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Print 3d Model For Pokemon

10 Awesome Pokemon 3D Prints

Do not just start printing right away. Make sure that the printer has the right settings. The bed is properly labelled and the printer is calibrated. And, then you can go ahead and slice your file for 3D printing.

When it comes to printing, you must find the most suitable way to get the prints with less hassle. For instance, the low Poly Chikorita model, you must print the head and body separately.

After printing both these parts separately, you can stick them together with acetone.

However, do not forget that the acetone sticks the parts together by melting the surface of the polymer. So, use in less quantity. Otherwise, the entire model will be destroyed.

To ensure that you do not accidentally use the access amount of acetone, you can make use of cotton swabs. This would help in spreading the liquid in the minimum quantity, just as much required to stick the two parts together.

Free 3d Printing Pokemon What Should I Know About These 3d Printed Minis

First of all, you should know that these 3D Printing Pokemon need a 3D Printer for them. We highly recommend the use of a Resin 3D Printed. These minis have too much detail to be done in an FDM Printer. I personally have been always printing with Siraya Resin but I have found a new one that has super nice flexibility. Ministry of Resin will be probably my favorite one for Minis with Lances, Spears, and Swords. It even comes with a nice discount.

For Printers, one of the best and more affordable Printers is the Elegoo Saturn but right now it is out of stock or resold by people trying to make money on it, so check if it is available here. If not, go to the for example.

Fantastic Free Pokemon 3d Print Files And Models

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When it comes to 3D printing, nothing beats a good Pokemon 3D print .

So if youre looking for interesting Pokemon 3d prints, 3d print files, 3d models, and Pokemon stl files to fire up your 3d printer, weve done the heavy lifting for you and put together our favorite collection.

If you want more, check out our ever updating mega-list of websites to get free stl files for 3D printing.

Otherwise, sit back, enjoy the collection, and collect them all!

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A Working Wailmer Watering Pail

Wailmer came about after Id grown out of playing Pokémon religiously but I love this working watering pail 3d print!

Built from two sections with just a few alignment nubs between them, youll need to seal it up well with caulking before using it at home. Also, non-soluble PLA is your best choice here as PLA can be made food safe and is generally considered the least toxic filament.

Shadowbons 3d Pokmon Models


Now what kind of geek would I be if I didnt start by talking about my favorite Pokémon of over two decades Vulpix.

This fire fox was the first 3D printed Pokémon I ever owned courtesy of a gift from a friend of mine, seen above. But after scouring the internet for more 3D Pokémon models of this six-tailed little wonder, I think I might have found my favorite here.

What I love about this Vulpix design is that the detailing isnt so low-poly that the print could be considered simple, but its also not so overly detailed that it loses its cartoonish charm.

Naturally, I had to see what other works creator ShadowBons had come up with, and his library here has an impressive array of Pokémon from Caterpie to Bulbasaur and both of their respective evolution lines, as well as Ponyta, Slowpoke, Sandslash, and even a little statuette of the three Galar starters amongst many others.

Many of these designs come in different poses and positions, including Charmander breathing fire and, even more impressive, a Butterfree coming out of its Metapod cocoon.

If youre in the market for 3D Pokémon models that really stand out in both charm and creativity, then ShadowBons collection of files is well worth a look.

Not to mention ShadowBons even recreated Ashs Butterfree, complete with bandana, if you want to relive the famously tear-jerking episode from the anime.

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Introduction: 3d Printed Pokemon`s

Thanks for checking out my first ever instructable, created for the 3D Printing Contest. I’m going to show you the process used to create a low poly-count 3D printed pokemon`s that you can download and 3D-print !

For me, one of the coolest things about 3D printing is the feasibility of becoming a creator instead of just a consumer. With a product that’s generated from a computer, customizing, tweaking, and tinkering with the parent file can create so many cool results, please vote for it for the 3D Printing contest! 🙂 click here to go to the contest page What This Instructable Covers: links to download the stl file for the print pictured.

  • 3D printer with filament

  • A 3D model to print

  • Spray paints

  • paint brush, and oil paints

  • sandpaper

  • D Printed Pokball Cartridge Carrier

    Chances are if youre interested in making your own 3D Pokémon, youre likely something of a gamer. And if youre a gamer, you may own a Nintendo Switch.

    Nintendo Switch cartridges are notoriously tiny and very easy to misplace if not stored properly. While we always promise ourselves well return every game to its box, many of us are guilty of not sticking to that promise for very long.

    The Pokéball Cartridge Carrier is just like the hinged pokéballs above except its designed with slots to store up to eight Nintendo Switch cartridges safely and securely in a cool and hard-to-miss way.

    Some assembly is required, as well as the purchase of a spring, but all details and even a video tutorial for assembly will have you soon resting easy knowing those expensive little cards wont get lost so easily.

