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How To Get To Isle Of Armor Pokemon Sword

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How To Get Bike Upgrades In Pokmon Sword And Shield: Isle Of Armor

How to get to the Isle of Armor – Pokemon Sword and Shield

If you’ve already made the journey to the Isle of Armor in Pokémon Sword and Shield, you’ve probably seen other players on their bikes sparkling like Shiny Pokémon. Fortunately, getting your own bike upgraded is super easy. We here at iMore have a quick step-by-step guide to upgrading your bike and changing your biking outfit on the Isle of Armor.

Hunting Down Alolan Digletts

When you arrive on the island, youll meet a new non-player character who wants you to find all of the Alolan Digletts hidden on the island. There are 150 scattered throughout the new location. You can find them by looking for their little hairs sticking out of the ground.

This isnt just a busy collectathon youll unlock Alolan Pokémon like Raichu and Marowak as you collect more. Youll even get one of the starters from Pokémon Sun and Moon for finding 100, so make sure to keep an eye out for Digletts as you explore.

Getting To The Isle Of Armor

After the Armor Pass, you can head to Wedgehurst Station. Upon reaching the station, follow these instructions:

  • Talk to a man wearing a vest in the station.
  • The man will comment on your Armor Pass, saying you can use it to head to the Isle of Armor.
  • Youll get into a Corviknight Flying Taxi.
  • After a short wait, youll arrive at the Isle of Armor, where a new series of events will trigger.
  • If you havent updated the game after purchasing the Expansion Pass, the man in a vest wont mention the Armor Pass at all.

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    What Level Can You Do The Isle Of Armor

    One final note – on when you can safely undertake the Isle of Armor DLC. The answer is simple: any level you like. You can first access Wedgehurst station from the moment you first set foot into the Wild Area – so that’s within the first hour or two of the game when your Pokemon are barely over Level 10. All you have to do is backtrack to Wedgehurst and speak to the train station NPC to use your Isle of Armor DLC ticket.

    If you do this, battles in the Isle of Armor will scale to be appropriate to your Pokemon levels – though there’ll still be powerful wild Pokemon roaming about, so be careful!

    Isle Of Armor Exclusive Pokemon

    Pokemon Sword &  Shield  Secrets of The Isle of Armor ...

    New Pokemon as well as 100+ returning Pokemon will be catchable exclusively in The Isle of Armor expansion.

    Most notably, the Isle of Armor introduces a new Legendary Pokemon called Kubfu, which evolves into Urshifu. See the List of Pokemon in The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra Expansions for a full list of Pokemon we know of so far.

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    What Do I Need To Do To Travel To The Isle Of Armor

    Once you’ve purchased your DLC Expansion Pass and your game has finished updating, you’re probably ready to head off to the Isle of Armor. Probably. See, if you’ve already beat the game, you’ll have no problem getting there. If you haven’t beat the game yet, you might still be able to travel to the Isle of Armor as long as you’ve made enough progress. You’ll need to be able to travel to Wedgehurst Station, and you’ll need to have access to the Wild Area. Once you’ve met these conditions, you’ll be allowed to make the trip to the new DLC area.

    However, as soon as you do get to the Isle of Armor, you’ll be challenged by one of your new rivals: Avery if you’re playing Pokémon Shield or Klara if you’re playing Pokémon Sword. They only bring two Pokémon to battle, but their Pokémon are pretty strong! If you can’t beat level ~60 Pokémon, you should make a little more progress in the game before traveling to the Isle of Armor.

    Help I’m Unable To Get Back To Isle Of Armor After Flying Back To Galar

  • I’m in the middle of the second trial. Basically, I flew back to Galar prior to handing in to sort out my PC. The game is now prompting me to head back to the Master Dojo. I can’t fly or train back to Armor station or the Isle at all. I can see it on the map without any issues. At Wedgehurst Station, the train conductor says there is a problem with the pass, and need to check it again. The expansion pass prompt in the main menu is also still there, even after purchasing the expansion. Please help, I’ve tried everything – checking all others stations, flying taxi etc. Is it a bug?keikuu – 1 year ago
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    The Isle Of Armor Expansion

    Part one of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, The Isle of Armor is both an additional Wild Area-like location with Pokemon Dens, as well as an over-encompassing content update with new features, story, characters, 100+ returning Pokemon, new Legendary Pokemon, and more.

    For a guide to this first Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC, visit The Isle of Armor DLC Guide.

    Talk To The Man Next To The Ticket Gate

    How to get to ISLE OF ARMOR in Pokemon Sword & Shield

    Once inside the station, talk to the man next to the ticket gate. If you have your Armor Pass, you will be asked if you want to go to Armor Station, which will take you to the Isle of Armor.

