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Pokemon How To Get Hidden Abilities

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How To Obtain Pokmon With Hidden Abilities Through Breeding


Breeding can also result in Pokémon with Hidden Abilities, provided that the Pokémon being left at the Daycare together are either different species . Breeding two of the same Pokémon will always yield offspring with a Standard Ability, so it should be avoided when aiming for Pokémon with Hidden Abilities.

With this method, it is important to pay attention to who carries the Hidden Ability. If the female Pokémon has a Hidden Ability, the offspring will have a 60 percent chance of inheriting that Ability because it will be the same Pokémon species as its mother. However, there is no chance of a Pokémon inheriting a Hidden Ability from its father.

Breeding with Ditto is slightly less complicated because of its lack of gender and ability to breed with anything outside of the “No Eggs” group. Since Ditto does not produce any offspring of its own, male Pokémon can pass their own Hidden Ability via breeding. Any Pokémon hatched after breeding with Ditto has a 60 percent chance of inheriting a Hidden Ability from its non-Ditto parent.

Pokmon Ultra Moon And Sun Hidden Ability

The easiest way to get the Pokémon hidden ability is via SOS battling. This refers to a situation where Pokémon calls for help once they are fighting and losing a battle, and an additional Pokémon shows up.

To see if your Pokémon has a hidden ability, check out their species on Serebii and Bulbapedia to confirm their status. If your Pokémons ability corresponds with the hidden ability for its species, then it means your Pokémon has a hidden ability.

Bear in mind that the kids can only have hidden abilities during the breeding period if their mother has hidden abilities or if one of the parents is Ditto and the other has hidden abilities.

This means that youll have to look for hidden abilities through alternative means and replicate them through breeding.

In Gen 7, one of the best ways of finding new hidden abilities besides trading with people is through SOS chains. To make it easier for you, you need to search for the SOS chaining guides.

However, the basic idea is, if you knock out 10 Pokémon consecutively, the newer ones have a slim chance of getting their hidden abilities.

The more Pokémon you knock out, the higher the chance rises, therefore reaching the maximum of 15 percent. Furthermore, there are many ways of checking the abilities of a wild Pokémon.

For SOS chains, one of the best methods is to leverage a move that copies or changes the ability of the target. This will make the game briefly display the targets abilities.

Breeding Pokmon With Hidden Abilities

Once you’ve caught a Pokémon with a Hidden Ability, you can take it to the Pokémon Nursery and breed it. There’s a 50% chance of passing on a Pokémon’s Hidden Ability to its offspring. However, if you breed a Pokémon that has a Hidden Ability with a Ditto, you’ll always pass the Hidden Ability down. It definitely makes it even more appealing to catch and breed a Ditto.

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How To Get Hidden Abilities In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Hidden abilities, for anyone who is new or had no idea they even existed until now , are special alternate abilities that are generally harder to get than the default one common on most Pokemon.

They may be unique abilities that are special to that Pokemon, or they could be a regular ol ability that is common on another Pokemon, but is the hidden one for others. It varies greatly and each Pokemon is its own separate case.

Sword and Shield is very fresh still, so theres not a ton of information on how to farm them for all the pocket monsters in the game.

Currently, one known method that players are reporting for getting them in Sword and Shield is by farming raid battles.

Raid battles can be found in Dens that dot the Wild Lands of Sword and Shield. If you participate, succeed, and catch a raid battle Pokemon, there is a chance that it will have its hidden ability.

There may be other methods for how to get hidden abilities in Sword and Shield. If we encounter more as we play more over the next few days, we will update this post.

In the meantime, if you need more tips, tricks, and FAQs answered, be sure to check out our growing Sword and Shield Wiki Guide. Thats where we put all of our most commonly asked questions and answers to sate the curiosity of all aspiring trainers, young and old.

How Do You Get A Hidden Ability Passimian

How to get Hidden Abilities in Pokemon X and Y

During a limited time, Pokémon Bank members who sign up or register for the service will receive a Passimian and Oranguru for their Pokémon Ultra Sun, Pokémon Ultra Moon, Pokémon Sun, or Pokémon Moon games. Each of the two Pokémon will have a Hidden Ability that is not available to them through normal gameplay.

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How To Get The Ability Patch

Getting an Ability Patch for yourself isnt cheap and the process involves a lot of hard work. This isnt some attempt to rinse the wallets of hardcore competitive Pokemon players, but like most of the worthwhile battle items out there, they take a bit of a grind to obtain.

Youll gain access to the Ability Patch almost as soon as you load up the game provided you have access to the Crown Tundra. Unlike the Ability Capsule, you cant buy it with BP from the Battle Tower. Its sold by a vendor inside the Max Lair instead, requiring the new Dynite Ore currency to purchase.

As you might imagine, you get Dynite Ore from the Max Lair, with the amount you get depending on how well you perform in a run. You get three to four for participating, two for reaching the legendary Pokemon at the end, and another three for actually catching the thing. You can net a max total of eight to nine Dynite Ore per run judging from a quick run-through. A single Ability Patch costs 200 Dynite Ore and can only be used once, making for a lengthy grind each and every time you need to use one.

