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Pokemon Sun And Moon Vs Ultra

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Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Vs Pokemon Sun And Moon: What Are The Differences

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With the new version of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Moon, releasing today, fans are intrigued to see what exactly is different between the two versions of the series.

While the story in both Ultra Sun and Moon and Sun and Moon is set in the Alola region, the seventh region in the Pokémon series, and features most of the same Pokémon throughout the four islands in the region, that is where the similarities really end.

Pokmon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Review

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Just like games such as Pokémon Emerald was to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, or Pokémon Crystal was to Pokémon Gold and Silver, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are intended to be the definitive versions of the series 7th generation, building upon everything that Pokémon Sun and Moon produced by adding a bunch of new features, new story elements and more. Sun and Moon felt like a wonderfully fresh take on the Pokémon universe which, due to its immense history, can sometimes find itself on the verge of becoming a bit too familiar. We therefore had high hopes for these new, enhanced versions and, luckily, Ultra seems to be just the right word to describe them.

It is perhaps unsurprising that an awful lot of the content here is exactly the same as in the original titles you are tasked with travelling around Alola to complete your Island Challenge, taking on trials across the games four islands and meeting new Pokémon along the way. The whole cast returns, too Professor Kukui, Lillie and Nebby, Hau and other familiar prominent characters will be supporting you on your journey just like before . Team Skull are also just as present and mischievous as they were in the originals, doing everything they can to hinder you with their blend of comically poor evilness and interesting dance moves.

The Same Ol Time Difference

Just as Sun and Moon did, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon operate on unique day-night cycles. When its daytime in the real world, its nighttime in Ultra Moon. Ultra Sun will mirror your actual surroundings, on the other hand. This makes a difference for certain timing-based evolutions, but its also good to know if you play a lot during the night and would like to see your Pokémon in the sunlight once in a while, for example.

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Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon New Features

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were the third main Pokemon games to be released on the Nintendo 3DS. Before them, there were Pokemon X and Y in 2013 and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in 2014. Pokemon Sun and Moon feature four islands for players to travel through and explore. Introduced in these games are many new features and even changes to the original Pokemon formula such as replacing Gyms with the new Island Challenge.

Pokemon Sun and Moon have also added the Rotom Pokedex, a talkative Pokedex with more functionality than ever before. It also provides the player with a map that shows the player’s location, points of interest, and will often recommend destinations based on the conversations players have with NPCs. The games also introduce new Pokemon forms such as the Ash-Greninja form, as well as region-variant Alolan Forms. Some Pokemon have an alternative Alolan form that completely changes their look and typing, such as Sandshrew, Vulpix, Meowth, and Marowak, to name a few.

One major addition to the Pokemon series is the introduction of Ultra Beasts. These pseudo-legendary extradimensional Pokemon originate from Ultra Space. They appear throughout the story, and eventually, the player can capture them after becoming champion. Once the player became a Pokemon League Champion, they can take part in champion defenses, where trainers the player met along their journey will randomly come and attempt to dethrone the player.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Alola Photo Club Guide

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon New Trailer and Info ...

The Alola Photo Club is a feature new to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, based off the incredibly popular purikura machines in Japan. These machines allow you to scribble notes and place stickers and filters over your photos before you print them, allowing you many customisation options.

This new mode is very similar, allowing you to set up scenes with your character and pokémon, as well as change the background, place stickers and effects, and alter their poses. When youre done, these images can be shared through the Global Link.

To unlock new backgrounds, you simply need to visit more locations. Each of the routes in the game, for example, unlocks a new background merely for visiting. You also get new stickers and poses for key in-game events like unlocking new Z-Crystals, using a pokémon from an older generation, or maximising a pokémons affection level.

While this mode doesnt have any bearing on the main game, you may just find yourself wasting the time away!

This is all the total guides information we have right now on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, although should be uncover anything new about either version of the game, you can be sure that we’ll update our guides accordingly.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon New Alola Regions

Arguably the most important new addition for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is the inclusion of brand new Alola regions. There are two new regions that you can travel to in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, both of which we’ve detailed everything we know about just below.

  • Big Wave Beach – Situated on the coast of Alola, this area is populated by large numbers of surfers, as well as a Mantine that has a Poke Ride harness attached.
  • Valley of Pikachu – Pictured just below, you can find hordes of Pikachu throughout the valley, as well as a mysterious Trial Guide.

