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Shiny Alolan Sandshrew Pokemon Go

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Pokmon Go: All Shiny Regional Variants In The Game


These shiny Pokémon GO Regional Variants reinvent what it means to be a true Pokémon collector, and they’re worth the effort put into them.

Regional Variants were first introduced to the Pokémon series in 2016’s Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, and they also feature in Pokémon GO. Set in the tropical Alola region, these games debuted new forms of fan-favorite critters such as Raichu and Vulpix and set a precedent for how new installations in the Pokémon franchise can refresh older species while simultaneously building unique cultures in new generations and regions. The franchise’s next generation, which was ushered in by 2019’s Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, added more Regional Variants but expanded on them, introducing new Pokémon by way of further evolving Regional Variants.

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What Are Shiny Pokmon

Shiny Pokémon are variants of Pokémon that players will run into throughout their journey, boasting alternate colors that normal mons dont have. These variants differ as they are rarely found by players, and are special forms that users specifically hunt for within new games due to their rare value.

Pokemon Go: Is Alolan Sandshrew/sandslash Worth Using

Unfortunately, the stats of Alolan Sandshrew limit it to any true viability in most battles, however, the same can’t be said for Alolan Sandslash. As an Ice-type Pokemon, Alolan Sandslash is a great counter pick against Grass, Ground, and Dragon-type Pokemon. Since Dragon-types are such popular meta picks, good Ice-type Pokemon are well-valued alongside Fairy-type Pokemon. By using moves like Powder Snow and Blizzard, Sandlash can hammer away at opponents in certain matchups.

Although Alolan Sandslash is an effective counter pick and performs well in many PvP leagues, it has its drawbacks. Its solid defensive stats give it decent bulk, but it isn’t particularly stellar in the attack or stamina departments. This makes Alolan Sandslash solid in attrition-based fights in Pokemon GO, but things can take a turn for the worse if it loses the typing advantage.

For the most part, as long as Pokemon GO trainers keep it protected, Alolan Sandslash is a somewhat unspectacular Ice-type pick but still makes for a good addition to a battle team. If players toss out a shiny Alolan Sandslash, they can add a little flair to battles and maybe even impress a trainer or two.

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Do Shiny Pokmon Show Up On Nearby Or Sightings In Pokmon Go

No. While all Pokémon show up on Nearby or Sightings, they look normal just like they look on the map.

It’s only revealed as a Shiny when you tap on it and go to the catch screen. So, if you see a normal Magikarp or Pikachu on Nearby or Sightings, don’t discount it once you tap on it, it could be a Shiny. And that list of possible Shiny Pokémon gets longer all the time, so make sure to Shiny check them all!

Are Shiny Pokmon Shiny For Everyone In Pokmon Go


No. With Ditto, once a Pokémon is determined to be Ditto, the servers make it Ditto for everyone. With Shiny Pokémon, it’s done on a player-by-player basis.

That means you and a friend can both catch the same Magikarp, yours could turn out to be Shiny, and theirs not.

There has been one exception so far: For the July 2018 Community Day, Pokémon Go had Sunglasses Squirtle available through Field Research and, tasks that had a Shiny Sunglasses Squritle were Shiny for everyone!

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Is Shiny Alolan Sandshrew Available In Pokemon Go

The good news is that Shiny Alolan Sandshrew is currently available to find in Pokemon Go. Its color scheme is only slightly different, with a blue underbelly instead of a yellow one.

Shiny Alolan Sandshrew made its debut during the 3rd Anniversary event in June 2019, which means Shiny Alolan Sandslash is also available when evolved with 50 Candy.

Can Alolan Sandshrew Be Shiny In Pokemon Go

Alolan Sandshrew and Sandslash have been in Pokemon GO for a few hours, and have seen a resurgance recently due to the ongoing Holiday events.

Since its popularity is peaking once again, many Pokemon GO trainers are likely wondering if Alolan Sandshrew has a shiny form that can be collected. Fortunately, the answer is yes, and players can currently capture a shiny version of Alolan Sandshrew which can be found both in the wild and hatched from eggs.

However, Alolan Sandshrew is currently not in egg pools during this Holiday, so players will likely need to stick to spotting it in the wild.

