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How Do You Transfer Pokemon In Pokemon Go

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How Much Does It Cost To Transfer Pokmon

Pokemon Go – How To Transfer Pokemon To Pokemon Home

This is how much Transporter energy it costs to transfer a Pokémon:

Standard Pokémon

CP 2001+ +700

If a Pokémon would cost more than the maximum 10,000 energy to transfer for instance, a shiny CP 2400 mythical Pokémon it counts as using all of your energy but may still be transferred.

Energy takes time to recharge , or you can immediately charge it with PokéCoins. This costs a Coin per ten energy and your maximum energy is 10,000. So it will cost 1,000 PokéCoins to fully recharge your Transporter.

A huge thanks to Serebii for testing the energy information in the tables so quickly and accurately.

Will My Pokmon Be Exactly The Same

No, a Pokémon’s stats will be affected in the transition. This is due to the fact that Pokémon GO features only three stats in attack, defence, and stamina, but Let’s Go splits these into six. During the transfer, a Pokémon’s stats will adapt to the new system accordingly. It should perform comparably to its Pokémon GO version, despite the slight difference in stats.

Step : Transferring A Pokmon From Phone To Switch

Now that the accounts are connected , you can transfer Pokémon over. Reminder: Any Pokémon you transfer over to the Switch cannot be transferred back to your phone.

On your phone, tap the Poké Ball, then the Pokémon menu item at the bottom left. You should now see a Nintendo Switch icon at the top-right of this screen.

Tap the Pokémon youre transferring over, tap Yes on the confirmation screen, and then tap OK to finish up. The game will start to search for your Nintendo Switch console.

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If I Lose Connection While Transferring Pokmon Will I Lose Them

That is a possibility, yes. Your best bet is to only transfer Pokémon when you’re in an environment with a secure and stable network connection.

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How To Transfer Pokemon From Pokemon Go

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One of the core features of Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu is the ability to transfer your Pokemon from Pokemon Go to your Switch game. When you transfer a Pokemon owned in Pokemon Go to Pokemon Let’s Go, it will be able to be caught once again in Go Park within the game.

Any Generation 1 Pokemon or Alolan Form Pokemon from Pokemon Go can now be sent over to the Nintendo Switch, including shiny variants! Sorry, no hats, though. To do so, you need to have progressed at least to Fucshia City in Let’s Go.


The process is easy, but a little confusing at first. Here are the steps you need to take.

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Set Up Pokmon Home On Your Phone

Download Pokémon Home on your phone, launch it, and log in with your Nintendo account. Pokémon Home is available on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. Pokémon Home has a subscription system. It costs $2.99 a month, $4.99 for three months, and $15.99 for 12 months. The subscription allows you to store more Pokémon. Without it, youll only be able to hold 30 at a time. With a subscription, you can hold up to 6,000 Pokémon.

You dont need the subscription to transfer Pokémon, but you will if you plan on holding more than 30 Pokémon in Pokémon Home.

How To Transfer Pokmon And Get Extra Candy In Pokmon Go

Update: Pokémon Go now gives you the ability to transfer multiple Pokémon at the same time! It makes it much easier to clean out your storage but you might want to wait a bit before using it… You know, in case there’s a double Candy event over Christmas the way their was over Halloween.

When you catch a Pokémon in Pokémon Go, you get the creature added to your arsenal, of course but you also receive Stardust and a few pieces of creature-specific Candy to help Evolve or Power Up that Pokémon later down the road.

But catching creatures isn’t the only way to get candy: You can transfer extraneous Pokémon to Professor Willow to clear up your Pokémon storage and get a bonus piece of creature Candy, to boot. If you’ve got dozens of the same Pokémon , you can use this trick to get even more candy for some evolutionary excellence .

As such, when you end up with two dozen Rattata, you can clear those critters out of your Pokémon storage with the Transfer command, then use them to evolve your highest Rattata to Raticate, power up your Raticate, or merely grind XP with a Lucky Egg.

