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How To Get Squirtle In Pokemon Shield

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Bulbasaur

Getting Squirtle In Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Bulbasaur is a Grass and Poison Type Seed Pokémon, which makes it weak against Flying, Fire, Ice, Psychic type moves. You can find and catch Bulbasaur using our guide below on How To Obtain this pokemon. The Max IV Stats of Bulbasaur are 45 HP, 49 Attack, 65 SP Attack, 49 Defense, 65 SP Defense, and 45 Speed.

List of Bulbasaur Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

Speed 45

Based on this pokemons stats we consider the best nature for Bulbasaur to have is Sassy, this will increase its Sp. Def and decrease its Speed stats.

Bulbasaur Abilities

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How To Get Porygon In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Before we dive into how to get your one and only catchable Porygon in Sword and Shield, first lets point out the obvious.

If youre a Pokemon Home customer, you can always transfer one over from a previous game easily if you have one ready to go. If you dont have Isle of Armor, this is probably the best way to get it done.

You can get a free Porygon though without having to deal with Pokemon Home if you have Isle of Armor purchased.

First, beat the entire storyline, all of it, up until you defeat Mustard for the final time. Mustard will then relax in his room from that point on and there will be a Porygon just hanging out in the corner of the room.

Interact with it and when Hyde asks if you like it, say yes and youll eventually get it. If only everything in life worked like that huh?

Because Porygon dont appear in the wild of Isle of Armor, its not easy to shiny farm for it out in the wild . So if youre determined to get a shiny version, you can reset after receiving it if it wasnt shiny.

And thats it! Thats all there is to know about how to get Porygon in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Of course, if you need more you can always trade for more, or breed the free Porygon you get with a Ditto.

Pokemon Sword And Shield: Mewtwo Comes To Max Raid Battles

It is officially Pokemon Day and Mewtwo has been added to Max Raid Battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield!

It is officially Pokemon Day, a day that gives fans of the franchise an added boost to their games.

Pokemon Sword and Shield players will now be able to battle Mewtwo in Max Raid Battles as well as some other familiar faces.

Although we werent expecting to see him until the Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra DLC, this is a nice surprise.

Heres everything you need to know!

Be sure to watch our wide variety of Pokemon content here!

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Transfer Bulbasaur From Pokmon Lets Go

You can get an easy Bulbasaur in Pokémon Lets Go, Pikachu and Eevee from a woman in Cerulean City. She gives it to you if youve caught at least 30 Pokémon. You can transfer this Bulbasaur, and any other Pokémon caught in Lets Go, to Pokémon Home. Then take the Bulbasaur from Pokémon Home and move it to Sword or Shield.

There is one important thing to remember about this method Pokémon that travel from Lets Go to Home cannot be moved back. Once Bulbasaur leaves, its a one-way trip.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Squirtle

Getting Squirtle In Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Squirtle is a Water Type Tiny Turtle Pokémon, which makes it weak against Grass, Electric type moves. You can find and catch Squirtle using our guide below on How To Obtain this pokemon. The Max IV Stats of Squirtle are 44 HP, 48 Attack, 50 SP Attack, 65 Defense, 64 SP Defense, and 43 Speed.

List of Squirtle Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

Speed 43

Based on this pokemons stats we consider the best nature for Squirtle to have is Relaxed, this will increase its Defense and decrease its Speed stats.

Squirtle Abilities

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Where To Find Mewtwo On Pokemon Sword And Shield And Tips On How To Beat Him

Yesterday, Tech Times reported that Pokemon GO would be featuring an Armored Mewtwo as the Raid Boss in Pokemon GO Raid Battles starting on Feb. 25 up to Mar. 2. Now, Pokemon Sword and Shield will also feature the same pocket monster as an addition on the Kanto starters from the game starting today until Monday, Mar. 2.

As a clarification, unlike in Pokemon GO, Sword and Shield do not let players catch Pokemon Mewtwo on the game. However, players will have tons of amazing rewards once you get to beat him on the Max Raid Battle.

Only Kanto Starter In The Base Game

Fans were surprised to find that Charmander was the only Kanto starter in the base game for Sword and Shield, and were particularly disappointed that neither Squirtle nor Bulbasaur had made the cut.

Fortunately, Nintendo and Game Freak seemed to listen to fans and the last two Kantonian starters were added into the latest DLC, the Isle of Armor, complete with their own Gigantamax forms. Though you can only choose one of them as part of the story content, their final evolutions are often found in Max Raid battles, so you can easily capture the other and breed it for its starting form.

