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How To Order From Pokemon Center Japan

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Pokemon Center Japan Order Unboxing!! BUY FROM JAPAN!

We charge purely based on weight so, you dont have to compute for complicated math equations. Plus, we have the lowest shipping rate in the Philippines! We have 2 Pricing Options: Delivered Duty Unpaid and Delivered Duty Paid Check out the Features of DDP and DDU on the images below:

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Once you get notified that youre parcel is in our HK Warehouse, all you need to do is pay the service fee before we process it. Buyandship only accepts Internationally accepted Mastercard or Visa or Virtual Cards for a safer and faster way to pay.

Pokmon Center Dx Exclusive Items

Although currently an area full of businesses and office buildings, Nihonbashi was originally the main area of Tokyo during the Edo period . This is why the Pokémon Center DX is full of Japanese-style Pokémon goodies for you to buy! Not only does this brand-new Pokémon Center hold hundreds of different Pokémon items, but it also holds some goods exclusive to this location. Because of its history and it being the central of Tokyo in the Edo era, many of the items sold use it as a motif in the design. You can find Pikachus in gentleman clothing, in old traditional firefighter clothing, or wearing a hakama, which is a traditional Japanese outfit.

Some more exclusive items sold are actually made by well-known established local shops. Shown above are some stationery sets , foldable brush boxes , wooden boxes with toothpicks inside , notebooks , and more!

With its convenient location in Nihonbashi near Tokyo station, a visit to Pokémon Center DX is a definite must see. The variety of items and characters will be a prime stop on your way to catch em all!Written by Lindsey Schultz

  • Nearest Station Nihombashi Station Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Tokyo Metro Tozai Line / Toei Asakusa Line
  • Phone Number03-6262-6452

Best Pokemon Centers And Pokemon Stores In Tokyo

Where to Get Pokemon Products in Tokyo

  • +127142

Pokemon is now one of the most famous and popular Japanese games and Anime all over the world. Pokemon broke through with the video game series starting from Pocket Monsters Red and Green in Japan in 1996, and the game including Pokemon Trading Card Game and Pokemon GO and Anime series have spread around the world recently.

There are a large number of Pokemon spots in Japan, home to the legendary game, and Pokemon Center and Pokemon Store are the mecca of the fans. Pokemon Center is an official shop offering a variety Pokemon items and services, and Japan has over 10 shops from Sapporo, Hokkaido to Fukuoka. Pokemon Store is a casual official shop which deals selected produces with a focus on hot-selling items of Pokemon Center.

Today, Id like to introduce 6 best Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Stores for all Pokemon lovers. This also guides to how to get to each store and business hours.

PRWant to be a Pokémon?

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# Step : Copy Product Link On White Rabbit Express

Once you are sure you want to buy a product, all you have to do is go to the White Rabbit Express app. Then, you just have to copy the URLs of the products you are interested in one by one in the “Product Link” field.

To copy a URL, you need to have the product page opens. Click on the address bar of your browser, then press Ctrl+A at the same time to select the entire URL. Finally, copy the address by clicking Ctrl+C at the same time.

After copying all the products links you want to buy, all you have to do is validate your order. Our team will purchase the products for you. You will receive a notification when we’ll collect your package at our office in Tokyo.

From this moment, you will be able to choose your international shipping method. Then, all you have to do is wait until your package arrives at your place.

# Why Buy From The Pokmon Center Japan Website

How to order on Pokémon Center Online Japan

Although there are several Pokémon official online shops around the world, some goodies from these video game series are only available on the Japanese version of the Pokémon Center. For this reason, Many Pokémon fans are browsing the pages of the Pokémon Center Japan website to see products they couldn’t find on the sites in their area.

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Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

Pokemon Center MEGA TOKYO , which opened in December, 2014, is located on the 2nd floor of the shopping complex Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The symbolic characters of Pokemon Center MEGA TOKYO are Mega Charizard Y and Pikachu. It provides a wide-range lineup of Pokemon products from the very first game to the latest one . The plush of Pikachu with Charizards head on its head is the limited item that you cannot buy except Pokemon Center MEGA TOKYO.

Latest News: The 2nd Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon Cafe is opening to the site of Pokemon Center MEGA TOKYO. Lots of the cutest food and drinks are served by the Pokemon Cafe!

Access: 3 mins walk from Higashi-Ikebukuro Station / 8 mins walk from Ikebukuro Station

Business hours: 10:0020:00

How To Order And Buy From Pokmon Center Japan

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Search for items

Step 3: Copy product link

Once you have found a product you want to buy on Pokemon Center Online, copy the URL of the page. To do this, you will need to have the product page in front of you. Move the mouse cursor to the address bar, and then click Ctrl+A to select the entire URL. Press Ctrl+C to copy it. Now go to Remambo special order form. Place your mouse on the “Item URL” field, then press Ctrl+V to paste the address of the product page.

