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What Is The First Pokemon Series

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How To Watch The Pokemon Series Easy Watch Order Guide

UK: Pokémon Journeys: The Series | First Look
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Pokemon, a world brimming with new adventures, creatures, and characters, is one of the most memorable parts of our childhood.

It had characters we could relate to, characters we wanted to be like, and the best comedic villain trio, i.e., Team Rocket.

At some point in our lives, though, most of us stopped watching Pokemon and moved on to other series that seemed more interesting.

Nonetheless, we sometimes feel like taking a trip down memory lane, and when we do that, a big hurdle seems to block the way.

Pokemon never really stopped airing even after we stopped watching it, and now it is a hurdle of more than 1000 episodes with Ash still being a 10-year-old kid.

The Pokemon anime started airing in 1997 with the first season named Indigo League, and since then, it has 24 seasons with 1170+ episodes released, 24 movies, three ONAs, seven specials, and one live-action movie.

You can navigate it through both the release order and chronological order.

The franchise always has something new to offer and has never failed to entertain us. Let me take you on a grand tour of the amazing world of cute and dangerous Pokemons.


  • Canon: 1-7, 10-18, 20-31, 34-36, 40-43, 45, 47-48, 50, 52-53, 55-56, 58, 60-61, 63, 68, 71-82
  • Filler: 8-9, 19, 32-33, 37-39, 44, 46, 49, 51, 54, 57, 59, 62, 64-67, 69-70
  • Season 2: Adventures in the Orange Islands
  • Episodes: 83-118
    • Canon: 83, 90-92, 94, 98-99, 101-102, 104, 106-115, 117
  • Season 3: The Johto Journeys
  • Johto’s Heart And Soul

    Ever since the Generation III remakes for the incompatible Generation IRed and Green games, Pokémon fans have widely speculated that remakes of the Generation II Pokémon games, Gold and Silver, would be made for Nintendo DS. Indeed, the paired remakes, titled HeartGold and SoulSilver, were eventually released in Japan on September 12, 2009, and were released in the United States on March 14, 2010. The games were referred to in the anime in an episode that featured the counterpart of the new player character and the three starter Pokémon of Johto, one of whom even joined the regular cast. A new expansion set for the TCG was also released to celebrate the new games.

    Some manga series followed the release of the games, such as a new sequel to Pokémon Pocket Monsters, titled Pocket Monsters HGSS, of which the first volume was released in June 28, 2011. A new chapter of Pokémon Adventures was released, with the first volume coming out in June 28, 2012.

    A new game for the Wii: PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure, was released on December 5, 2009. The game was released in North America and Europe in the spring of 2010.

    Pokmon The Series: Xy Kalos Quest

    Logo of Pokémon the Series: XY Kalos Quest

    Main article:Pokémon the Series: XY Kalos Quest

    The heroes meet new friends and rivals as they continue onwards. As Ash manages to defeat Ramos, Serena has her first Showcase in Coumarine City but loses and makes a major change in her appearance. To prepare for the Gym Match, Clemont flies off to Lumiose City, while Ash, Serena, and Bonnie meet up with Aria. Ash defeats Clemont in a heated Gym Battle and goes to Laverre City, where the heroes meet Ash’s rival, Sawyer, and the specialist in Fairy-type Pokémon, Valerie. With his sixth badge, Ash goes with Bonnie, Clemont, and Serena to Anistar City. On their way, Serena wins her first Showcase in Dendemille Town, against Miette, who also participated in the Showcase. When arriving there, the heroes meet up with their rivals, Tierno and Shauna, who have a Tag Battle to give Serena’s new Pokémon, Eevee, some confidence. Serena, along with her rivals, Shauna and Nini, enters the Anistar City’s Showcase and wins her second Princess Key. Ash also manages to defeat Olympia and earns the seventh badge – the Psychic Badge. Olympia, however, has a vision of the heroes and Team Rocket having a major role in an incoming crisis.

    Main article:Pokémon the Series: XYZ

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    Advancing To A New Age

    In July 2001 an episode of the anime aired in Japan featuring a Pokémon never previously seen – Kecleon. Soon, Kecleon and others like Wynaut, Azurill, Duskull and Volbeat showed up in theaters in two Pikachushorts while Wailmer, Latias and Latios were featured in the fifth Pokémon movie. During the Silver Conference Ash battled Harrison, a Trainer from Littleroot Town in Hoenn. Professor Birch, along withotherPokémon, made a cameo in Johto Photo Finish. Through this, it became known that the next generation of Pokémon was just around the corner.

    Indeed, a major overhaul of the main game series occurred when Pokémon arrived on the Game Boy Advance on November 21, 2002 when Ruby and Sapphire Versions were released in Japan. Trainers found themselves in the southern land called Hoenn where 135 new Pokémon were waiting to be discovered. The games reached North America on March 18, 2003 and had many new features, the most prominent being Pokémon Contests, Double Battles, Pokémon Abilities and Natures for each Pokémon, along with the reform of effort values and individual values. Also introduced in these versions were more types of weather and two new villainous teams, Team Magma and Team Aqua. Due to the extensive changes to the system, however, this generation was not compatible with earlier generations.

    Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

    Pokmon Journeys: The Series

    Pokémon (TV Series 1997
    Main article:Pokémon Journeys: The Series

    This season features Ash and Pikachu as they help Professor Cerise run the Cerise Laboratory and research Pokémon and their behavior. Ash traverses the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar regions along with Goh, a new Trainer from Vermillion City. His goal is to catch every single Pokémon known to man, working his way up to Mew. Ash’s goal in the season is to compete in the World Coronation Series . He wants to defeat the champion Leon.

    This season consists of 48 episodes, from “Enter Pikachu!” to “A Close Call… Pratically!“.

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    Seven’s A Lucky Number

    The seventh generation of Pokémon was announced on February 27, 2016, the franchise’s 20th anniversary with the new games Pokémon Sun and Moon and was released on November 18, 2016.

    The anime was quick to follow with a new series, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. As with the previous four series, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon began with Ash Ketchum, headed off to the new region with his Pikachu. His previous companions, Clemont, Bonnie and Serena, have left the series. Ash Ketchum heads off to a new region, Alola, wearing a new set of clothes with his partner Pikachu. He receives a Z-Ring and becomes a student at the Pokémon School on Melemele Island. Lillie, Kiawe, Mallow, Lana, and Sophocles joined him in the series as his classmates. For the first time in the anime’s history, Ash wins a game-original Pokémon League and becomes a Champion.

    The seventh generation broke several trends within the core series, such as abandoning HM moves, replacing Gyms with island challenge trials, and introducing Legendary Pokémon part of an evolutionary line.

    Most Valuable First Edition Pokemon Cards

    Originally released in Japan as a video game, Pokémon later transformed into a trading card game that began hitting store shelves in the U.S. in 1999.

    Today, these trading cards are some of the hottest non-sports cards in the hobby.

    And with a catchphrase like Gotta Catch Em All., it’s easy to understand why.

    On top of common and rare cards in the base set, there are variations such as Shadowless and First Edition Pokémon cards needed to complete an entire run.

    Those First Edition cards are especially some of the rarest and some are even considered to be among the most expensive Pokémon cards in general.

    And in this guide, we take a look at the 25 most valuable.

    Let’s jump right in!


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    Beginning Of The Universe

    This information is based primarily on the mythology of both the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions.

    • In a vortex of complete chaos and nothingness, a single Egg comes into being, which then hatches into Arceus, the first Pokémon in existence. Arceus then creates Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, giving them power over time, space, and antimatter respectively. Giratina, as punishment for its destructive nature, is sent by Arceus to live in the Distortion World. Dialga and Palkia then succeed in creating the universe and Pokémon world and retreat into their own dimensions afterwards, with a point of access being at the ancient Spear Pillar in Sinnoh.
    • Kyogre is formed by the pressure in the deep sea trenches, Groudon is formed deep inside the Earth, likely from hardened magma and earth, and Rayquaza is formed by the minerals of the ozone layer. Rayquaza proceeds to fly around in the ozone layer, occasionally coming to rest at Sky Pillar.

    A New Light Shines On Alola

    My First Pokemon! (Pokemon series episode 1)

    Two follow-up games, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, were announced during a Nintendo Direct presentation on June 6, 2017. The games were released exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS on November 17, 2017, featuring an alternate storyline set in Sun and Moon’s world, and will feature new Pokémon not available in the original games.

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    History Of The Pokmon World

    It has been suggested that this article be moved to History of the Pokémon universe.Please discuss whether or not to move it on its talk page.
    This article contains fan speculation.There is no solid evidence for or against some parts of this article.

    Below is a timeline of events in the history of the Pokémon world, primarily those established in the canon of the Pokémon games, since these tend to also apply to other forms of canon. There is also a separate timeline of events for the anime series as well as one for Pokémon Adventures, both of which differ from that of the games.

    There are many stories and legends surrounding the history of the Pokémon world. It is not entirely clear if these legends are true or not, but there are many hints in the series that suggest that they are.

    Please note that the below timeline is based on both speculation and confirmed information from different aspects of the Pokémon franchise.

    Weekly Pokmon Broadcasting Station

    Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station is a closely related spin-off series that aired with the beginning part of Pokémon: Advanced Generation. The show was presented as an animated variety show, and showed clip shows, reruns of Pokémon episodes, television airings of the Pokémon movies, cast interviews, and live action footage, in addition to the previously mentioned Pokémon side story episodes. The hosts were Mayumi Iizuka as Kasumi and Yji Ueda as Takeshi . They were regularly joined by Kaba-chan, Manami Aihara, Bernard Ackah and Rex Jones as the comedy team “Shio Kosh”, Megumi Hayashibara as Musashi , Shin-ichiro Miki as Kojir , and Inuko Inuyama as Nysu . The show ran from October 15, 2002, to September 28, 2004, when it was replaced by PokémonSunday.

