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How To Catch Tapu Koko Using The Best Counters


Tapu Koko is being added to Pokemon Go this week but you wont find the Legendary Alolan hanging out in the wild. Youre going to need to take on the games Raid system, and that means a certain amount of prep will be required. From what has been shared so far, the best time to try and catch Tapu Koko will be during two special Raid Hours March 2 and March 9.

These are being held between 6pm and 7pm local time, although it should be noted that Tapu Koko will also be a standard five-star Raid boss starting on March 1. Tapu Koko is expected to be available in the game from Tuesday, March 1, 2022, to Tuesday, March 15, 2022. However, Koko is not expected to be a shiny Pokemon, meaning you will have to wait for that opportunity to be announced in the future.

How To Catch Pokemon In Raid Battles

When you successfully defeat a Raid Boss, youll get the chance to catch it. Youll be given a set number of Premier Balls to use, but its not guaranteed that youll be able to catch it, especially if its a Legendary.

Here are some ways to increase the number of Premier Balls youll get:

  • Deal a high amount of damage to the Raid boss.
  • Your team deals a high amount of damage to the Raid boss.
  • Controlling the gym that the Raid takes place in.
  • Participating in Raids with friends.

Remember, you can also use Razz Berries, or even better Golden Razz Berries, to help catch Raid bosses. Getting excellent throws or spinning curveballs will increase your chances, too.

Now youre all clued up on Raids and the creatures you can battle at Gyms this month, its time to get out there and catch yourself some Pokemon and maybe even a Legendary. Good luck, trainers!

For more tips and tricks covering all things Pokemon Go, make sure to check out our guides:

Pokmon Go All Raid Bosses Raid Schedules And More

Its shaping up to be a great month for Pokemon Go enthusiasts. A Swinub Incense Day, monthly Timed Research challenges, and a Holidays event are all part of the new Season of Heritage.

Mega Raids appear to be limiting themselves to only a single Mega-evolving Pokemon, making it more difficult to obtain the Mega Energy you need.

For those looking forward to the December 2021 Raids, youll have the chance to get your hands on Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem, the Tao trio from the Unova region, which will be available to Trainers in Raids, while Mega Steelix will make its long-awaited Pokemon Go debut in Mega Raids.

For every Mega Raid you participate in, there will only be one Mega-evolved Pokémon appearing at a time. This means youll have to invest a bit more time into getting the Mega Energy required.

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Pokemon Go Current Raid Bosses

Raids are an important aspect of the Pokemon Go experience, and each month there is a new batch of Pokemon to battle and maybe catch, ranging from common 1-Stars to rare 5-Star Legendaries. Here is the current Raid Boss lineup for October 2021. For Pokemon Go players, October is shaping up to be an exciting month. The Season of Mischief continues, the Mythical monkey Zarude has made his entrance, and the frightening Duskull will be featured on a Community Day.

Trainers will be able to add the powerful Genesect with Douse Drive to their Pokedex, while Altered Forme Giratina and Darkrai with the move Sludge Bomb will both emerge in 5-Star Raids later this month. It also looks that from now on, only one Mega-evolved Pokemon will appear in Mega Raids at a time, making it much more difficult to obtain the Mega Energy you require.

How To Get Raid Passes In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Raid Boss Charts: Best Guides for Moves ...

In order to take part in a Raid Battle, youll need a Raid Pass. You can earn one Raid Pass each day by spinning the Photo Disc at any Gym. If you run out, you can purchase a Premium Raid Pass from the Shop.

There are now also Remote Raid Passes available in Go. These are ideal for trainers who cant leave the house, as they let you join any Raid Battle thats on the Nearby screen or tappable from the Map View.

Remote Raid Passes can be bought from the Shop, or received as free gifts every now and then.

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What Are Raid Battles In Pokemon Go

Raid Battles occur when a Boss Pokemon takes over a Gym. You can find them by walking around local Gyms and keeping an eye out for eggs that are about to hatch, or Boss Pokemon that are part of a currently ongoing Raid.

These Pokemon are very powerful, so its recommended that you team up with a few other trainers in order to secure a victory. There are four tiers: 1-Star, 3-Star, 5-Star, and Mega Raids. The higher the tier, the harder the battle.

Raid Battles are worth the time and effort to complete, though. As well as earning special items, youll also get a chance to catch the Pokemon you beat. In the case of 5-Star Raids, these will be Legendaries you cant get anywhere else.

