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What Pokemon Can Learn Rock Smash

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What Are Hm Slaves In Pokmon

Pokemon Ruby How To Get HM06 Rock Smash

The Pokémon fandom developed the term “HM slave” for creatures you don’t really intend to train, but who occupy a slot in your roster for their field-navigating HM techniques. By carrying around an HM slave, you don’t have to allocate any of your actual team’s limited moves towards often-lackluster HM attacks.

Thankfully, Nintendo has eased up over the years, first boosting the power of several HM moves, then eliminating their need in future generations, but veterans still remember companions used as simple tools to push boulders and cross lakes. So, which poor saps did we most abuse? These are the ten best HM slaves in Pokémon! Note we’re listing their evolved forms, but you’ll often obtain them in their pre-evolution states.


Pokemon Who Can Learn Rock Smash

Doubles Tier List for December Season!

This is an article for the move Rock Smash and the Pokemon who can learn it and its location in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra DLC. Read on to see the Power, Accuracy, PP, and Effect, and see how to use it competitively.

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The user attacks with a punch. This may also lower the target’s Defense stat.
Max Move

Hm Mules In Pokmon Firered & Leafgreen

The player returned to Kanto in Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen, but the Krabby line was taking a vacation in this generation. The best HM mules are Nidoking and Nidoqueen, which can evolve from their respective previous Pokémon by using a Moon Stone. Nidoking and Nidoqueen have access to more HM moves in Gen III, as they can use Cut, Rock Smash, Strength, and Surf.

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Is Rock Smash Worth It In Bdsp

Yes, at least early on. Rock Smash has low attack power, but it lowers your targets defense as well. Its a handy move for whittling down tough foes, and its a good way to add some Fighting type moves to your roster at a time when your only other choice is Machop. Stick it on Geodude or even your own Bidoof to give them something more interesting to do in battle.

Thats it for our Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Rock Smash guide. Now you know how to get the Hidden Move and use it. For more, make sure to check out our other Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl guides for more tips and tricks.

How To Get Hm Rock Smash


HM Rock Smash is the first obtainable hidden machine in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, it can be found in Oreburgh Gate, a cave in the middle of Jubilife City and Oreburgh City. After registering the HM onto their Poketch and defeating the Rock Type Gym Leader, players can use the HM to smash rocks that are blocking their path.

After having obtained the Poketch in Jubilife city, the player will be allowed to move on to the next step of their pokemon journey, heading over to Oreburgh city to challenge their first gym leader, Roark, a rock specialist. Players will find Oreburgh city to the east of Jubilife city, which means theyll have to start by heading right over onto route 203. After walking through some wild grass and defeating a few trainers on their way, the player will find themselves at a cave.

That cave is Oreburgh gate. Enter and there will be a miner standing right by the entrance, talk to him and he will give the TM for Rock Smash, whilst also registering the HM version on the players Poketech. He also points out that the player must defeat Roark before they could use the HM. Keep heading right out of the cave and the player will be at Oreburgh City.

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Use Poketch And Switch To The Hidden Moves Screen

You can also use Rock Smash as a hidden move from the Poketch app. If the Poketch app does not appear in the upper right corner of the screen, press the R button twice. If a small screen is displayed, press the R button once to enlarge it.

Once the Poketch app is displayed, press the red button to switch to the Hidden Moves screen and select Rock Smash from the menu.

It is recommended to simply press the A button towards the cracked rock as it is faster to do so.

Pokmon Heartgold & Soulsilver

The age of Krabby/Kingler is well and truly over, as the return to the Johto region sees Nidoking/Nidoqueen return as the best HM mules. Their base forms can be caught in Route 35 and 36, while the Moon Stone can be found in the Ruins of Alph or held by wild Clefairy. Nidoking and Nidoqueen can learn Cut, Rock Climb, Strength, and Surf. The Red Gyarados returns as the perfect HM mule for the Water-type HMs that are needed later on in the game.

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Pokemon That Can Learn Rock Smash

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Step By Step Guide On How To Breed
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What To Do After Beating The Game
Ranked Battle Tier List

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Hm Mules In Pokmon Ruby & Sapphire

Pokemon Light Platinum: Part 30- ROCK SMASH!

The HM line-up was changed in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, as Rock Smash was promoted to HM, while Whirpool was replaced with Dive. The game hands the player an incredible HM mule near the start of the story, as there are Zigzagoon to catch in most early routes throughout the Hoenn region. Zigzagzoon evolves into Linoone, which can learn Cut, Rock Smash, Strength, and Surf. For the Water-type HMs, the player can catch a Goldeen on Route 102 with an Old Rod and evolve it into a Seaking, which can use Surf, Waterfall, and Dive.