Just like every other region of Alola in Pokemon, there are likely secrets waiting in both the Big Wave Beach and Valley of Pikachu, just waiting to be uncovered. As always, we’ll be updating our guides with any new information we come across about either location, directing you to some of the highlights of both regions.

‘pokmon Ultra Sun’ And ‘pokmon Ultra Moon’ Review: It’s Time To Go Back To A Bigger Alola

Necrozma has a big role to play in these new games.

Since the inception of the Pokémon series, the initial releases of the mainline games have been followed up by an improved and deluxe variant. Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are no different and these new Ultra incarnations build on those games in almost every way.

From a narrative standpoint, these new Ultra games dont really deviate much from the original Sun and Moon story, at least not initially. You are still the young protagonist starting a new life in Alola and coming across Nebby as well as the various Ultra Beasts but the end-game is different and bigger now.

This is also where Necrozma has a far bigger role to play and the fact you can now traverse Ultra Wormholes means the game opens up a whole new world of options to explore.

For the Pokémon uninitiated, the premise of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon is much like the previous games and has you arrive in Alola, get assigned your own pet Pokémon and then proceed to battle with it across the variety of islands in the region.

The more your Pokémon fights, the stronger it gets. You can also capture other Pokémon you encounter and build up a deck of feisty creatures that can help you to become the best Pokémon trainer in Alola. Pokémon also evolve into different forms the more their level increases.

The Alola region is somewhat bigger and a bit darker now.

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Pokmon Sun And Moon Version Differences

The Pokémon series is known for pioneering many things. That includes creating slightly different versions of the same game to inspire teamwork and trading. That continues into the newest entry, but what exactly are the major Pokémon Sun and Moon version differences?

There are the usual version-specific monsters, but the Pokémon Sun and Moon version differences go much deeper than that. Try different time zones, bosses, and more. Read on.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon How To Farm Xp Guide

Pokemon Season 21 Episode 19 in hindi Pokemon Ultra Adventures Sun And Moon Episode 19 in hindi

Whether youre filling out your pokédex or are building the next best competitive team, youre going to need some Exp to get the job done. Fortunately, its easier than ever to farm for Exp. Before we start, there are a few places we need to visit.

Lucky Egg:

There are two main ways to obtain a Lucky Egg, although theyre both only possible at the end of the game.

The first of these, and the easiest to obtain, is to talk to Professor Kukui on Route 1, after beating the Elite 4. If you have registered at least 50 pokémon in your pokédex, Kukui will hand over a Lucky Egg.

The other option, which is only worth doing if you want multiple Lucky Eggs, is to find Chansey in the Poni Plains. By lowering its HP, and using an Adrenaline Orb to speed up the process, theres a chance that Chansey can SOS summon a Blissey. This Blissey has a 5% chance of holding a Lucky Egg, so be sure to have a pokémon with you that has the Frisk ability, so you know which one to catch.

Roto Exp. Points:

While its possible to use the Roto Exp. Points power for a boost during Exp farming, the boost it provides isnt so large that its absolutely mandatory to obtain. In this case, use it if you have it, but dont worry if you dont.

Where to farm:

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An Expanded Postgame And Fighting Familiar Villains

Its not just a menacing Pokémon who returns. The leaders of every enemy organization from prior Pokémon games appear in the new pair of games, forming a supergroup called Team Rainbow Rocket. Why it took this long to do this is beyond me, but its arguably one of the most rad throwbacks for nostalgic fans in these upgraded versions. Players wont encounter them after theyve defeated the Elite Four, at which point Team Rainbow Rocket plays a major role in the postgame.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon 3ds Differences: All The Exclusives In Each Game

We break down the major differences between the upcoming Pokemon games.

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The next pair of Pokemon games, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, have released on 3DS, marking the series’ final installments for Nintendo’s dual-screen handheld. The titles are based on last year’s Sun and Moon versions but tell an “alternate” story that revolves around the mysterious Legendary Pokemon Necrozma. While the core adventure remains the same across both versions, each game has some some distinct elements, so you may be unsure of which to pick up. We break down the biggest differences between the two versions below to help you decide which one to play. For more, you can also check out our Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon review and breakdown of the new Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon.

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The Story Is Entirely Different To The Original

From the moment you walk out of your home in Alola for the first time and travel up a familiar route, everything changes. While in the original game, you were put through a lengthy tutorial before getting your first Pokémon, here, you are given your partner within the opening few minutes and thrown into the world.

The original Sun and Moon story focused on the adventures of Lillie and her Pokémon companion Cosmog while Ultra Sun and Moon focuses its story on other dimensions and an expanded universe.

