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What Pokemon Can Beat Mewtwo

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Pokemon Go Mewtwo Counters

How Fast Can you Beat Pokemon Red/Blue with Just a Mewtwo?

Boosted Weather: Windy100% IVs: 2387 / 2984

Mewtwo isn’t a complex Pokemon, despite its canonical background. It’s purely a Psychic-type, which means that counters mainly come in the form of Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon, with a couple of Bug-types thrown in for good measure. You will need at least four or five highl-level trainers to take Mewtwo down reliably though, because it is a tough fight.


Which Pokemon Have Hope At Taking Down This Fearsome Legendary Pokemon

Mathematically speaking, Mega Gengar is the best Mewtwo raid counter. It has the quickest TTK with its huge Attack stat and the combination of Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball.

The issue with relying on Mega Gengar, however, is that this Pokemon is Poison-type as well as Ghost-type. This means it will take super effective damage from Mewtwos attacks, namely Psycho Cut and Psychic.

Seeing as Mega Gengar doesnt have the greatest defense, it could possibly faint before it picks up the KO on Mewtwo, especially if it doesnt have other teammates.

Due to this small issue, the most optimal way to beat Mewtwo becomes its Shadow form. Shadow Mewtwo is often considered the king of Pokemon GO for its offensive godliness, but it also has a quick TTW on Mewtwo while only relying on the Shadow Ball charge move.

While Shadow Mewtwo does a great job in the Mewtwo raid , it certainly isnt necessary to win out. Other more easily available Pokemon can perform well in this battle.

Chandelure, which is not legendary by any means, has a decent TTW at 619.8 seconds.

Hydreigon and Banette are two other budget options for the Mewtwo raid. Granted, Hydreigon is a pseudo legendary that not many trainers will get their hands on. Banette will be one of the more common Ghost-types, though, and can beat out Mewtwo with its Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball set.

Pokmon Go: Mewtwo Raid Guide

For Pokémon Go Fest 2021, Niantic is bringing back every Legendary Raid for one day only. On Sunday, July 18, Mewtwo will return to Raids, alongside dozens of other Legenday Pokémon, and Mewtwo will also be the Legendary Raid boss in the days leading up to and following Pokémon Go Fest. Fortunately, we here at iMore have everything you need to know to win this fight and add Mewtwo to your roster. And be sure to check out our Best Pokémon Go Accessories, so you can be fully equipped for your Pokémon Journey!

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Go Back To Cerulean Cave

After capturing Mewtwo, head back to Cerulean Cave, youll encounter your Rival and tell you about a girl who went into the cave.

Find Green Where Mewtwo Was In The Cave

Youll find Green standing in the spot where you captured Mewtwo. Talk to her to initiate the battle.

Rematch with Green After Beating her in Cerulean City

After beating Green in a match, she will relocate to and can be fought again in Cerulean City. She can be battled again every time you beat the Elite Four.

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What Is The 2nd Strongest Pokemon



Able to travel through dimensions at will and basically being the embodiment of anti-matter, this Pokémon is without a doubt the second most powerful Legendary Pokémon of all time. There is only one other Pokémon that could be considered more powerful than Giratina, and thats the one who created it.

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The Icon Of Mythical Pokemon

Mewtwo is arguable the most desirable Pokemon of the original 151. One of the most powerful as well as most difficult to catch. You only get 1 shot at catching Mewtwo, and if it runs away, its done for good.

Mewtwo can be found in the Cerulean Cave, but only after beating the Elite Four can you actually gain access to it.

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Win The Fight With High Damage

Mewtwo has strong Psychic attacks & moves that raise his statistics. Bring Pokemon that can lower his defenses with status effects or have a high HP Pokemon that can tank your party.

Recommended Pokemon

Dragonite A properly leveled Dragonite can easily do high damage with its high base stats, making it a good Pokemon for your face-off with Mewtwo.
Gyarados Mewtwo is weak against Dark Type moves and Gyarados’s “Bite” can be very effective against this weakness.
Gengar Though weak to Mewtwo’s Psychic attacks, Gengar is also extremely strong against Psychic Types. It can dish out heavy damage and implement status effects on its targets.
Jolteon A high level Jolteon’s Thunder Type attacks such as “Thunder Wave” & “Thunder” can ensnare Mewtwo in paralysis – giving you space to attack for a couple of turns.
Snorlax Snorlax is another high HP Pokemon you can use against Mewtwo. A high level Snorlax can do big damage with “Body Slam”.

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Armored Mewtwo Is In Pokemon Go Raid Battles Now

Armored Mewtwo had been rumored to arrive in Pokemon Go as part of the promotion for the upcoming Pokemon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution and it is now finally here.