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Transferring Pokmon From Go To Home

Once your accounts are linked, you can transfer Pokémon using the Go Transporter. To do this, go to your settings, select Pokémon Home, and hit Send Pokémon.

From here, you can select any of the Pokémon you want to move. Keep in mind that you cannot transfer hat- or costume-wearing Pokémon, as well as Shadow or Mega Evolved Pokémon.

You can only transfer a limited number of Pokemon, as the Go Transporter only has a certain amount of energy. The energy recharges over time, but you can also opt to spend 1,000 Pokécoins to fill it back up instantly. It takes a little bit less than one week to refill the Go Transporter when its completely empty.

Transferring a Shiny Pokémon or Mythical Pokémon costs about 1/4 of the bar, and transferring a Shiny Legendary Pokémon depletes the entire bar. Transferring a regular Legendary Pokémon costs less than 1/6 of the bar.

You can only transfer Legendary Pokémon to Sword and Shield if youve already obtained them in that game, so dont get your hopes up if youre just trying to quickly complete your Pokédex.

If the Pokémon has a higher combat power, it will also cost a bit more.

How To Send Pokemon Go To Lets Go

How to Transfer Pokémon from Pokémon GO to Pokémon HOME

Once you have completed the first two steps of connecting each device you can now send Pokemon GO Pokemon to your Lets Go Game.

  • Tap the Pokéball Icon in POGO
  • Tap Pokémon
  • Tap the Nintendo Switch icon in the upper right corner
  • Select your Pokémon to send
  • After you select your Pokémon to send, the game will ask Do you want to send these Pokémon?
  • You should receive a message that the Pokémon has been sent if it worked correctly
  • How To Get Pokemon GO Pokemon You Sent Into Lets Go

    Now for the final and best part, how to get the pokemon in lets go that you sent from Pokemon GO.

  • In Pokémon GO Park, speak to the receptionist and select Bring Pokémon
  • Select an area you want to send the Pokémon
  • Select Pick Up
  • The game will ask if you wish to receive a Pokémon, select Yes
  • The game will give you a screen saying the Pokémon has been received if it worked correctly.
  • Pokemon GO to Pokemon Lets GO

    You can send Pokémon from the Kanto Pokedex that you caught in Pokémon GO, they will appear in Lets Go within the area known as the GO Park. When players visit this area they can interact with the Pokémon and then capture them.

    Interactions with Pokemon GO

    • Pokemon GO Transfer to Pokemon Lets Go of ONLY Kanto Pokemon

    Players will also have access to other activities in the GO Park.

    • Play Minigames to earn extra Candies
    • Power up pokemon by battling
    • Transfer extra pokemon for more Candies
    • Challenge Legendary Pokemon, defeating them will give you chance to capture them.

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    Pokmon Go To Pokmon Home Transfer

    In 2020, Pokémon HOME was released as a storage platform for Pokémon in the main series Pokémon games. Having first connected to the main games with Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Let’s Go, Eevee!, Pokémon GO connectivity to Pokémon HOME was released towards the end of 2020.

    This transfer is only one way from Pokémon GO to Pokémon HOME so make sure that you select Pokémon you definitely want to transfer.

    Certain Pokémon and Pokémon Costumes/Forms cannot be transferred. Mega Evolved Pokémon and Shadow Pokémon cannot be transferred.

    After you have sent a Pokémon to HOME, they will need to be accepted into Pokémon HOME in the Pokémon HOME app where they will then be placed in the first available position in your boxes.

    Once transferred, the Pokémon’s stats in the main series are calculated as they were in Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Let’s Go, Eevee! transfer.

    Connect Pokmon Go To Pokmon Home

    Before starting to transfer Pokémon, youll need to connect your Pokémon Go account to the same Nintendo account that is linked to Pokémon Home. Turn on Pokémon Go and tap the Poké Ball icon on the bottom of the screen. Then go into the Settings option in the top right corner. Scroll until you see Pokémon Home, which will prompt you to sign in with your Nintendo account.