Step 4: Pay for the order from your Remambo account page

Step 5: Consolidate and choose shipping method

You will receive a notification from us when your package is in the Remambo warehouse. From that moment, we can consolidate several of your orders together or repack the package if it is too big or fragile. Choose which items you would like to ship together, select shipping method and delivery address. You will be able to edit titles and values in the shipping label and customs declaration. Also you may leave a comment to our warehouse staff about your parcel.

Step 6: Pay international shipping cost

We will quickly ship the parcel to you. All our shipping methods have tracking numbers. Please wait for the parcel arrival.

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Pokmon Center Sky Tree Town

Entrance to the Skytree Town Pokémon Center.

The Pokémon Center Sky Tree Town was first opened on July 6, 2016, in Tokyo Sky Tree Town’s Soramachi, a Department store connected to the base of the tower, on the 5th floor. The Center moved on January 1, 2017 to the 4th floor of the same building.

Rayquaza is the main mascot for this Pokémon Center, since it of course is a callback to Rayquaza being found at the Sky Pillar in the Ruby and Sapphire games. Much like the Mega Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Kyoto Centers, there is a Pikachu riding its back in the logo.

Fast Shipping Careful Handling

How to order Pokémon Center stuff from Europe with Amazon Japan and amazing Sword and Shield opening

We ship your order directly from Japan, and we strive for a completely hassle-free experience. Most orders ship from our Pokemon shop within two business days, so all of your new Pokemon items will get to you before you know it. We offer three shipping methods, so you can choose the best one for you based on speed and price range. All of your shipments are insured, so you can rest easy knowing that your new Pokemon products will arrive safe and sound.

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Hit Search And Complete The Order Form

Once youve hit search, you will be taken to our price quote request form where you can fill in the details of your order. You can see what a completed form should look like below:

You will need to write the item name as it appears on the site and provide the desired quantity of the item. Make sure to fill in everything about your preferred size, color, and design if applicable, as we will need this information to proceed with the order. You can also leave us a comment for any extra information you would like us to know. Dont forget to double-check all the details before sending it to us!

Once weve processed your price quote request, our Shopping Team will send an invoice for the cost of the item. If you are planning to buy multiple items from the Pokemon Center Online Japan, then you will need to request a separate price quote for each unique item.

After all your invoices have arrived for your items and Charge 1 has been paid, your items will be shipped to our distribution center. Once all your items have arrived at our warehouse, you can choose which items you would like shipped together and select your preferred shipping method. At this point you will be sent to the Charge 2 payment page. Charge 2 includes international and domestic shipping fees, as well as the fee for our Product Protection Plan. The Japanese Pokemon Center Online store charges a flat shipping fee of 540 yen, with free shipping for orders over 6000 yen.

How Do I Orderfrompokmon Center In Japan

Unfortunately, even the online Pokémon Center in Japan doesnt ship overseas. But thats where we come in! We can act as a proxy service and re-ship any items you want to order online in Japan, whether its from the Pokémon Center, Japanese Kit Kats from or the extensive collection of stores on Rakuten.

Shopping online at the Pokémon Center Japan is easy once youve got your very own Japan forwarding address.

  • Step 1: Register for your free shipping address on forward2me
  • Washington – Kiosk
  • London – pop-up

There is also an America Pokémon Center online that offers a much more limited range of Pokémon merchandise.

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Things To Buy At The Pokmon Center Mega Tokyo Store

If youre saving up your yennies for a trip to the the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo store, here are some of the awesome items available to purchase.

With not long to go before the opening of a second Pokémon megastore in Tokyo this July, we paid a visit to the original megastore in Ikebukuro to see what it had to offer. We found an enormous amount of exclusive stationery, candies, keychains, clothes and mountains upon mountains of adorably cute plushies. Join us for a quick tour of the store and gaze in wonder at the great number of things a Pokémon can adorn.

Dont be fooled by the space-age starkness of the open-plan store there are more Pokémon discoveries to be made here than you would imagine!

First up, there are several large statues around the store, including Pikachu riding on the back of a Mega Charizard Y, which is the exclusive mascot for this store. The pair appear on a variety of merchandise available for sale at the Ikebukuro branch only.

Located far away from Mega Charizard Y is Mega Charizard X, taking up a corner of the ceiling towards the back of the store.

As you walk through the area youll stumble upon Mega Lucario and Mewtwo too.

While the statues are glorious, they certainly dont have the power to distract us from all the merchandise! Lets take a closer look at what you can find in-store.

1. Sweets and snacks

Jelly drinks are priced from 120 yen .

Sweets start at 100 yen, making them some of the cheapest products in the shop!

2. Cards

# What Items To Buy From Pokmon Center Japan

How to order on Pokémon Center Online Japan

Pokémon is one of the franchises with the most derivative items in the world. Most of them are available at Pokemon Center stores in Japan. Thus, you can easily find these products on the Japanese Pokémon Center online store, including the following goodies categories.