With the release of the new Pokemon Movie Mewtwo: Strikes Back imminent, Niantic have announced the addition of Armored Mewtwo. Its introduction had also been expected due to a previous datamine that surfaced back in April.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Raid Update: Tips On How To Find And Beat Mewtwo On Pokemon Day

How Fast Can You Beat Pokemon Emerald With a MewTwo?! Pokemon Speedrun / Challenge

As part of the Pokemon Day 2020 celebration, Pokemon Sword and Shield have now released new Max Raid Battle updates on its game. If you are looking to beat and catch rare pocket monsters on the game like Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and the all-time favorite Mewtwo, this is your chance to try it now on Nintendo Switch using your skills on Sword and Shield.

Dont know how to do it? No worries, weve got you covered with these tips and hacks on beating them one-by-one and catching tons of surprising rewards!

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Pokemon Go: The Best Pokemon You Need To Beat Mewtwo

Pokemon GO recently announced their Ultra Bonus for trainers completing Professor Willows Global Research Challenge. But it wasnt just a bonus, it was an Ultra Bonus Event. As part of the event Mewtwo will be available to battle and capture in Legendary Raids across the globe. He will no longer be exclusive to EX Raids.

In order to get you prepared to take on Mewtwo, weve put together a guide of the best Pokemon you will need.

But before we get to that lets break down Mewtwo and what you will be up against.

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How To Get Armored Mewtwo Pokemon Go

For those who want to get Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon Go. You have to read this entire article. Here we are going to explain the way to get Armored Mewtwo as well other information related to Armored Mewtwo.


Pokemon Go is releasing Armored Mewtwo, a more threatening version of the legendary Pokemon into the game of Pokemon Go. Apparently, this new raid boss presents as a promotion for its remake of Pokemon: The First Movie once it comes to the United States as Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. Even though there is no specific English release date for the film, the movie is out in Japan on July 12th. You will be able to get the Armored Mewtwo no matter where you live throughout the month of July.

Getting Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

Probably, Armored Mewtwo be the toughest raid challenge we have seen yet. Please bring along your toughest Dark-type Pokemon to handle this Psychic powerhouse, and ensure to stock up on Golden Razz Berries before headed in. Also, it is recommended that you go with a big enough group to make sure you are able to take him down and not waste your Raid Pass.

About Armored Mewtwo

Armored Mewtwo is Mewtwos second form released in the game of Pokemon Go. This Armored Mewtwo version is a promotion for the upcoming movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution. It is based off of the original armor which we see on it in the first Pokemon movie.

To take on Armored Mewtwo, a psychic-type, utilize on bug, ghost and dark-type moves. We suggest the following:

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Defeat The Elite Four & Rival Again

How to Beat MEWTWO in MAX RAID Battles!

You can fight against the Elite Four and former Pokemon League Champion again after you beat the game. You can still find them at Indigo Plateau.

Elite Four & Rival Will Have Higher Level Pokemon

The Elite Four & Rival will have Pokemon that are at a higher level . The Elite Four will also have Alolan Pokemon in their roster.

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Is Mewtwo Weak To Steel

Mewtwo is a pure Psychic-type Pokémon, which makes it weak to Bug, Dark and Ghost-type attacks. It also resists Psychic and Fighting-type attacks, so players will want to avoid using Pokémon that use those moves. Players will also have a chance at catching a Shiny Mewtwo after defeating the Legendary in a Raid battle.

How To Unlock Mew In Pokemon Sword & Shield

To unlock Mew, youll need to have the Poke Ball Plus, a Poke Ball-shaped controller that was first released alongside Pokemon: Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eevee last year. The Poke Ball Plus could either be purchased individually for $50 USD or bundled together with a copy of either Lets Go game.

The accessory itself functions much like a Joy-Con and can be used to play the Lets Go titles, but the real incentive to pick one up is that it comes with Mew as an exclusive bonus. If you have not already redeemed Mew in Lets Go, you can connect the Poke Ball Plus to your copy of Sword or Shield and claim the Mythical Pokemon in those games instead.

To connect the Poke Ball Plus with Sword and Shield, go into the menu screen and select Mystery Gift. From there, select the option to connect to a Poke Ball Plus and youll be able to download Mew into your game. As previously mentioned, however, this will only work if you havent already claimed the Mythical Pokemon in a Lets Go title if you have, then youll either need to purchase another Poke Ball Plus or wait until the Pokemon Home service launches sometime next year to transfer it into Sword or Shield.