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Learning How To Use Hm’s Is A Bit Different This Time Round

You unlock Rock Smash very early but cant use it at first. This guide on How To Use Rock Smash In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl will explain how the new HM mechanics work so you can bust your way through rocks and remove them from your path.

You learn Rock Smash in one of the very early caves in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl, by speaking with a Hiker near the entrance, cant miss it. He gives you both a TM for Rock Smash and the Hidden Moves app. The Hidden Move app allows you to learn all of the HMs as you progress through the game. Unlike the earlier versions of the Pokemon games, these do not need to be taught to Pokemon in your party. When you use a Hidden Move it will summon a wild Pokemon to do the action for you. This means you dont have to carry HM mules arounds and can just focus on the party and abilities you want them to have.

Where To Get Rock Smash In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

Rock Smash is obtained pretty early on in the game, and there is little to no way that you are going to miss it.

Before Oreburgh City, when you enter Oreburgh Gate, you should see a Hiker right at the beginning of the passageway. Speak to him and he will give you both, the TM for Rock Smash as well as the Hidden Moves app for your Poketch.

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Pokmon Sun Moon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

In Pokémon Sun, Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, breakable rocks can appear both on land and in the water. On land, these rocks can be broken by the Poké Ride Tauros Charge in the water, they can be broken by the Poké Ride Sharpedo Jet.

When these rocks are broken, occasionally a sparkling item will be left the aftermath, making a noise while the player is near it until they pick it up.


Pokmon Regions And Field Moves

2 Easy Ways to Get the Rock Smash TM in Pokémon Gold and ...

The availability of Pokémon, and the need for HMs, changes from region to region, so be sure to adapt to your surroundings as needed. Remember, several non-HM moves can be used in the field, like Teleport and Dig, and Pokémon abilities can impact things outside battle ranging from egg-hatching to wild encounter rates.

Game Freak finally realized that trainers don’t enjoy “wasting” slots on HM slaves, so the days of neglecting team members may be past us. And I have to admit, their removal almost, almost makes me sad, though it’s definitely worth the convenience. But for now, as we eagerly await Nintendo’s next batch of forgotten creatures, vote for your favorite outcast and I’ll see you at our next Pokémon countdown!

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Hm Mules In Pokmon Gold & Silver

Pokémon Gold & Silver introduced more HMs, some of which were only used a handful of times. Krabby/Kingler are the best HM mules for use throughout the game, as this time, Krabby can be caught with the Old Rod in locations like Route 40. Like in Pokémon Red & Blue, Krabby can learn Cut, Strength, and Surf. It can also learn Rock Smash, which is still a TM in this generation, but it’s very useful.

The player will eventually need to use a Pokémon that has Surf, Waterfall, and Whirlpool. There are lots of options available for this, but the game hands the player one, in the form of the Red Gyarados, assuming the player isn’t keeping them as a regular team member.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Rock Smash Location

Youll get Rock Smash as soon as you enter Oreburgh Gate, the short cave system connecting Jubilife City to Oreburgh. The Hiker at the western entrance gives you three Rock Smash TMs . You can go ahead and teach your Pokemon the HM now, assuming they can learn it , but you wont be able to use the Hidden Move Rock Smash until after you defeat Roark, Oreburghs Gym Leader.

But don’t worry: there aren’t a bunch of hoops to jump through.

This is where the difference in the Pokemon remakes is. After defeating Roark, you dont have to teach your Pokemon Rock Smash to use it. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl let you use the Pokemon Watch to summon a lone Bidoof who knows every HM.

Once you have permission to use the Hidden Move after defeating Roark, you can just walk up to a breakable rock, press “A,” and choose to use the HM. That’s all there is to it. Pretty easy!

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Pokmon Diamond & Pearl

The HM lineup was changed once more in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, as Defog was added , while Rock Climb was added as HM 08. The Sinnoh region pulls a similar trick to the Hoenn region, as Pokémon Diamond & Pearl provide the player with a great HM mule at the start of the game. The player can catch a Bidoof on nearly every route at the start of the game. Bidoof evolves into Bibarel, which can use Cut, Rock Climb, Rock Smash, and Surf. For the Water-type HMs, a Buizel can be caught on Route 5. This can evolve into Floatzel at level 26, and it can learn Surf, Rock Smash, Strength, Waterfall.

Pokmon: Best Hm Mules In Each Generation

TM79 Dark Pulse HM06 Rock Smash Pokemon Heart Gold

The first six generations of Pokémon games required different Pokémon to carry HM moves in order to progress, and some could use more than others.