    You will be sent to a Flying Taxi

    You will automatically be sent to the Isle of Armor once getting to the Armor Station, so sit back and wait until you get to the isle.

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    Digging Ma And Digging Pa

    Digging Ma is the mother of the Digging Duo. She has the appearance of a female Worker. When the player encounters her, she’ll offer one piece of Armorite Ore. In exchange for that piece, she can dig up more Armorite Ore until the player asks her to stop or until her shovel randomly breaks. If the player asks her to stop, she will reward all the Armorite Ores dug up, including the initial one however, if her shovel breaks, the player will not receive any of the Armorite Ore from that session. Occasionally after her shovel breaks, she may be able to dig up more Armorite Ore instead. After this exchange, Digging Ma will relocate to another area on the island.

    The Digging Pa is the father of the Digging Duo, and he always appears in the Training Lowlands just outside Warm-Up Tunnel. In exchange for seven pieces of Armorite Ore, he will dig for Watts. Each time he digs, he will dig up between 800 and 8000 Watts. Similar to the Digging Duo, there is no risk in asking him to keep digging, as if he runs out of energy and finishes digging, the player will get all the Watts he dug up.

    Using A Wishing Piece In The Tower Of Darkness

    First thing you need to do if youre looking to find Zoroark in Pokémon Sword and Shield is to locate the Tower of Darkness in the Challenge Road area of the Galar region made available with the Isle of Armor DLC. Usually, youll find that location in the top right of your map.

    Once youve spotted it, head to the Tower of Darkness. Right behind the Tower of Darkness, you will find a mysterious Pokémon den hidden. This mysterious Pokémon den is in the form of a hole dug in the ground, so you know exactly what youre looking for.

    Now, one essential you should make sure you have on you as you journey towards the Tower of Darkness is a Wishing piece because when you find the mysterious Pokémon den behind the Tower of Darkness, what youre required to do is to throw in a Wishing piece into the hole.

    Dont think that throwing a Wishing piece into the mysterious Pokémon den automatically guarantees you a Zoroark. Not at all, its a game of chance in this case. If you get a Zoroark on your first trial, then youre darn lucky!

    Sometimes, however, you do not get a Zoroark on your first trial of throwing in a Wishing Piece into the mysterious Pokémon den behind the Tower of Darkness but instead get some other Pokémon, for instance, a Sharpedo.

    Thats how to get Zoroark in Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor. Always make sure you have a Wishing piece at hand and be full of hope. Youll surely find a Zoroark behind the Tower of Darkness.

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    How To Upgrade Your Bike

    To customize your bike and outfit, you’ll need to travel to the Isle of Armor. Then follow these easy steps:

  • Track down the Bike Lady. Hint: She appears just across the first bridge, heading towards the dojo.
  • Press A to talk to the Bike Lady.

  • Press A to select “Yes, customize my bike.”

  • Press A to select “Sparkling White” or “Glistening Black”. Hint: You can also change back to the original design by talking to her again.

  • To change your bike gear, press A to talk to the Bike Lady again.

  • Press A to select “I want to change my outfit.”

  • Press A to select the type color of your lead Pokémon or Rotom colors.

  • Move Tutor Moves Added


    18 new Move Tutors moves have been added to the game, one for each type! They will require Armorite Ore to teach to your Pokemon, so make sure to save it up! Below are just a few examples of some of these moves. For the full list, check the link below.

    Description Gliding on the ground, the user attacks the target. This move always goes first on Grassy Terrain.

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    The Isle Of Armor New Features

    The Isle of Armor’s theme is “growth” and is a tropical island.

    Following the Nintendo Mini Direct on March 26th new details have emerged about the story in The Isle of Armor DLC. The Isle of Armor will feature a new Pokemon Battle Dojo. Training here with Master Mustard and you will receive the new legendary Pokemon, Kubfu, as a reward.

    Once you have obtained Kubfu you will be given a choice between two towers: The Tower of Darkness or The Tower of Waters. You are only allowed to use Kubfu during the Tower challenge, and completing it will cause Kubfu to evolve into Urshifu and determine Urshifu’s fighting style. Tower of Darkness results in Single Strike style, Tower of Waters results in Rapid Strike style.

    Defeating The Tower of Darkness/Waters will also cause your starter Pokemon to gain a Gigantamax form. They will also gain a new Gigantamax move, detailed below:

    All three of these abilities deal damage while ignoring the enemy Pokemon’s ability.

    Isle Of Armor Expansion Not Working

    If you haven’t got the figure at Wedgehurst showing up, you might not have the current update. Close the game, go to the homepage of your Switch, and press the + button to open the options menu for Sword or Shield. Then go to Software Update, and select “Via the Internet.” Assuming your Switch is online and you have the expansion, the game will download an update and everything should work fine!