Pokemon Sword And Shield News & Guides

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Should I Use My Master Ball On Mewtwo

While there can be any number of recommendations from different people for where to use your Master Ball, it ultimately comes down to you. Sure, Mewtwo is hard to catch and matches the ball perfectly, but if youve had a nightmare of a time trying to find Scyther because of its low spawn rate, use that Master Ball!

Who Can Defeat Ash Pikachu

Pokemon Stadium – Mewtwo Battle (How to Easily Beat Mewtwo)

That doesnt mean hes invincible, though: Hes faced some formidable foes and he hasnt always come out on top.

  • 3 Cant Beat Ash: Brock.
  • 4 Can Beat Ash: Giovanni.
  • 5 Cant Beat Ash: Gary Oak.
  • 6 Can Beat Ash: Leon.
  • 7 Cant Beat Ash: Misty.
  • 8 Can Beat Ash: Lance.
  • 9 Cant Beat Ash: Ritchie.
  • 10 Can Beat Ash: Tobias.

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How To Get Mew In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Wondering how to get Mew in Pokemon Sword & Shield? Well, despite the addition of modes that are built around legendary hunting in The Crown Tundra, there isnt a way to catch Mew as a standard feature in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Theres a reason for this, however!

Returning Pokemon available in Dynamax Adventures like Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Zygarde, and others are Legendary Pokemon. Mew is a Mythical Pokemon.

Mythical Pokemon are typically only made available via Events which means you can expect to not find new ways to catch Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, or even the more newly added Meltan in the new Sword & Shield DLC. Legendary hunt to your hearts content but you wont be mythical hunting. Youll have to wait for events.

With that said, there is still one method to get your hands on Mew in Sword & Shield but it requires a specific accessory.

Mewtwo Versus Armored Mewtwo

Armored Mewtwos armor is pretty stylin, but thats not the onlydifference between it and regular Mewtwo. Each learns some different movestheregular Mewtwo learns many attacks that are special attacks in the PokémonRPGs, while Armored Mewtwo learns many attacks that are physical attacks. Thetwo also perform differently in battleregular Mewtwo is nearly peerless atdishing out damage but also takes more in return, while Armored Mewtwo is muchsturdier but at the cost of attack strength. This often makes regular Mewtwo abetter choice for Raid Battles and Armored Mewtwo a stronger option for TrainerBattles.

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The Best Mewtwo Raid Counters July 2021

Most Pokémon GO have faced off against Mewtwo before, either in one of the original EX raids or through his return in Five-Star Legendary raids. This battle wont be all that different from the last few, with no special twists this time around. So the list of counters isnt all that different, with just a few new faces.

Shadow Claw Shadow Ball

Be sure to load up your team of six Mewtwo counters with the above and you should be all set. However, if you have Shadow versions they will deal more damage, so try to focus on them. Also you can go with a few Mega Pokémon for this battle, choosing either Mega Gengar with Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball, Mega Houndoom with Snarl and Foul Play, or Mega Gyarados with Bite and Crunch.

Use Bug Types For Mewtwo’s Weakness

How Fast Can you Beat Pokemon Red/Blue with Just a Mewtwo ...

Mewtwo is weak against Bug Type Pokemon. Having a high level Bug Pokemon with strong attacks can whittle down its HP.

Recommended Bug Pokemon

Scyther Having a high-level Scyther can be extremely effective against Mewtwo. It has strong Bug Type attacks that can deal big damage to targets weak to it.
Pinsir Pinsir is a strong Bug Type Pokemon that has a Mega Evolution – raising its stats and making it stronger against Mewtwo.

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How To Find Mewtwo In Max Raid Battles

Even though its technically the main event going on right now, Mewtwo and the starters didnt replace the usual rotation of special Pokémon that players can find when looking for Max Raids. Overall, the Psychic-type has a 10-percent spawn chance, while competing for five-star space with Gigantimax Orbeetle, Kingler, Hatterene, Grimmsnarl, and Toxtricity.

It isnt impossible to find, so just keep your eyes on the Max Raid invites page of your game while looking through the Wild Area.

A key thing you need to know is that youre unable to actually capture any Mewtwo if you do manage to defeat them. This is intentionally coded into the game for some reason, but Game Freak has not given a reason for it yetthough its likely because the developers have no plans on putting Legendary Pokémon into raids outside of this for some time.

me trying to catch mewtwo after beating the raid


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How To Beat Team Leaders In Pokemon Go

If youre looking to take on the other Team Go Rocket Leaders, check out our guide to take down Arlo, defeat Cliff, and finally, our guide to beat Sierra.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about the best counters to beat Giovanni and Shadow Lugia in Pokemon Go for December 2021.

For all of the best tips and tricks to become the very best, make sure to check out our other guides:

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