There was a time when HMs were the bane of Pokémon fans around the globe, but there were certain Pokémon that acted as HM mules, to save the player time. Pokémon can learn moves by leveling up, but there are some moves that require the aid of higher education.

It’s possible to teach Pokémon new moves with the aid of Hidden Machines and Technical Machines. The main difference between the two is that HM moves were used to progress in the game world, while TM moves were mostly reserved for battle. The problem with Hidden Machine moves is that they took up precious slots that could be used for powerful attacks or useful buffs.

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One way in which players used to mitigate the messing around with HM moves was finding a Pokémon that could learn many of them at once, and only use them when traveling the overworld. HM move functionality was finally phased out in Pokémon Sun & Moon, but there were still six generations of games where players used a HM mule to carry moves like Cut, Strength, and Surf, so that more important party members didn’t need to.

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Top 5 Hm Slaves In Pokemon

In the earlier Pokemon games, players had to use an HM to perform certain tasks that also doubled as moves.

An HM, or Hidden Machine, is similar to a TM in Pokemon. It teaches a move for use in battle, but also for use in certain situations the game requires players to complete.

These HM moves have a specific type, just like every other move in Pokemon. There are a handful of Pokemon who can learn just about every HM available. These creatures are known as HM slaves.

Chance Of Finding A Pokemon

Someone showed me this Smogon article , which claims the chance of finding a Pokemon is about 10%. I think this information is both helpful and accurate and should be transcribed to the Bulbapedia article. Can I? sumwun 17:25, 26 March 2018

It’s not true for Generation II, and it’s an approximation in Generation III. Please also see the talk page of this article . Nescientist 17:18, 27 March 2018

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How To Break Rocks In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

Once players make their way to the Oreburgh Gate cave, they will see a hiker as soon as they walk in from Route 203. If players have obtained the Poketch item from Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s Jubilife City , the Hiker will give players TM98, which is a Technical Machine for the move “Rock Smash.” He will also add a new application to the Poketch that lets players use Hidden Moves, like Rock Smash.

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However, before players can use Rock Smash from the Poketch app, they will need to defeat the first gym leader of the Sinnoh region, Roark of Oreburgh City. Using Rock Smash from the Hidden Moves app lets players use the help of a wild Pokemon to perform the move, otherwise, players will need to go into the menu and teach one of their Pokemon the TM for Rock Smash, but a TM can only be used once, so players should use it on the right Pokemon.

Once players have Rock Smash in their possession, whether via the Poketch or one of their own Pokemon, all they need to do is approach the rock and press A to break it and a neat animation of a large first will appear.

This is just the first of the many Hidden Moves that Pokemon trainers will gather on their journey through the Sinnoh region. Moves like Surf and Fly will become available to players eventually, offering them more ways to get around.

What Pokemon Make Good Hm Slaves

2 Easy Ways to Get the Rock Smash TM in Pokémon Gold and ...

If possible list one that learns Cut, Fly, Surf, and Rock Smash

Generally the weak normal type that’s very common in each game can learn a variety of HM moves. Most of them can learn Cut, Rock Smash, Strength, and Surf. Bibarel can learn all of those, Waterfall and likely Dive. For the most part, any non-Bug Flying Pokemon can learn Fly and some with Levitate such as Flygon and . Golurk deserves special mention in this department as he can learn Fly, Strength, and Rock Smash despite being basically a living statue.

Smeargle is the only one off the top of my head who can learn them all, but that requires some effort, too much effort to devote a Smeargle to HM Slavery.

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Pokmon Mystery Dungeon Series

In Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Rock Smash is a non-damaging move with 99 PP that never misses. It turns a wall tile in front of the user into a floor tile, even if there’s a Pokémon inside it. It is incapable of destroying walls used for locked chambers as well as those at the edge of a floor, nor can it be used diagonally.

In Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky, Rock Smash is now affected by Taunt.

In Gates to Infinity onwards, it’s now a damaging move that might lower target’s Defense.

Has a chance of lowering the target’s Defense by one stat rank.

Past Description

  • Prior to Version 2.10.0 : Has a good chance of lowering the target’s Defense.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Rock Smash is Charizard‘s Side Special move. Unlike in the Pokémon games, Charizard will create a boulder and crush it with its head, producing multiple fragments of debris that fly off for extra damage. Rock Smash has high damage and knockback and can potentially KO a foe at low damage.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, Rock Smash has been made Charizard’s Down Special move, with Flare Blitz taking its former position. It was weakened greatly, but now also grants armor to protect Charizard from incoming attacks.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Rock Smash was removed from Charizard’s moveset in favor of Pokémon Change, as Charizard has been reincorporated back into the Pokémon Trainer character.

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