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    Free 3d Printing Pokemon What Are My Options

    Pokémon first made its presence in 1995 through games for the original Game Boy. This was quickly followed by the anime TV series and a trading card game. More recently, Pokémon made a come-back with the hugely popular Pokémon GO mobile game. Needless to say, Pokémon has been beloved for decades.

    This big popularity of Pokémon is responsible for a sea of 3D printable pocket monster models available online. A large percentage of those available are intended to serve as stationary ornaments for a Pokémon fans desk. However, to make things more interesting, well also present some of the functional models, like planting pots and keychains.

    All the models we present are proven to be 100% 3D printable so that you dont waste your time on models which arent suited for 3D printing. Whether youre searching for a cool desk ornament, a useful Pokémon-themed object, or a cool project to keep you occupied over the weekend, weve got something in store for you!

    If you have Problems printing, check out the Video : Why resin 3d prints fail.

    Can You Sell Pokmon 3d Prints

    3D Printing a Charizard Pokémon!

    Generally, no. Pokémon and all of its characters are registered trademarks of the Pokémon company. Therefore printing and selling Pokemon 3d prints is illegal and you the risk of dealing with Nintendo.

    Turning ideas into empires.

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    Thank you for your continued support!

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    Best Pokemon Stl Files To 3d Print In 2022

    Are you a pokemon fan with a 3D printer? Here is a list of our five favorite pokemon 3D prints to help you build your mini army of Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Charizard prints!

      • Pokeball Planter


    Price: Free

    This Pokemon-themed planter is designed to print in multiple pieces for easy assembly and color-changing, perfect for holding a tiny plant. Well be adding it to our office with a bit of cactus. The designer, Agustin Flowalistick Arroyo, has to be one of my favorite designers. His files are nothing short of remarkable, and he is mentioned several times throughout this article. So check out his Patreon here!

    Can You Get In Trouble For Selling 3d Prints

    The legal prohibition against the sale or use of objects containing other patents exists in other places than on behalf of people wishing to sell those objects. However, when you dont try to make money off of those assets, even if it turns them into a legitimate revenue stream.In spite of whether you understand Patent Infringement or not, you are still covered by Patent Infringement.

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    Spray Paint N Paint Your Pokemon`s

    Use your desired spray paint colours on paint your pokemon`s model , then use oil paints to draw other features onto the pokemon like eyes, mouths or else other features that might be present on pokemon or else u might want to add.

    Here are few 3d printed pokemon`s model that i have printed, and painted. Hope u like the instructable, do vote for my instructable at 3d printing contest.

    I`d like to thank FLOWALISTIK at for providing such a marvelous 3d Printed files , go checkout his page at he has uploaded more files for many other pokemon`s too.

    i`d also like to thank Makersasylum, a MakersSpace where i work and have 3D printed the above models

    D Printing Anime Figures

    Tyranitar Pokemon by 3dfux

    Turn on your FDM or SLA 3D printer and work on complex or straightforward anime 3D prints. Weve rummaged through the Internet and found these awesome anime 3D print ideas implemented into life. Enjoy!

    1. Anime Girl 3D Model

    A cute anime girl 3D model immediately pops into your sight as you open Gambody marketplace. Adorable girls are not new for our audience, as 3D printing enthusiasts are now used to seeing bulky Mechs, fierce heroes and gentle figures.

    The big-eyed Misty girl stands out from the crowd in a good way. This aspiring Water Pokemon Master who used to accompany Ash in his adventures is fantastic to recreate using your 3D printer. Such anime girl 3D model transforms into a beautiful 3D print. So, download Misty STL files to work on this cute figure.

    Fans of Japanese anime series will also love working on a beautiful girl inspired by a well-known character. You can get these STL files to create a stunning anime girl 3D print.

    Here is another cute 3D printing anime figure you can make. It is available in three different versions, but we love this one in particular. Such anime girl 3D model can decorate your shelf.

    2. 3D Printed Anime Figures Miniatures

    A 1/10 scale anime-stylized girl is a great 3D printing anime figure created for Tsunacon 2013 by Kaetimi. It shows beautiful body lines and intricate details, and we love the way all the ribbons and other small accessories look.

    This anime 3D model was created entirely in 3DS Max and checked in Netfabb.

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    You Are Not Sure About Which 3d Printing Kickstarter Or Patreon To Join

    Why dont you join our Sampler Patreon? Each month, for the Bargain Price of 3$ you will get a Bundle of Stunning 3D Printed Miniatures Samples of different Artists.

    , Print and Test Them. If you like them join the Artists on their Patreon. The money collected is used to improve the reach of the Patreons and when we reach certain amount, we will start hiring painters to show you all the gorgeous details of these Patreons.