    Niantic has changed the system a little bit since Pokémon Homes initial release. Originally, only players at level 40 could transfer Pokémon from Go to Home. But now, all players can use this system regardless of their level.

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    How To Mass Transfer Legendary And Mythical Pokemon In Pokemon Go

    The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 11 in iOS 14.3. I am using the 0.201.0-A-64 version of the Pokemon Go app. Earlier versions did not have this option.

    Note that transferring a Pokemon is a permanent action and cannot be undone. Be sure that you are certain you want to transfer these legendary Pokemon before completing these actions.

    Select Pokemon To Transfer To Pokemon Home

    How to use a Lucky Egg to power level your trainer in ...

    After you’ve linked Pokemon Go to your Pokemon Home account, you’ll be able transfer most monsters from the game to the storage service . To start the transfer process, go to the Pokemon Home section in Settings and tap Send Pokemon. This will open the Go Transporter. Tap on the Pokemon you’d like to send over to Pokemon Home and select Transport to move them.

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    Receiving Pokmon In Pokmon Home

    If youre using the Pokémon Home mobile app, simply open it and you should see a notification that Pokémon have transferred from Pokémon Go. Select Yes to receive the Pokémon and youll see them in your box.

    If youre using Pokémon Home on the Nintendo Switch, you have to click the Pokémon Go button in the bottom right of your screen upon entering the app. Follow the instructions to complete the transfer.

    Dont miss out on all the latest Pokémon Go news

    Your Pokémon will know the moves it would ordinarily know at its level in Generation 8 the moves it has in Pokémon Go are irrelevant. However, your IVs will roughly match those of your Pokémon. Defense and Special Defense are taken from your Stamina statistic in Pokémon Go, Attack and Special Attack from your original Attack stat, and HP will roughly match HP. Speed is not a statistic in Pokémon Go, therefore this is entirely randomised.

    Your Pokémon will also get a nature and ability, as these do not exist in Pokémon Go either.

    Connect Pokemon Go To Your Nintendo Account

    Before you can transfer a Pokemon, you’ll first need to connect Pokemon Go to the same Nintendo Account you have linked to Pokemon Home. After you’ve fired up the game, tap on the Poke Ball icon at the bottom of the screen and then select the Settings option in the top right-hand corner. Scroll down and tap Pokemon Home you’ll then be prompted to sign in with your Nintendo Account.

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    Although the ability to transfer Pokemon from Go to Home was initially only available to level 40 players, Niantic has since rolled it out to all users, so everyone can take advantage of the feature now regardless of their player level.

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    Getting Pokmon From Pokmon Go To Pokmon Home

    To get your Pokémon from Pokémon GO into Home, you need to have both of the apps downloaded on your mobile device. You will also need an active Nintendo Account that you can link to both apps. Once you set your Pokémon Home app up on mobile, you can begin the transfer process. Heres how:

  • Open Pokémon GO and navigate to the settings
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom until you find the Pokémon Home option
  • Link your Nintendo Account to Pokémon GO
  • Keep in mind that you can only transfer a certain number of Pokémon at once. The GO Transporter uses energy for transfers, and once its out of energy, you wont be able to transfer anything. The amount of energy it uses depends on the Pokémon you are transferring.

    To recharge the GO Transporter, you can wait , or you can use Pokécoins to instantly charge it. You can get the coins by defending gyms or purchasing them with real currency.

    Once the Pokémon are in Pokémon Home, you can access them on the Nintendo Switch and transfer them to Pokémon Sword and Shield .

    Keep in mind that for every Pokémon from Kanto, you can also get them onto the Nintendo Switch without using any transporter energy by importing them to Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu or Lets Go Eevee and then moving them from there to Pokémon Home.

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    How To Send Pokmon From Go To Lets Go

    How to Transfer Pokémon – Complete Guide to Transferring in Pokémon GO
  • Tap the Pokéball Icon
  • Tap the Nintendo Switch icon in the upper right corner
  • Select your Pokémon to send
  • After you select your Pokémon to send, you will be prompted with a message asking Do you want to send these Pokémon?, select Yes
  • You will be asked if you are sure. If you are certain, select OK
  • You will get a message stating the Pokémon has been sent! And you will receive 1 Candy per Pokémon sent.
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    Pokmon Go Is Now Compatible With Pokmon Home

    You can finally transfer Pokémon from Go to HOME.