Breeding The Hidden Ability

The final method of getting a Hidden Ability is by breeding Pokemon at the Pokemon Daycare. Simply have one of the Parent Pokemon with the Hidden Ability. Since generation 6, female Pokemon with a Hidden Ability had a 60% chance of passing down their Hidden Ability to their offspring. Despite this, male Pokemon or unknown gender Pokemon still have a chance of transferring their Hidden Ability when bred with a female Pokemon or a Ditto.


  • Eggs can be hatched quickly to cut back on time.
  • Excluding certain Pokemon, this method can be done during Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl‘s main story as long as Ditto is not needed at the Daycare.


  • It is not 100% guaranteed that the offspring Pokemon will have the Hidden Ability.
  • For Starter Pokemon, players will need to have used the Ability Patch on the Parent Pokemon. Furthermore, unless receiving a Pokemon of the same species in a Trade, players will need to have a Ditto.
  • Ditto cannot pass on Hidden Abilities.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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How To Get Hidden Abilities In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Trainers can acquire creatures who have hidden abilities through the new Max Raid Battle activity. Characters featured in these Max Raid Battles have the chance of having an ability of this nature. Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed that any of the creatures you catch during the Max Raid Battles will have one. This lack of a guarantee means that you will have to grind away and pray to the RNg gods that one of the characters you snag in the Max Raid Battles has one.

Players can partake in the Max Raid Battles by heading to the Dens location in the Wild Area that emits a red beam of light. You will have had to complete the main story of the games before having access to the Max Raid Battles.

Would you like to learn more about Pokemon Sword and Shield besides how to get hidden abilities? If so, be sure to check out our dedicated hub for the popular games or three of our handy guides below:

Here’s How To Get Hidden Ability Galar Starters Using Pokmon Home

How To EASILY Get Hidden Abilities In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Following the release of the latest Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion information, The Pokémon Company announced that Scorbunny, Grookey and Sobble with their Hidden Abilities can be obtained in the Gen 8 games.

Hidden Abilities are rare and oftentimes powerful abilities that Pokémon can learn. In Sword and Shield, Hidden Abilities can be obtained by catching Pokémon in Max Raids, but the Galar Starters could not be caught with these rare abilities.

Grookey’s Hidden Ability is Grassy Surge, which creates Grassy Terrain when it enters the battle. This increases the attack power of Grass-type attacks and heals every Pokémon that is on the ground.

Scorbunny’s Hidden Ability is Libero, which is similar to Protean in that it changes the Pokémon’s typing based on the attack that’s being used. So if you use Double Kick with Scorbunny, it’ll turn into a Fighting-type before attacking.

Sobble’s Hidden Ability is Sniper, which increases the damage dealt from 150 percent to 225 percent when the Pokémon lands a Critical Hit.

Now, using Pokémon Home, trainers can get their own Hidden Ability Galar Starter into Sword and Shield using these steps.

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The Top 10 Hidden Abilities In Pokmon Ultra Sun And Moon

Do you remember when we were introduced to the hidden abilities in Gen V and how difficult it was to get one? Although things became way more accessible by the time we upgraded to Gen Vii, were grateful to Arceus for making it happen.

If you are looking for tips or suggestions on how to get hidden abilities in Pokémon gen 7, then youve made the right choice by choosing this article.

Heres a list of the best-hidden abilities in Pokémon

Collect Your Favorite Pokemons

If you love collecting Pokemon, Pokémon Omega Ruby will satisfy you with hundreds of different types. Catching Pokemon is quite simple. It would be best if you fought them, weaken them, and use Pokedex to win. Of course, Pokemon capture happens under all circumstances, whether it is a Pokemon in the wild or belonging to a trainer.

Also, Pokémon Omega Ruby features experience sharing. That means your whole party will gain experience even if theres only one Pokemon fighting.

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Your Options Are Limited

Catching Pokemon is what the whole series is about. But once youve added them to your Pokedex, what do you do then? Well, thats when most players dig into the nitty gritty of the games mechanics, which can get quite complex. Now its not about catching them all, but about catching the best of them all. Hidden Abilities are a huge part of this, with certain Pokemon having special powers that influence their strength in battle and their effectiveness overall. But how do you get them? Heres how to get Hidden Abilities in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Pokmon Sword And Shield Hidden Abilities Guide

How To Get HIDDEN ABILITY Starters In Pokemon Sword &  Shield?

Below we have detailed all the hidden abilities and how you can get them.

How to Get Hidden Abilities

The only way you can get hidden abilities is through the Max Raid Battles. This can be done by getting the Dynamax Band that you can get in the story playthrough of the game. There will come a point where you will be given the Dynamax Band that will allow you to participate in Max Raid Battles.

With the band, you need to go to Wild Area where you will find red beams of light that indicate the Max Raid Battles. Fighting against the Pokémon in these battles gives you a lot of rewards. Defeating a Pokémon also means that you capture it. If you are lucky enough, you might get a Pokémon that has a hidden ability that you can use.