How To Join A Remote Raid

To join a remote raid, you need a Remote Raid pass on Pokémon Go. First stay online in Pokémon Go app, add the host as a friend if they are still not your friend and wait for the remote raid invitation from the Pokémon Go trainer who hosts the raid. Once the invitation is received you will be notified from app. Click on the invitation and then use your remote raid pass to join the raid remotely. There is no distance restriction to join a remote raid. You can join a remote raid anywhere in the world as long as you have an invitation to join.

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How Do I Do Pokmon Go Ex Raids

EX raids are a special type of raid only available to those who have received an invite. To participate in an EX raid, youll need an aptly-titled EX raid pass, which you can get as a random reward for completing a large number of raids.

EX raids differ from usual raids in that youll face a much more powerful Pokémon, and will need to bring a heck of a lot of friends along to the fight. As a reward, youll get the chance to add one of the rarest Pokémon to your collection.

Heres a list of Pokémon that have appeared in an EX raid so far:

  • Mewtwo

Pokemon Go: Raid Schedule For November 2021


With a new month finally here, many Pokemon GO players may be on the edge of their seats wondering what the new month of November 2021 has to offer.

With every new month comes a new wave of 5,3, and 1-star Raid bosses, but what will November bring for the trainers looking forward to the month to come?

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A Return To The Real World

While Go Tour: Johto is indeed a global event, players in “select cities” will be able to continue play into February 27 with a rehash of Go Tour: Kanto. This is stated to be a 100% optional bonus for those living in these areas, and can be participated in even if players skip Go Tour: Johto. The announcement post doesn’t have any information on which cities will be included in this event, but we will keep you posted!

How Do I Catch Raid Bosses

Even with the maximum possible number of premier balls at your disposal, youre still not guaranteed to catch the Pokémon especially if its a legendary at tier five. If you want to significantly increase your chances, youre going to need to use a golden razz berry.

Fortunately, golden razz berries are a reward for defeating raid bosses in the first place, so if you raid often you should have plenty on you to increase the chances of capturing the boss.

Heres a round-up of other things you can do to increase your chances of catching a difficult raid boss:

  • Throw a curveball by spinning the Poké ball before you throw it
  • Get an excellent throw by landing the Poké ball within the circle when its small
  • Get medals for the type of Pokémon youre aiming to catch

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Pokemon Go: Every Pokemon Set To Appear During February 2022’s Raid Hours

February 2022’s Raid Hours in Pokemon GO will feature two Pokemon that constitute the same group, as well as two different forms of a powerful Pokemon. Below, trainers can find a list of Pokemon that will appear during each Raid Hour for the month:

  • Regirock
  • Deoxys
  • Deoxys

In addition to these Pokemon appearing, the shiny forms of these Pokemon will be available as well. They will randomly appear during capture encounters after Pokemon GO trainers defeat the boss Pokemon in a raid. It may take multiple attempts to find the shiny that a player desires, but it is nonetheless possible.

If Pokemon GO trainers are hoping to capture the two Regi Pokemon or one of Deoxys’ two available forms this February, they’ll want to be sure to stock up on Pokeballs and raid passes in order to take on the raid bosses multiple times and capture them once defeated.

Bringing along great healing items such as Max Potions and Max Revives in order to quickly treat/revive battered Pokemon and send them back into the raid. Improving a Pokemon’s CP and movesets is also a great idea when it comes to countering raid bosses.

Tapu Koko Counters And Weakness

Pin on Pokemon GO

As mentioned above, Tapu Koko is an electric Fairy Type, and the official Pokemon Company Pokedex confirms that it is weak against Poison and Ground Pocket Monsters. Tapu Koko is expected to have these set of moves when it arrives on March 1 in the first five-star Raids:

  • Fast Moves: Quick attack and Volt Switch.
  • Charge Moves: Thunder, Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam, and Brave Bird.

The community have been busy coming up with the best lists for taking down this unique Pokemon and have come up with the following combos:

  • Excadril Mud Slap And Earthquake
  • Landorus Mud Shot and Earthquake
  • RoseRade Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb
  • Groudon Mud Shot and Earhquake
  • Rhyperior Mud Slap and And Earthquake
  • Garchomp Mud Shot and Earthquake

Mega Pokemon

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No More Four And Two Star Raids In Pokmon Go

Prior to Mega Raids being released, Pokémon Go had two other Raid types: Four Star Raids and Two Star Raids. Four Star Raids were combined with Three Star Raids, while Two Star Raids were combined with One Star Raids. The difficulty remained at Three and One Star levels, while increasing the rewards, making all of these battles more accessible.

Mega Raids In Pokmon Go

On August 27, 2020, Niantic introduced Mega Evolution and with it Mega Raids. Mega Raids are a class unto themselves, providing some of the most challenging battles yet. Mega Pokémon get a massive stat boost, and in some cases new typing as well. Starting June 1, 2021, only one Pokémon will be appearing in Mega Raids at a time.