# Plushies

The Pokémon Center sells many stuffed toys of all sizes: from “real-size” Lokhlass to Bulbasaur keychains. There are always new plushies that celebrate the first generation Pokémon as well as the newest ones. Indeed, the shop releases a new collection every month.

Pikachu is the uncontested rockstar of this store. The electric rodent is featured on a soft toy with a different costume every months. This will allow you to build a large fluff collection of the world’s favorite Pokémon.

# T-shirts

As with soft toys, there is always a new t-shirts collection based on the video games or the anime. These Pokémon clothes are suitable for men and women. You can even buy baby clothes on this Japanese online store!

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# Trading Card Game

You can find all Japanese versions of Pokémon TCG items on Pokémon Center Japan Online. Many Pokémon card collectors buy Japanese versions in addition to their local cards to have the most complete collection possible.

# Bags, Wallets, Mugs, Phone Cases…

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How To Order From Pokmon Center Japan And Ship Internationally

Pokémon is one of Japans biggest exports. The wildly popular tv show, video games, trading card game and merchandise has crossed from generation to generation. With millions of fans of nearly all ages, Pokémon has brought its famed Pokémon Centers to life, and rather than healing your battle-weary Pokémon theyre here to help you get your hands on the very best Pokémon goodies available, from Pokémon trading cards to plushies and more.

While there have been pop-ups in places like London, the only place youll find a permanent Pokémon Center is Japan, and that can make it tricky to order from. Were going to run you through everything you need to know about the Japanese Pokémon Centers and then help you understand how you can shop on Japanese online stores withyour own Japanese shipping address.

Pokmon Center Osaka Dx + Caf

Entrance to the Osaka DX Pokémon Center.

The Pokémon Center Osaka DX + Café is a Pokémon Center that is located on the 9th floor of the Daimaru Shinsaibashi Department Store in Osaka that opened on September 20, 2019. This marks the second opening of a permanent Pokemon Café. Not much is known about the differences between the Tokyo and Osaka locations at this time, if there will be any at all.

The main mascots are Pikachu, Meowth, and Grookey, but the three legendary birds – Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres – seem to be secondary mascots, as they have statues within the store.

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Lets Visit Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan can be accessed via any Internet Browser on your smartphone or computer. Simply enter and youre set.

Now, you will probably notice the entire website is in Japanese. To change the language on PC, hover your mouse over the globe icon which can be found on the top menu, and select your preferred language.

If youre on mobile, click here to change your language.

Note: While most of Amazon Japan has been translated into English and Chinese, most product listings are in Japanese.

Place Your Order And Wait For Pokmon Centers Tracking Number

How To Buy & Pre Order Japanese Pokemon Cards

First, choose a payment method and enter your credit card details on the next step~ please note that all of the parcels that would be sent to any of our warehouses should be paid online. Our Warehouse colleague wont be paying for any goods with COD as the mode of payment. Pokémon Center wont be asking for your billing address which means that it will automatically use the same address for shipping and billing. Dont worry, as long as your payment goes through and they delivered it to our warehouse address, everything should be fine. Review everything one last time and click To BuySimply wait for the tracking number Pokémon Center will provide for your orders.

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The Latest Pokemon Cards

Uncover all the latest Japanese Pokemon cards! Shop today to ramp up your arsenal with the most powerful Pokemon in the Pokeverse. You can stay up-to-date with the game’s latest worlds, like the newest Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Check out our pre-order packs, as well as packs that you can buy right now to complete your collection.

What Is Pokemon Center Online Japan

Pokemon has its own shops in Japan. This famous video games series from Nintendo and Game Freaks regularly offers new derivative products with creatures of his universe. Yes, you don’t have to go to Japan to buy products from Pokemon Center you can do so online, and also pay the original retail price.

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Pokemon Store Tokyo Station

Pokemon Store Tokyo Station , located at Tokyo Character Street in Tokyo Station, is the one and only Pokemon Store in Tokyo. The Pokemon casual shop offer less products compared to other Pokemon Centers, however, selected Pokemon items are displayed on shelves. The big Pikachu statue that disguises itself as a station staff wearing a blue hat welcomes you, and you can get its goods only at Pokemon Store Tokyo Station. You will use Tokyo Station for some times on your stay in Tokyo, so dont miss the chance to visit the Pokemon Store.

Access: In Tokyo Station

Business hours: 10:0020:30


If you visit Pokemon Centers during your birth month, you can get some gifts such as that cute Pokemon in Pokemon: Lets Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Lets Go, Eevee! and other lovely items.

Looking for more Pokemon Center in Japan?? We also have a list of Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Stores in Kyoto and Osaka!

Which Pokemon Center or Store is the one you want to visit in Tokyo? You will get surprised at the diverse lineup of Pokemon themed products sold at each shop. For more info about shopping in Tokyo or Japanese pop culture, please check these articles below, too!

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