Pokémon storage and Backpacks will cost well over $100 in Pokécoins, but for people who have been playing Pokémon Go since the start, and have been earning their daily Pokécoins, it’s not all that unreasonable.

    Despite the cost involved, many players have already taken to Twitter in response to the announcement, celebrating the update. The Pokémon games have always had the mantra of “Gotta catch ’em all!” and hopefully this will help players do just that!

    Will you be expanding your Pokémon storage and backpack? Do you think it’s ridiculous that anyone would need 3,000 Pokémon? Drop us a comment below and be sure to check out our Pokémon Go Guides!

    How Much Do Pokecoins Cost

    Before being able to buy the items listed above, youll need PokeCoins. These are in the in-game currency for the Pokemon Go Shop.

    • Read More:

    As mentioned earlier, you can currently only earn these in the game by defending gyms, which can be time-consuming when trying to build up a large stash. Alternatively, you can buy them with real money. Lets take a look at the cost:

    • 100 PokeCoins $0.99

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    Pokemon Go: Item Storage Limit Increased

    The data mining group called PokeMiners which is one of the greatest Pokemon Go Datamining groups has discovered a new text in the GM file that suggests that the maximum limit of the storage item bag in Pokemon Go will be increased. The new update will be increasing the Item Storage limit to 3500.

    There are currently two types of permanent upgrades available in-game to purchase from the shop. They are- Bag Upgrade and Pokemon Storage Upgrade. Players can upgrade their bags to increase their item limit by 50 using 200 Pokecoins and repeating this process will further increase it to the maximum limit. Well, with the increase in the maximum limit, players will be able to store more items. But we should only take this information with a grain of salt currently, as this is a data mined information. But as the Pokeminers is a reliable group of Dataminers, & most of times their data mined information becomes part of the game. So, we can expect the increase in items storage pretty soon.

    The increased item bag storage is live!

    Niantic Expands Pokmon Go Storage To 4500 Pokmon

    Items in Pokémon Go. Hoe werkt het nu precies?

    An additional bundle will help players upgrade their storage, too.

    Niantic has flipped the switch, giving players even more storage to continue collecting Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

    Six months after the last increase, the developers have now expanded the storage limit from 4,000 to 4,500 Pokémon, just in time for Gible Community Day on June 6.

    Players who want to expand their storage simply need to navigate to the in-game shop, find the Storage Upgrades section, and purchase as many of the upgrades as they want or need. Each expansion costs 200 PokéCoins for 50 additional slots, so it might get pricey if you want to max out your storage.

    But from now until June 7 at 3pm CT, players will be able to purchase two storage upgrades for the price of one.

    Maximum Pokemon Storage has just been increased to 4500 in the Game Master and a special 2 for 1 bundle added to the shop!

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    Pay To Play In Pokemon Go

    The tried and true method of all popular freemium games, Pokemon GO’s in-game Pokeshop also offers Pokecoins as in-app purchases.

    This leaves rural and casual players the option to pay as they go, as they likely don’t have access to many Gyms or the means to defend them adequately. It can also be a nice alternative to grinding out hours in Gyms for a few measly coins if you’re willing to shell out for them instead.

    Here is Pokemon Go’s going rate of exchange:


    Pokmon Mystery Dungeon Series

    In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, items are stored in the Toolbox. It has a capacity of 20.

    In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky, items are stored in the Treasure Bag. It initially has a capacity of 16, being expanded incrementally throughout the story, up to a capacity of 48.

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    Pokmon Go Introduces Increased Pokmon Storage And Item Storage

    Trainers, rejoice! From now on, you will be able to purchase increased Pokémon storage and item storage from the in-game shop. You will now be able to increase Pokémon storage to 3000 and item storage to 2500!

    The Pokémon storage and item storage increase was requested on multiple occasions by the Pokémon GO fan base, and is now finally here. We are now able to hoard up to 3000 Pokémon and prepare a perfect team for any League or Raid we want.

    Prices remain the same as before:

    • 200 PokéCoins for 50 items increase
    • 200 PokéCoins for 50 Pokémon increase

    Prices will vary according to region and platform, but the net cost in PokéCoins remains the same for all. We welcome this change with open arms, as the potential to increase Pokémon storage by additional 500 points is never a bad thing.

    Official tweet:

    Attention, Trainers! The limit on Pokémon storage has now been expanded to 3000. Need more room? Item capacity upgrades now allow you to store up to 2,500 items!

    Pokmon Go Increases Storage Cap Ahead Of November Community Day


    Niantic has announced it will be offering increases to Pokémon and item storage in celebration of the final two Pokémon GO Community Days of 2021.