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Est Shiny Sandshrew Disponible En Pokmon Go

La buena noticia es que Shiny Sandshrew es actualmente disponible para encontrar en Pokemon Go. Su combinación de colores es bastante diferente, ya que tiene un cuerpo verde en lugar del tradicional amarillo.

Shiny Sandshrew hizo su debut durante el evento Tottori Festival en diciembre de 2018, lo que significa que Shiny Sandslash también está disponible cuando evoluciona con 50 Candy.

Pokemon Go Shiny Alolan

Pokemon Go Shiny Alolan Sandshrew Catch & Sandslash Evolution

Alolan Pokemon are becoming more and more common in Pokemon GO. Heres every Pokemon GO Alolan Pokemon, and how to get them.

Guide by Jake Green, Guides Editor

Yes Pokemon fans, the rumors are true. You can now get Alolan Pokemon in Pokemon GO. There’s a few ways you can catch them and only some are currently available. To help you keep track of it all, we’ve put together this Pokemon GO Alolan Guide. It has a list of Alolan Pokemon that you can get in Pokemon GO, and how to get each one. We’ll be keeping this page updated as more info is released, so be sure to check back often for more details.

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Every Shiny Regional Variant In Pokmon Go

Shiny Regional Variants are some of the most fun shiny forms to hunt for in Pokémon GO due to their rarity. They most often appear in Eggs, but Niantic sometimes adds wild spawns of them during specific events, such as some events including increased spawns of Alolan Geodude or Galarian Farfetch’d, whose evolution could be considered one of the best generation 8 Galarian shiny Pokémon designs. Increased wild spawns are helpful for hunting shiny Regional Variants, but players first need to understand which Regional Variants can be shiny in the first place.

The following Regional Variants have their shiny forms enabled in Pokémon GO:

  • Alolan Rattata
  • Perrserker
  • Sirfetch’d

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At present, all Alolan Forms can be shiny in Pokémon GO. However, remaining Regional Variants from the current generation that cannot be shiny yet in GO include Galarian Darumaka, Darmanitan, Corsola, Yamask, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slowking, Mr. Mime, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, as well as their regional evolutions, Mr. Rime, Runerigus, and Cursula. It’s unknown when these Regional Variants and evolutions will be shiny eligible in GO. However, what is known is that Pokémon GO hosts new events frequently, during which they often drop feed new Pokémon species and forms.

Pueden Sandshrew Y Alolan Sandshrew Ser Brillantes En Pokmon Go

¿Te preguntas si Sandshrew y Alolan Sandshrew pueden ser Shiny en Pokemon Go? Y si es así, ¿cómo se ven? Tenemos todas las respuestas que necesita aquí mismo.

El Día de la Comunidad de marzo en Pokémon Go presenta a dos cabezas de cartel, Sandshrew y Alolan Sandshrew, que tendrán apariciones mejoradas en la naturaleza durante las horas del evento el domingo 13 de marzo de 2022.

Antes de ir a cazar Shiny, es importante saber si sus variaciones Shiny están realmente disponibles en Pokemon Go, de lo contrario, ¡podrías pasar horas buscándolos sin ningún motivo!

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Pokmon Go: Best Alolan Sandshrew Raid Counters

Alolan Sandshrew will soon reappear in Raid Battles in Pokémon GO for the holiday event. Raid Battles offer players the perfect opportunity to hunt for a Shiny Pokémon. Players can participate in raids with others and, if Pokémons shiny form is available in Pokémon GO, it has the chance to appear during the capturing phase. The upcoming Pokémon GO holiday event will focus on Ice-type Pokémon, which will grant trainers the chance to get an Alolan Sandshrew. However, Alolan Sandshrew will only be available for half of the event.

The 2021 Pokémon GO holiday event is being broken up into two parts. The first half will take place from December 16 to December 23, and the second will begin right after from December 23 to December 31. There are only a handful of changes between both sections, including content not yet revealed by Niantic. The Raid Battles will cycle between these two halves. Alolan Sandshrew will appear in 1-star Raid Battles for only the first half of the event.