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If You’re Curious About Where To Find Squirtle In Pokemon Sword And Shield We’ve Got Some Answers For You

by Ginny Woo

With June 2020 looming, we’re definitely ready for the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC that’s about to come around the corner . If you’re wanting to add more to your team right now though, then why not check out this blast from the past – where to find Squirtle in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Both Starters Are Fine

How to get Free Gigantamax Bulbasaur & Squirtle in Pokémon Sword & Shield

While you can never go wrong with Gigantamax Kanto Starters, we recommend choosing Squirtle for Shield players, to avoid being weak to Avery‘s Pokemon. On the other hand, Bulbasaur will be perfect for stomping through the Tower of Water.

Both start at level 5 and will need love and care before they can truly shine, however. If your team is strong already, you can relax and choose your favorite!

Which Pokemon did you choose?

Free Starter Pokemon

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Enter Melanies House To The Left Of The Pokemon Center

After completing all of these steps, just talk to the girl located at the back of the house and shell happily hand over your prize. Congratulations, youve just added Bulbasaur to your ever-growing team of Pocket Monsters!

Hopefully you found this guide of use, as its a task weve struggled with accomplishing in the past as well. After launching our review of Pokemon Yellow, it was evident that a guide for capturing Bulbasaur needed to happen. Of course, the ability to trade the Pocket Monster over to Pokemon Sun and Moon will is also another reason to lock up the starter, as many fans can likely attest.

Struggling with capturing the other starter Pokemon? Weve got guides to help you there too! They can be seen by following the links below:

Where To Find Charmander Location In Pokemon Sword & Shield

To find Charmander in Pokemon Sword & Shield, youll first have to beat the final boss of the games main story. Dont worry, were going to avoid spoilers as best as we can. Once the credits are over, youll find yourself back in your house, in Postwick, free to explore and roam wherever you want. Well, your first order of business is to go to Hops place. Exit your home, go down the stairs, and head to the right, across the bridge.

Turn right at the fork and pull up to the front door. Go inside the house, and youll see a a staircase right in front of you. So, climb up to the next floor. Head right from the top of the stairs, into the red room. Youll see a Poke Ball in the middle of the floor. Pick it up, and youll get a nice little note, as well as your Charmander.

Now, we got the Charmander in Pokemon Sword, and the Starter Pokemon we chose was Scorbunny, aka Fire. Maybe your gift in the end is going to be a different Pokemon if youve made different choices. I dont think that is the case, though I believe everyone will get a Charmander. If you dont, though, that might be why.

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Transfer Squirtle From Pokmon Lets Go

You can get an easy Squirtle in Pokémon Lets Go, Pikachu and Eevee from Officer Jenny in Vermillion City. She gives it to you if youve caught at least 60 Pokémon. You can transfer this Squirtle, and any other Pokémon caught in Lets Go, to Pokémon Home. Then take the Squirtle from Pokémon Home and move it to Sword or Shield.

There is one important thing to remember about this method Pokémon that travel from Lets Go to Home cannot be moved back. Once Squirtle leaves, its a one-way trip.

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How Do I Get Gigantamax Venusaur

How to Get Squirtle in Pokemon Sword and Shield

This is perfect for trainers who have bred and trained up a Blastoise and Venusaur in previous games. Simply transfer them over to Sword and Shield and use the Max Soup feature by handing over Max Mushrooms to the cook in Mustard’s dojo. Feed your Pokémon the Max Soup and they’ll gain the ability to Gigantamax.

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What Else Can The Poke Ball Plus Do In Sword & Shield

While you cant use the Poke Ball Plus as a controller to play Sword and Shield, you can send your Pokemon to the accessory and walk around with them, just as in Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee. To do so, first select Mystery Gift from the menu screen, then choose Take a Stroll with Poke Ball Plus. The Pokemon you take on a walk wont receive any experience points, but it will come back with items such as Rare Candies, Poke Balls, and other items.

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Evolution Gigantamax And Battle Tactics

Bulbasaurs evolution occurs naturally, the same way it has since the series origins. Simply train Bulbasaur to level 16, then Ivysaur to level 36 to evolve it into Venusaur. If its the Bulbasaur from the Master Dojo, its final form will be able to Gigantamax which includes a unique set of superpowered moves.

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How To Evolve Charmander In Pokemon Sword & Shield

To evolve Charmander in Pokemon Sword & Shield, all you have to do is level it up. At level 16, itll evolve into Charmeleon, and, at level 36, youll get your very own Charizard. Thats all there is to it. There are no other requirements in terms of evolution items, time of day, stats just keep the little fella in your party, and keep going until it turns into a Charizard.