    As promised, Niantic and Game Freak have pushed the connectivity between Pokémon Go and Pokémon HOME live, meaning you can now transfer Pokémon from Go to the HOME storage service.

    As expected, getting ready to transfer Pokémon is simple and the reported energy requirement for using this new HOME Transporter has also been implemented into the Go.

    You will need to link your Go game to your Nintendo Account to gain access to HOME, which you can do in your Settings in the Go app. From there, each transfer will start in Go, but be finished in HOME using the same account.

    No Pokémon transferred from Go to HOME can be sent back to the mobile game, so make sure you are only sending Pokémon you want to transfer over.

    Pokémon you have defending gyms, non-purified Shadow Pokémon, and Mega Pokémon cant be transferred. If you have a Pokémon that has a special costume or otherwise unique appearance, it appears they can be transferred, but they will lose their costume or unique appearance once sent over to HOME.

    Every transfer will use up Transporter Energy, which can be recovered over time. You will start with 10,000 Transporter Energy and it will recover at a rate of 60 energy per hour.

    You can transfer multiple Pokémon at once, not just one despite the energy cost. There is also an option to completely recharge the Transporter Energy using PokéCoins, with a full 10,000 energy refill costing 1,000 PokéCoins.

    How To Actually Transfer Pokmon From Pokmon Go To Pokmon Home

    Once youve linked your Nintendo account, you can head back into Settings at any time to access the Pokémon Home transfer system. In the Pokémon Home tab, click Send Pokémon to begin.

    Before we go any further, Im going to remind you that any Pokémon you transport to Pokémon Home cannot come back! This is a one-way ticket, so dont transfer anything that you might regret.

    Youll now see a screen with the Pokémon Home transporter on it, and a full energy bar . Click continue to be taken to your familiar Pokémon screen. However, there are a few Pokémon that you cant transfer:

    • Spinda
    • Shadow Pokémon
    • Mega-Evolved Pokémon

    Lucky and Purified Pokémon will lose their bonuses when transferred, and the following Pokémon will change forms:

    • Origin Forme Giratina will become Altered Forme Giratina
    • Sunshine Form Cherrim will become Overcast Form Cherrim
    • Sunny Form, Rainy Form, and Snowy Form Castform will become Castform in its usual form

    Otherwise, select the Pokémon you want to transfer up to a maximum of 27 at once, or until you run out of energy and click next. Youll see how much Go Transporter Energy this transfer will cost and be reminded of the Pokémon you selected. Click transport to complete the transfer.

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    How To Move Pokmon From Black And White And Virtual Console Games Using Pokmon Transporter

    There are a handful of non-3DS Pokémon games playable on the 3DS that can be transferred to Pokémon Bank, and in turn, Pokémon Home. These are:

    • Pokémon Black and White
    • Pokémon Black and White 2
    • Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow
    • Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal

    To do this, you’ll need to use the Poké Transporter app. This comes bundled free with your subscription to Pokémon Bank, and like Bank is accessed via your 3DS home screen like you would a standard game. You can find it within the 3DS eShop – or via a shortcut from Pokémon Bank’s main menu.

    Once you have Poké Transporter downloaded, you must:

  • Open up your copy of the game you want to transfer them from, and fill the first box in your in-game PC with only the Pokémon you want to transfer.
  • Open the Poké Transporter app, and use it to transfer all of the Pokémon in the first box over to the Pokémon Bank’s transfer box.
  • Head to the Pokémon Bank app now, and transfer those Pokémon in the transfer box to the other Pokémon Bank boxes of your choice.
  • Make sure that transfer box is empty before you repeat the process, to avoid any unwanted complications!
  • Use the Pokémon Bank to transfer these Pokémon into Pokémon Home
  • So what if you wanted to go back even further?

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