All Hidden Abilities

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How To Get Hidden Abilities In Pokemon

Throughout the history of Pokemon, Hidden Abilities have been a wonderful way to improve a Pokemon’s capabilities in battle.

Hidden Abilities in Pokemon used to be based solely on the player’s luck. Pokemon in the wild will normally never have them. Introduced in Generation V, Hidden Abilities were very rare.

In the most recent Generation VIII with Sword and Shield, Hidden Abilities are much easier to come by. They still take a bit of work, but it is entirely worth it for the majority of Pokemon.

Play Raid To Get Hidden Ability

Pokemon you catch in Max Raid Battle sometimes have a hidden ability. For example, the picture above is a Toxapex with its hidden ability “Regenerator”. Normal wild Toxapex only have Merciless or Limber, so if you want Regenerator, you’ll need to catch it in a raid battle. The female parent with hidden ability can pass it down by breeding with any Pokemon in the same egg group.

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How To Transfer Pokemon From Home To Sword And Shield

Transferring Pokémon from the Home app to Sword and Shield is an easy process. Open the Pokémon Home app on your Nintendo Switch and select your Pokémon game to connect to.

  • The next screen will show your Pokémon Home Pokémon on the left screen with your Switch game boxes on the right. Manually select Pokémon and transfer them from left to right or vice versa.
  • Note: Pokémon that are not included in your game will have a sign signifying that they cant be transferred yet.
  • Once finished, select the plus sign to quit and save changes and exit.
  • Pokémon Swordand Shield are both available now for Nintendo Switch.

    What do you think of the Galar Starters Hidden Abilities? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section.

    Planning To Pick Up Hidden Abilities In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

    How To Get Hidden Ability Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

    Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have been taking the world by storm with the fusion of faithful remakes of the 2006 Pokémon instalments and exciting new features all held within. Players have been rushing to get hold of all the Pokemon up for grabs and also seeking to obtain every ability on offer. There are also hidden abilities to pick up and this guide article will take you through the process of how to get hidden abilities in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield: Get Free Galar Starters With Hidden Abilities Via Pokemon Home

    Sword and Shield can claim a free Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble with their Hidden Abilities through the Pokemon Home cloud service.

    A few more free Pokemon are up for grabs for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Players who transfer a monster from either title to Pokemon Home will be able to claim the three Galar starters: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. What makes these particular Pokemon special is that they each have their Hidden Abilities, which up until now have not been available in Sword and Shield.

    Grookeys Hidden Ability is Grassy Surge, which sets up Grassy Terrain as soon as the Pokemon enters the field. Scorbunnys is Libero this changes the Pokemons type to match whatever move it is using. Finally, Sobbles Hidden Ability is Sniper, which increases the amount of damage critical hits inflict.

    To claim these starters, youll first need to transfer a Pokemon from Sword or Shield to Pokemon Home on Nintendo Switch. Once youve done that, log into the mobile version of Pokemon Home and do the following:

    • Select the Menu button at the bottom of the screen
    • Select Mystery Gift

    You dont need to have a Pokemon Home subscription in order to take advantage of this offer, but some of the services featuressuch as the ability to trade Pokemon or view their base statsare locked behind a premium plan, which costs $3 USD for one month, $5 USD for three months, and $16 USD for one year. You can learn more in our breakdown of Pokemon Home free and premium plan features.

    How To Get Hidden Abilities In Pokmon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

    You can switch things up on any Pokémon in these remakes.

    Hidden Abilities are passive buffs only some Pokémon can have.

    These can be quite powerful, but you wont be able to simply find them by catching any random Pokémon. There are only a few different ways to get Pokémon with Hidden Abilities.

    If youve got a Pokémon that youd like to learn a secret ability, there is a way that you can do so. There are also ways that you can increase your chances of catching Pokémon with Hidden Abilities.

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    Pokmon Bdsp: How To Get Pokmon With Hidden Abilities

    Players can get Pokémon with Hidden Abilities in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, a feature that wasn’t originally included in the original games.

    Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are near-faithful remakes of the original Diamond and Pearl, with a few quality of life upgrades like the capability of getting Pokémon with Hidden Abilities. Pokémon abilities were a trait initially added in the third generation of games alongside the release of Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire. Abilities are inherent traits of Pokémon that mostly impact battle, although some abilities work outside of battles as well. Abilities made a return in the original Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl. Still, it wasn’t until the release of Pokémon Black and Pokémon White that players were able to get Pokémon with Hidden Abilities.

    Hidden Abilities function just like other abilities of Pokémon, but they are abilities that are rarely seen on a given Pokémon. For example, the Flame Body ability in Pokémon BDSP is the common ability of Magby, Magmar, and Magmortar, but it’s the Hidden Ability of Ponyta and Rapidash. Except for a few Pokémon with cocoon designs such as Vibrava and Flygon, almost every Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has a Hidden Ability. Thanks to the quality of life improvements included in the remakes, players can easily get a Pokémon with Hidden Abilities.

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