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    What Is The Isle Of Armor

    The Isle of Armor is the first DLC expansion to Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. This DLC allows you to travel to an all new area, with even more Wild Area, an additional story, and tons of new Pokémon. While Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield have plenty to do after you’ve beat the main storyline, this DLC can break up the monotony of trying to breed Shiny Pokémon and fighting all those Max Raid Battles. And for those of us who’ve already completed our Pokédex, we can now collect 100 more Pokémon.

    Features Unlocked After 2nd Trial

    Pokémon Sword & Shield: Isle of Armor – How to Get All Gift Pokémon


    You will be able to unlock the Cram-o-matic recycling machine after you complete the 2nd trial. Give 500 Watts to Hyde in order to power it up.

    Max Soup

    After the 2nd trial, you can start cooking up Max Soup in the dojo. This transforms a Pokemon’s Dynamax form into Gigantamax.

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    How To Start Isle Of Armor In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    by Ethan Anderson

    The Pokemon Sword & ShieldIsle of Armor Expansion Pass DLC just launched, so you may be asking yourself one simple question: how do I actually start Isle of Armor after I download and install it?

    Luckily for you, there’s no real travel or discovery involved in getting to your destination. You’ll be taken to the Isle of Armor automatically after a few simple steps. Follow the guide below, and you’ll be catching new Pokemon on the Isle of Armor in no time.

    How To Start The Isle Of Armor Expansion In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    Okay, so – you’ve purchased the correct expansion pass and you’ve updated your game. The next thing to do is to boot the game and head to the Isle of Armor. When you first load a save after downloading the update and buying the Expansion Pass, you’ll be told that you have an Isle of Armor Pass key item.

    Once you have that item, you’ll simply need to head to Wedgehurst Train Station — this is the train station in your home town, if you’re returning to the game after some time away.

    If you’ve been playing the game since it was patched to tease the Isle of Armor DLC, you may have visited the train station in Wedgehurst to meet a mysterious pink-haired lady, Klara, and catch a Galarian Slowpoke. These pair are both from the Isle of Armor DLC and their scene acted as something of a teaser for the expansion.

    If you’ve seen the scene at Wedgehurst with Klara and the Slowpoke, it won’t occur again. If you haven’t it’ll occur first – but either way, you just need to speak to the man near the ticket barriers. He’ll let you use your ticket and travel to the Isle of Armor, a sprawling new Wild Area style zone that is home to a bunch of returning Pokemon that fans have missed.

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    The Isle of Armor is the first of two Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion planned for this year. By purchasing Isle of Armor expansion pass, you also purchased the which is set to release later this year. Upon exploring the Isle, youll find that there is a that will force you into higher level battles based on the highest level Pokemon in your party. Further, youll also find a new machine called the which will allow you to exchange four unwanted items for one random reward. These are just a few of the new things that players will be able to do in the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC.

    Be sure to check out the official reveal trailer for the Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra DLCs in the video below:

    If you need more help with Pokemon Sword and Shield, we have tons of great guides on our site that will help beginners and veterans alike. In the links below, youll find some of our recent coverage:

    Isle Of Armor Dlc Release Date

    New Pokemon Sword &  Shield Isle Of Armor DLC Trailer ...

    The Isle of Armor will be available in June 2020. With it will come a free update making all of the Pokemon introduced with it available with the use of Pokemon HOME whether or not you have purchased the Expansion Pass.

    The Expansion Pass is $29.99 and includes both The Isle of Armor Expansion and The Crown Tundra Expansion, the latter which will release in Fall 2020.

    See Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansions and The Crown Tundra Expansion for more information.

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    How To Visit The Isle Of Armor

    To start the DLC, head over to the train station in Wedgehurst. Youll see a new non-player character to the right of the turnstile. Speak to him, and hell take you to the Isle of Armor if you have the expansion pass. If you dont, hell simply tell you that you dont have a pass.

    If you purchased the pass while the game was open, you may need to restart to make sure it activates.

    Go To Wedgehurst Train Station

    After downloading the update, head on to Wedgehurst Station, where you also could meet Klara or Avery, new characters from the Isle of Armor DLC, and catch a Galarian Slowpoke, a Pokemon normally exclusive to the Isle of Armor.

    Pokemon Sword

    Receive an Armor Pass after updating the game

    Once starting up the game after you download the update, you will receive an Armor Pass, similar to what Klara and Avery use to travel to the Isle of Armor from Wedgehurst Station.

    You do not need to worry about picking this up somewhere on the ground. You can head out directly to the station to get to Wedgehurst.

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