    In celebration of the final two Pokémon GO Community Days of the year, Niantic has announced it will be offering an increase in storage caps for players item bags and Pokémon storage. Held one day every month for a duration of six hours, Community Days in Pokémon GO offer players increased chances to obtain a featured Pokémon, as well as other extra rewards for participating in the event.

    2021 marks the fifth anniversary of Niantics popular augmented reality mobile title, as well as the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. As a result, Pokémon GO players have enjoyed a plethora of special events to celebrate the occasion throughout the past year, including the incredibly successful Pokémon GO Fest 2021 in July. While the year is almost drawing to a close, the game continues to have more in store for its players, with a recent announcement revealing that singer Ed Sheeran will collaborate with Pokémon GO for an unspecified project.

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    Before December Community Day:- Pokémon storage can be increased to a maximum of 5,500.- Item Bag storage can be increased to a maximum of 4,500.

    Niantic Support

    See the announcement on Twitter here.

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    How Do You Increase Egg Storage In Pokemon

    The extra 3 slots for the Bonus Egg Storage is an automatic process. These slots only get filled once the player has a full 9 eggs in their inventory and the eggs in question to fill these slots are the 12km eggs from defeating Team Rocket or the weekly bonus egg that comes with walking every day of the week.

    Pokemon Go Increases Storage Limits For Pokemon

    Pokemon Go has upped the number of Pokemon players can potentially store in their Pokemon storage boxes.

    As part of the game’s second anniversary celebration, players can now store up to 2,000 Pokemon in their storage screen. Players will still need to buy the storage upgrades but the upgrade should help players up and prepares the game for the eventual launch of the next generation of Pokemon. The limit was previously set at 1,500 Pokemon, so players will have a lot more space to build their Pokemon collection.

    The storage increase was necessary due to the addition of a new trading mechanic. Players are stockpiling certain regional-exclusive Pokemon to trade during live events like the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest or for when traveling to another part of the world. After all, what better gift could you bring back for a Pokemon Go player than a Pokemon they’d usually have no way of getting.

    Pokemon Go is also celebrating its second anniversary with a new costumed Pikachu. A “Summer Style” Pikachu wearing a straw hat and sunglasses can be found in the wild starting this afternoon until the end of the month.

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    How To Increase Storage Size In Pokemon Go

    Increasing Pokemon GO storage size is an easy feat to accomplish. In fact, players can now store more Pokemon than ever before in the global mobile game.

    Niantic has updated the number of Pokemon that can be kept a handful of times. Currently, Pokemon GO trainers can store up to 4500 different Pokemon. This includes first time catches and any duplicate Pokemon.

    Maximum Pokemon Storage has just been increased to 4500 in the Game Master and a special 2 for 1 bundle added to the shop!


    Maxing out that storage is a bit pricey, but it can be done. Trainers need to enter the shop found within Pokemon GO. From there, they can purchase a Pokemon storage upgrade for 200 coins.

    Each 200 coins spent gives trainers an additional 50 Pokemon slots. If trainers are interested in grabbing that additional storage, they can simply keep purchasing until they hit the max.

    PokeCoins can be bought in bundles of 100, 550, 1200, 2500, 5200, and 14500. Of course, those all come at various price points, depending on how many of them trainers want to purchase.

    Trainers, a bundle that grants two Pokémon storage upgrades for 200 PokéCoins is now available until Monday, June 7, at 1 p.m. PDT !

    Pokémon GO

    Currently, Pokemon GO is offering two upgrades for the price of one in a special Event Box. This lasts throughout Gible Community Day and ends at 3 PM CT on Sunday June 7, 2021.

    Niantic Expands Pokmon Go Storage To 4000 Pokmon

    Pokemon storage upgrades purchasable and a free increase ...

    Players who love collecting rejoice!

    It seems like every six months Niantic decides to give players the option to expand their Pokémon storage beyond the previous limit, which is exactly what happened in the games newest update.

    The Pokémon Go storage limit has now been expanded from 3,500 to 4,000 Pokémon, though players will need to spend PokéCoins to get the Storage Upgrades.

    Attention, Trainers! The limit on Pokémon storage has now been expanded to 4000.

    Pokémon GO

    Players who play Pokémon Go daily will love this update, as it will keep them from needing to transfer Pokémon all the time to maintain free space alongside their pre-existing collection. However, it isnt something that every player will need to invest in if they just want to continue casually playing the game.

    This expansion comes alongside the Storage search function getting a massive overhaul. Players can now save up to 12 custom searches in the new Favorite section if they use some specific terms frequently.

    Trainers, we’ve made major updates to the Pokémon Storage search function! You’ll now be able to use a number of recommended and special search filters to easily find the Pokémon you’re looking for.

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