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Do Shiny Pokmon Perform Differently In Pokmon Go


Nope. Shiny Pokémon have the same stats as non-Shiny variants. Which is to say, a range. You can catch a perfect Shiny Magikarp, but you can also catch a not-so-great one. They also have no special movesets or powers of any kind. Aside from looking different, they’re exactly the same.

However, Community Day is the easiest time to catch Shiny Pokémon. If evolved during the event window, Shiny Pokémon will get the exclusive move just like the normal featured Pokémon, so a lot of Shiny Pokémon do have that exclusive move.

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What Does Shiny Sandshrew Shiny Sandslash Shiny Alolan Sandshrew And Shiny Alolan Sandslash Look Like In Pokmon Go

Finding a shiny form for the highlighted Pokémon is one of the biggest draws for any Community Day.

Coupled with the increased shiny rate for Community Days and how catching Pokémon of the same type naturally increases your chance of encountering shinies, it’s easier to catch shiny Pokémon during these events.

When it comes to actually finding a shiny Pokémon, you first need to start a catch encounter with a Pokémon in the wild. You’ll easily be able to tell if you’ve encountered a shiny Pokémon by its alternative colouring, the shiny icon next to its name and the sparkles which shine when the encounter starts.

We recommend using Golden Razz Berries and Ultra Balls if this is your first time encountering a Pokémon’s shiny form – you don’t want it to escape!

How Do I Make The Most Of Sandshrew Community Day

During the Community Day event period, eggs put into Incubators will hatch in 14 the usual distance. This means you should definitely put any long-distance eggs in Incubators during the event period to take advantage of the lowered hatch distance. Incense and Lures will last for 3 hours as well, so you should use those to increase your Sandshrew spawns even further.

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How Do I Find A Shiny Sandshrew

Community Day events have a heightened Shiny rate for the featured Pokémon, so if youre playing, you should be able to find several Shiny Sandshrew.

If you dont have time to play all day, you can find a Shiny Sandshrew by popping an Incense, and tapping each Sandshrew that pops up. The Shiny rate on Community Days is approximately 1 in 25, according to The Silph Roads research, so you should find a Shiny Sandshrew quickly.

The Mouse Pokmon Burrows Its Way Into The Spotlight With Themed Research And Activities


Sandshrew bounces its way into Pokémon GOs on . Throughout the day, both the Ground-type Sandshrew and the Ice- and Steel-type Alolan Sandshrew will appear more frequently in the wild. Roll through March Community Day like a pro with a new Special Research story, opportunities for Sandslash to learn a special Charged Attack, and special event bonuses. During Community Day, Incense and Lure Modules will last three hours, and Eggs placed in Incubators will hatch at just a quarter of the usual distance.

Evolve Sandshrew during the event or up to two hours after its conclusion to obtain a Sandslash that knows a special Charged Attack. Ground-type Sandslash will learn the Dark-type Charged Attack Night Slash, and Alolan Sandslash will know the Ghost-type Charged Attack Shadow Claw.

A Community Dayexclusive Special Research storytitled Gritty and Glacialwill be available for US$1.00 through the Pokémon GO in-game shop. If you need extra Poké Balls to catch more Sandshrew throughout the day, you can pick up 30 Ultra Balls at no cost during the event in the shop. Trainers with PokéCoins to spare can purchase a Community Day Box containing 30 Ultra Balls, three Super Incubators, five Lucky Eggs, and one Elite Charged TM for 1,280 PokéCoins.

Roll over to Pokémon GO and start catching those Sandshrew, Trainers!

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Pokemon Go Community Day: Watch Out For Shiny Sandshrew And Alolan Sandshrew In March 2022

Two Pokemon will be featured during this event.

The next Pokemon Go Community Day event is scheduled to take place on March 13, 2022 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time.

During this event, Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew will appear more frequently than normal in the wild, and there will be the chance for players to encounter the Shiny versions of both Pokemon.

Each time players evolve Sandshrew into Sandslash during this event, or during the two hours immediately following it, Sandslash will learn the move Night Slash.

When players evolve Alolan Sandshrew into Alolan Sandslash during this event, or during the two hours immediately following it, Alolan Sandslash will learn the move Shadow Claw.