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    Pokmon Lets Go Pikachu And Lets Go Eevee

    Pokémon Lets Go, Pikachu! And Lets Go, Eevee! are the 2018 remakes of Pokémon Yellow.

    They were developed by Game Freak and published worldwide by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.

    Theyre part of the seventh generation of the Pokémon video game series and were the first games of such to be released on a home games console.

    The games take place in the familiar region of Kanto and include many common elements of the main series, like all of the original 151 Pokémon and their Mega Evolved forms.

    Upon release, the games were met with mixed reviews from critics but still managed to become one of the best-selling games for the Nintendo Switch, with worldwide sales of more than 11.9 million as of March 2020.

    Gen V Pokemon Best Wishes Unova

    Pokémon (Original Series)
    • WhiteVictini and Zekrom
    • BlackVictini and Reshiram

      Between BW 024 and BW 077. Ash has hatched Scraggy, but only has Tepig.

    • Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice

      Between BW 077 and BW 116. This one is debatable because Ash had Pignite but probably doesn’t have Charizard , but he could have kept it in the ball and there was no other evidence.

    • Genesect and the Legend Awakened

      Between BW 116 and the end of the series BW 144. Ash has his Charizard and that was the last Pokemon acquired.

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    First Edition Holographic Zapdos

    Estimated PSA 10 Gem Mint Value: $1,400

    Together with Articuno and Moltres, this electric and flying creature is one of the three Legendary birds of Kanto.

    Only seen during thunderstorms, Zapdos will create lighting bolts and loud cracking sounds as it flaps its wings when airborne alerting everyone in the area to its presence.

    The yellow and black spiked feathers that surround its body make Zapdos look just like the blasts of electricity it creates.

    Gen Vii Pokemon Sun & Moon Alola

    • I Choose You and Everyone’s Story

      These two movies take place in an alternate timeline and are retellings of the Orginal Series and the Orange Islands, respectively. Despite airing alongside the Alola-based series, they have no bearing whatsoever on it.

    I base these through the Pokemon in the team including in the movie and the moves they’ve used. The original series might be a bit off because I have the banned episode as episode 38 and the safari episode as well. The first episode means that the movie was at least after that episode the second episode means that the movie was definitely before that episode with one exception of Keldeo. It could be anywhere between the two episodes, so it’s why there’s a gap. The reasoning for the episodes is there as well. The source of info was from Bulbapedia and my Pokemon anime and movie collection.

    After a quick Google sesrch, I found this from here:

    Also, you can find more information about how the Pokemon movies fit into the timeline here, here, and here.

    Please refer to this relevant question:

    In addition, you can find a complete list of all the Pokemon movies here.

    Slight Correction to the 8th movies time frame.

    Lucario and the Mystery of Mew

    Between AG 082 and AG 018. May gets Combusken at 082, Ash gets Snorunt at 108.

    In truth this actually occurs later in the series


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    Pokmon The Series: Gold And Silver

    Logo of “Pocket Monsters: Gold and Silver Series”

    The original series’ second instalment takes place in Johto. The Pokémon Gold & Silver Version and Pokémon Crystal Version games are used to create these seasons.

    Pokémon: The Johto Journeys

    Main article:Pokémon: The Johto Journeys

    Brock joins Ash and Misty on their travels once more as Tracey decides to become Prof. Oak’s assistant. The three travel to the Johto region to deliver the mysterious GS Ball to Kurt, a Poké Ball expert. In this new region, however, new rivals appear, such as the rookie trainer, Casey. On their way, Ash, Misty, and Brock meet Falkner and Bugsy, the Gym Leaders of Violet City and Azalea Town, whom Ash manages to defeat.

    The story arc consists of 41 episodes, from “Don’t Touch That ‘dile” to “The Fortune Hunters“. This story arc title is given to all of the Johto episodes that were dubbed and aired during Season 3, which ran for 52 episodes beginning with the last 11 episodes of Pokémon: Adventures in the Orange Islands .

    Pokémon: Johto League Champions

    Main article:Pokémon: Johto League Champions
    Main article:Pokémon: Master Quest

    The story arc consists of 65 episodes, from “Around the Whirlpool” to “Hoenn Alone!“. This is the final story arc of the two original series of Generations I and II. In terms of seasons, all 53 episodes up to “You’re a Star, Larvitar!” are the entirety of Season 5 and the last 12 episodes are the first twelve episodes of Season 6.

    Pokmon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire

    Pokémon Original Series Anime Review

    These games are the enhanced versions of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.


    The player will enjoy exploring a region thats rich in Pokémon species and incredible people.

    Developer: Game Freak

    Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

    Release: November 21, 2014 , November 28, 2014

    Platforms: Nintendo 3DS


    These versions have a dramatic storyline that unfolds as the games progress with the Hoenn Region as the main setting.

    Why players should play this game

    Some great features of this game include:

    • The Pokémon-Amie feature allows players to interact more with their Pokémon.
    • There are Secret Bases that players can customize however they wish.

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