Which Version Should You Get

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon coming out in ...

We recently had the opportunity to interview the developers of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and one of the topics they weighed in on is which version players should pick up. “In essence there’s no real problem with whichever one you buy, you’re going to get a really good experience of Pokemon,” said Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon director Kazumasa Iwao.

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“But one point users might want to consider is that the Pokedex in Pokemon Ultra Sun is based on the Pokedex in Pokemon Sun and the same for Ultra Moon and Moon. So if something the players are really looking for is Pokedex completion, they might find it better to go for the opposite version this time round in order to help complete their Pokedex. So if they bought Pokemon Sun, they might want to choose Pokemon Ultra Moon this time.”

However, those who care more about the games’ narrative may want to consider sticking with the same version this time. As producer Shigeru Ohmori explained, “f you’re looking for a story-based experience then those who played Pokemon Sun may want to go for Ultra Sun as there are some small details that remain consistent throughout the two that might appeal to people looking for a story-based game.”

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Sword & Shield: Regional Variants

Sun & Moon introduced the concept of regional variants to the franchise, which was awesome. What wasn’t awesome was the fact that the idea was clearly created for generation one pandering. However, Sword & Shield came back around and fixed this, giving creatures from every single region a brand new regional variant, along with some even getting new evolutions. This simply fleshed out an already good idea even further.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Changes

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon are very similar games to their predecessors. Though Pokemon USUM and SM by and large share the same plot, there are a handful of key differences contained. Though debatable if these alterations or additions are enough to warrant what might be considered a second purchase, the additions are very much in line with what a fan might expect from the third addition to a pair of Pokemon titles.

Among these changes and features, there have also been many tweaks to the story. In Pokemon USUM, the player receives their first Pokemon on Route 1 from Professor Kukui before saving Lillie, for example. The player and Hau will travel from Melemele Island to Akala Island using the newly introduced Mantine Surf mini-game instead of hitching a ride on Professor Kukui’s boat. There are many other minor story tweaks but the major beats are more or less the same, with some of the bigger changes appearing towards the end, such as Gladion leaving as opposed to Lillie and Lusamine leaving in the end, for example.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are available now for Nintendo 3DS.

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Day And Night Differences

The biggest difference between the Sun and Moon versions tie-in directly to the name. Like previous titles, Pokémon Sun and Moon is tied to the 3DSs internal clock. When playing Sun, if its noon in real life, its noon in the world of Alola. However, thats not the case in Moon. In a first for the series, a version of Pokémon takes place 12 hours in ahead. Meaning that if youre playing at noon, its midnight in the in-game world of Moon, following through on the name in its title. So when choosing which version, ask yourself if youd rather be in a setting thats mostly dark or mostly bright.

Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Endgame Guide

Pokemon Season 21 Episode 21 in hindi Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Episode 21 in hindi ASH JOURNEY

Back in the original Pokemon Sun and Moon, there wasn’t a whole lot to do once you’d reached the very end of the game and saved the world. The Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon endgame changes this up in a big way, as you’ll now have the opportunity to embark on an all-new adventured once you’ve wrapped up the main story with Lillie, Hau, Nebby, and co.

You can now take down Team Rainbow Rocket in the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon post-game, and you can also use the Battle Agency feature, which lets you borrow Pokemon and take on a series of challenges with them. But perhaps the most alluring feature of the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon endgame is the ability to find tons of new Legendary Pokemon, that weren’t previously in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Check out the image of the Legendary Pokemon just below, for a visual list of all the Pokemon you can track down.

A big highlight among the new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Legendary Pokemon is Mewtwo, seen in the top of the image, as well as several other key Legendary Pokemon, including Pokemon Ruby’s Groudon, and Pokemon Sapphire’s Kyogre. We don’t exactly know how you can track down and find any of the Legendary Pokemon pictured above, but we do know that they’re out there, and waiting to be found by you once you’ve wrapped up the main story of the game.

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A New Minigame: Mantine Surf

Scattered across Alolas beaches are opportunities to check out this new minigame. Mantine Surf is what it sounds like: Trainers can grab onto a Mantine and surf the waves. Doing special tricks will grant you additional points toward your overall score, as will avoiding other Pokémon hanging out in the waters. Prizes are then awarded based on that score these are typically Battle Points, which can be traded for further rewards.

Your mileage may vary on this one Im not a huge fan of the controls in particullar. But surfing is still a decent pasttime for anyone looking to get more out of their adventure.

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