Four bonuses will be available during Marchs Community Day event:

  • Eggs will hatch after walking one quarter of the normal required distance when placed into an Incubator during this event.
  • Incense will remain active for three hours when activated during this event.
  • Lure Modules will remain active for three hours when activated during this event.
  • Players will be able to take Snapshots of Pokemon during this event to earn extra Pokemon encounters.

Next, players will be able to collect Sandshrew-themed stickers during this event by spinning PokeStops, opening Gifts, and by purchasing them in the in-game shop.

Finally, this event will give players two optional ways to spend real money.

Are you looking forward to this Pokemon Go Community Day event? Let us know on Twitter at .

Sandshrew Evolution Chart: What Does Sandshrew Evolve Into

Both Gen 1 Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew have one evolution – Sandslash – which requires 50 Candies.

Community Day lasts from 11am to 5pm which means you have ample time to collect Sandshrew Candy for all your evolving, powering up and move teaching needs.

If you’re only able to partake in a small amount of the Community Day event, then there are ways to increase your candy yield:

  • Using a Pinap Berry will double the amount of candy you receive from 3 to 6.
  • Mega evolving Abomasnow will increase the amount of candy you’ll earn from catching Alolan Sandshrew.
  • Mega evolving Steelix will increase the amount of candy you’ll earn from catching Gen 1 Sandshrew. You can also do this after the Community Day ends to gather some extra candy!
  • Placing a Sandshrew as your buddy Pokémon will allow you to gather candy from walking 3km with it.

Remember to check their IV stats or simply search 3* and 4* to see which Sandshrews are worth investing in before evolving one. Sandslash’s exclusive move – Night Slash – and Alolan Sandslash’s exclusive move – Shadow Claw – are available till 7pm on Community Day.

If you miss the moves, you’ll need to either use an Elite TM – Charged for Gen 1 Sandslash and Fast for Alolan Sandslash – or wait till the December Community Day.

What, however, is the best moveset for Sandslash?

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Can Sandshrew & Alolan Sandshrew Be Shiny In Pokemon Go

Questioning if Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew might be Shiny in Pokemon Go? And in that case, what do they seem like? Weve received all of the solutions you want proper right here.

The March Group Day in Pokemon Go options two headliners, Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew, which is able to each have boosted spawns within the wild throughout occasion hours on Sunday, March 13, 2022.

Earlier than you go Shiny searching, its vital to know whether or not or not their Shiny variations are literally obtainable in Pokemon Go, in any other case, you may spend hours in search of them for no cause in any respect!

Powder Snow + Night Slash And Blizzard

Pokémon GO: así puedes conseguir a Sandshrew shiny en el ...

Powder Snow is recommended for its high energy generation, and also benefits from STAB. Metal Claw is a poor move from both a stats and typing perspective.

Night Slash is mandatory due to its low energy cost, making it useful for baiting and pressuring shields. Blizzard costs a lot of energy, but its massive damage and wide coverage is no joke. Gyro Ball is a poor move generally speaking, and Steel typing isn’t very valuable.

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Can Alolan Sandshrew Be Shiny In Pokmon Go

Alolan Sandshrew is a regional variant of the Mouse Pokémon, which was launched in the Sun and Moon games based in the Alola Region. As technically a different Pokémon, it was released to Pokémon GO later that Gen 1 Sandshrew, only being released during the introduction of the Friends system in June, 2018. Its shiny variant was released for the games third anniversary a year later, in June 2019. So, yes, Alolan Sandshrew is also available to be encountered in its shiny form if youre lucky!

Both shiny Sandshrew and shiny Alolan Sandshrew can be evolved into their Sandslash evolutions, as well, so get enough shinies, and you can collect the whole family!

Alolan Sandslash Community Day Shiny Rates

Like all Community Days, you have about a 1 in 25 chance at getting either a shiny Sandshrew or Alolan Sandshrew. I can barely tell the difference with shiny regular Sandshrew , but shiny Alolan Sandshrew is a lighter shade of blue thats pretty noticeable.

I believe thats all the essentials youre going to need to know for Community Day today. There will be more Alolan features going forward I believe as Pokémon GO focuses heavily on that generation, but well see who comes up next. For now, its time to hunt down some Sandshrews, and their Alolan and shiny variants. Absolutely do not forget to evolve your best ones by the end of the event so they learn their special moves.

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