If you need help with January’s Mega Raids, we have the following guides:

After completing any of these Mega Raids, you will be rewarded with the chance to catch the normal version of that Pokémon, as well as a bunch of Mega Energy – the species specific currency used to Mega Evolve your own Pokémon. The amount of Mega Energy you win is based on how quickly you can complete the Mega Raid so you want to invite as many people as possible to these Raids. Additionally, Mega Raids can give you Shiny Pokémon, unlike encountering these evolved Pokémon normally.

Like other Raids, Mega Raids also rotate out. Currently, you cannot battle in the following Mega Raids right now:

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Pokemon Go 2022 Roadmap Kicks Off With New Raids Shinies And New Year Festivities


    The Pokemon Go 2022 roadmap is beginning to unfurl, with developer Niantic teasing several events and bonuses to come at the start of the year.

    A variety of shiny Pokemon will be available throughout January 2022 via research, raid, and spotlight challenges. In fact, all but two of the month’s 10 featured Pokemon will occasionally spawn as shinies, so keep your eyes peeled.

    As ever, raids will be one of the best ways to chase down specific Pokemon. Here’s the raid schedule for January 2022:

    • Until January 7: Five-star Kyurem
    • Until January 7: Mega Abomasnow

    You’ll also find specific Pokemon in the spotlight every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm local time, each with their own catch bonuses. Look for Solosis on January 4, Diglett on January 11, Plusle on January 18, and Minun on January 25.

    The next Pokemon Go Community Day is another roadmap highlight. The adorable Spheal will be featured come January 16, 2022, and if you raise it to a Walrein within two hours of the event ending, it will learn the Charged Attack Icicle Spear and the Fast Attack Powder Snow.

    Smaller events tied to the ongoing Season of Heritage, like Mountains of Power and a mystery event “inspired by the Kanto Power Plant,” will fill out the month. The Pokemon Go New Year’s celebration will also start at 4pm local time Friday, December 31 and run through 8pm local time on January 4, so as usual there isn’t much downtime in Pokemon Go’s future.

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    Zygarde Is Coming Soon

    On December 3, 2020, Niantic released a trailer announcing that more PokéBalls will be available from PokéStops for the holiday period. However, the final frame of this video shows new Pokémon from the Kalos region.

    As you can see, Zygarde is clearly coming to the game soon, as every other Pokémon in the shot is available now. As the video has a holiday theme, we expect them to appear soon.

    The likelihood is that they will be available in raids, like most other Legendary Pokémon, but well update this page with all the information when we know for sure.

    Now, well answer a bunch of questions you may have regarding Pokémon Go raids.

    Pokemon Go: Every Raid Hour Event In February 2022

    Occurring every month in Pokemon GO, Raid Hours are a great way to battle and catch specific Pokemon that may not show themselves too often.

    Every Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time, Raid Hours changes the raid bosses of many Pokestops and replaces them with a designated Pokemon. This Pokemon can be battled the same as any raid boss, and its increased appearance tends to lend itself to improving the appearance of the Pokemon’s shiny form after defeating it in a raid.

    With February 2022 fast approaching, a new slate of Pokemon will soon appear during Raid Hour in Pokemon GO.

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    Kyurem In Pokemon Go: Mia Or On The Way

    For Pokemon GO players looking to truly catch them all, knowing when a Raid Boss changes rotation can motivate them to both prepare for the new Raid Boss and get their final chances at challenging the current Raid Bosses. Players will be happy to know that Kyurem is on its way to the 5-Star Raid Boss spot.

    In short, Kyurem will be coming to Pokemon GO in the next rotation of 5-Star Raid Bosses on the 16th of December, 2021. This rotation also brings the first week of the holiday event, as this is when the seasonal costumes for various Pokemon will be added.

    For players planning on challenging Kyurem, here are some tips and predictions for the best strategies regarding taking on Kyurem in Pokemon GO.

    Kyurem is an Ice and Dragon-type Pokemon. This gives Kyurem a lot of weaknesses, as it takes super effective damage from Fighting, Rock, Steel, Fairy, and other Dragon-type attacks. Kyurem only keeps 3 of the 4 resistances from the Dragon-typing, as it is severely crippled by its Ice-typing. Kyurem now only resists Electric, Grass, and Water-type attacks.

    Kyurem’s stats in Pokemon GO are incredibly bulky to compensate for its many weaknesses however, Kyurem’s weakest stat is its defense, sitting at 170. This leaves Kyurem open to super effective fast attacks like Smack Down, Metal Claw, Charm, and Dragon Tail, just to name a few.

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