    D Printed Pokmon Keychains

    Keys are such a constant in our lives that many of us like to decorate the rings with pop culture references and personal memorabilia. Naturally, there are plenty of 3D printed Pokémon keychains out there.

    From this cute Charmander to the leader of the Squirtle Squad of anime fame, theres no shortage of Pokémon that you can print out and carry with you everywhere!

    My personal favorite is this unbelievably cute Psyduck keychain design, whose noticeability will hopefully cause you fewer headaches every time you lose your keys!

    For more: our list of the best 3D printable keychains

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    Are 3d Models Copyrighted

    Pikachu (Pokemon) 3D Printed – Tutorial, Settings, Time lapse, Showcase

    Copyright holders need to ensure that digital replicas of their artwork remain protected as well as the work in question is a sculpture, or other work which was copyrighted. For instance, a 3D digital replica of a piece of artwork will probably violate copyright if the original art is protected or permission has been .There is a requirement of 62 CDPA.

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    A 3d Printed Pokemon Chess Set

    This is really impressive, a collection of chess pieces to print with your 3d printer.

    Looks like it includes most of the Red/Blue usuals to add a twist to your standard games.

    That said, Id have a horrible time remembering which one was a pawn, the queen, etc. and would probably lose a few games just trying to keep track.

    Post Processing Of The 3d Model

    Now that you have printed the model with success, it is time to provide it with the final touch. This means you may have to go through a few extra steps to get the desired looks.

    Start with Sanding: As mentioned before, the ABS parts arent as smooth as PLA. So, you must sand the 3D model before making any further changes to it.

    You must be willing to paint the model to make it look closer to its real avatar. In such a case, sanding becomes even more important.

    Otherwise, with the painted surface, the roughness would become even more visible.

    You may also choose to go with the coloured filament instead of using regular white ABS.

    However, in such case too, you must outline the eyes and other features to complete the design. And, for doing so, you would need to paint the features with acrylic or oil paint.

    So, whatever you choose, you must ensure that the surface of the model is smoother.

    Either Choose the Coloured Filament or Use Spray Paints: The Pokemon character has one dominating colour. For instance, Pikachu is yellow in colour, apart from the other fewer colours, you use for eyes and different features.

    But yellow is the most dominating colour of this character. Hence, spray paint would help you colour the white ABS into yellow, faster. Alternatively, you can choose the Yellow colour filament. However, the choices of spray paint colours are more than filament colours anytime.

    This will provide a protective coat to your model. And, it would stay fresh for longer.

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    How To 3d Print Pokemon

    Starting 3D printing is not the toughest part. However, being patient and handling the challenges with necessary setting changes could help you progress in the right direction. The same attitude is required whenever you plan to 3D print something that you havent created before.

    With all that in mind, let us find out how can you get the best model for your favourite Pokemon Character.

    Boost Your Pokmon Go Skills Through 3d Printing

    My 3D printed Pokemon planters : pokemon in 2020

    There is no denying the effect that Pokémon Go has generated a massive impact on the Internet. The location-based mobile phone game has topped the app store charts on both iOS and Android for several weeks now.

    As a result, there have been many people printing Pokémon-related items recently. We have even enjoyed printing these low-poly Pokémon models from FLOWALISTIK on Thingiverse in the office.

    After taking a closer look at the game itself, it became apparent that 3D printing could provide an advantage for clever users.

    In the game, when catching a given Pokémon that youve found in the wild, you have the ability to flick a Pokéball across the screen to capture it. Given that there is a predictable path for the Pokéball to travel, we decided to create something you might call a booster device.

    This phone sleeve slides over an iPhone 6 and provides a channel along which to swipe your finger and maintain the highest of Pokéball throwing accuracy.

    While it is true you can gain additional points for curving your throw, this sleeve allows you to accurately catch the Pokémon, and waste less of your precious Pokéball reserves.

    As a bit of additional flair, the back panel is customizable based on the team your team affiliation!

    We know there are many phone sizes so weve provided the STEP files, meaning you can manipulate the model in your favorite CAD program and customize it for whatever phone you own.

    STEP Files for CAD Software

    STL Files for 3D Printing

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    What Tools You Would Need To 3d Print Pokemon

    Before we go ahead and explain the entire process of 3D printing these cute characters, why not find out the tools you would be needing to complete this project.

    Trust this, being prepared to tackle every step of your creation would boost your confidence. You would know whats coming next and can gaze the possibilities and challenges in advance.

    So, here is all the things that you would need to 3D print Pokemon.

    • The 3D printer of course
    • Sandpaper to smoothen the layers of your print .
    • A 3D Model .
    • Spray Paints .
    • Oil Paints .

    After you have accumulated all the necessary equipment, it is time to jump to the 3D print Pokemon lessons.

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