How To Get Bulbasaur And Squirtle Via Pokmon Home

Getting Squirtle in Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor

While the Expansion Pass includes Bulbasaur and Squirtle, you can only choose one of the two. If you want to have both Pokémon on your team you’ll either need to play through the Isle of Armor twice, trade with a friend, or transfer them in from a previous Pokémon game via Pokémon HOME. This means that you will need to already have a Bulbasaur or Squirtle caught in a game that is compatible with Pokémon HOME. In this example, I will transfer Squirtle and Bulbasaur from Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! Just note that this Bulbasaur or Squirtle will not have G-Max potential.

If you already have a Squirtle or Bulbasaur in Pokémon Bank on your 3DS, you can also use this method. However, you’ll need to transfer your Pokémon Bank Pokémon into Pokémon HOME first.

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Who Is Stronger Bulbasaur Or Squirtle

This stat further proves the fact that Squirtle is the strongest Defensive Pokemon of the other three starters. Overall, Charmander and Squirtle are in good shape as they are stronger against more Types than they are weak. Bulbasaur has a more difficult time as he is weaker against more Types than he is strong.

How To Get Bulbasaur And Squirtle In Pokemon: Isle Of Armor Dlc

In order to get the option to choose between Bulbasaur or Squirtle, the player will need to participate in the DLCs story content. Head over to the Dojo when beginning the story content and follow all of Mustards instructions. After capturing all three of the speedy Slowpoke, Honey will give the player the option to choose between Bulbasaur or Squirtle. The player can only choose between one of these Pokemon. They will start at level 5 and each will have the ability to Gigantamax when it fully evolves. It becomes easy to train them because of the high levels of all the Pokemon on the Isle of Armor.

The Isle of Armor is just half of the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass as the other half is scheduled to release later this Fall. The Crown Tundra will release with over 100 older Pokemon not found in either the Galar region or the Isle of Armor. It also comes along with new Galarian forms of older legendary Pokemon like Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres. The biome is also completely opposite of what the Isle of Armor is. While the Isle of Armor takes place on a tropical island paradise, the Crown Tundra will be in a brutal snow environment. Its unknown what other surprises this expansion pass will have for the Galar region.

Pokemon: Isle of Armor is available now on Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Sword and Shield are required to play.

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Pokemon Sw And Sh Charmander Moves List

What moves can Charmander learn from TMs, TRs, and Leveling?

Charmander can learn the fire type move Flare Blitz at level 40. This Physical move User receives recoil damage. May burn opponent. Bolded Pow numbers are adjusted for this pokemons Fire type +50% STAB damage.

May cause flinching and/or burn opponent.
Always leaves opponent with at least 1 HP.

Charmander TR Moves

Where Is Charmander In Kanto

[LIVE] Pokémon Sword &  Shield

Charmander can only be caught in the wild in three locations: Route 3, Route 4, and Rock Tunnel. Route 3 and 4 can be reached nice and early in the game shortly after you defeat Brocks Gym in Pewter City which again means you can kit yourself out with an original starter early in your adventure.

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Bulbasaur’s Evolutions & Gigantamax Forms

As it’s been since Red and Blue, Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur at level 16 then Venusaur at level 32. Venusaur’s Mega Evolution is not available in Sword& Shield.

A Gigantamax form for Venusaur was announced for the Sword& Shield expansion pass. The conditions for achieving it are unknown at this time.

How To Find Mewtwo In Max Raid Battles

Even though its technically the main event going on right now, Mewtwo and the starters didnt replace the usual rotation of special Pokémon that players can find when looking for Max Raids. Overall, the Psychic-type has a 10-percent spawn chance, while competing for five-star space with Gigantimax Orbeetle, Kingler, Hatterene, Grimmsnarl, and Toxtricity.

It isnt impossible to find, so just keep your eyes on the Max Raid invites page of your game while looking through the Wild Area.

A key thing you need to know is that youre unable to actually capture any Mewtwo if you do manage to defeat them. This is intentionally coded into the game for some reason, but Game Freak has not given a reason for it yetthough its likely because the developers have no plans on putting Legendary Pokémon into raids outside of this for some time.

me trying to catch mewtwo after beating the raid


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How To Get Dynamax Charizard

As soon as the Dynamax feature was revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield, questions bounced around about who could be Dynamaxed. Game Freak actually showed off Dynamax Charizard in artwork for Sword and Shield before the games even launched, which is why this has become a pretty popular search query.

Unfortunately, Charizard cant be fought in a standard Dynamax battle. The only way to obtain Charizard for yourself is to beat the game, find Charmander using the steps above, and then evolve it all the way to Charizard. Youll have to do it with experience theres no way to do it using a Fire Stone.

Once youve eventually evolved your Charmeleon into a Charizard, youll finally be able to see what the Dynamax version of Charizard looks like. Its definitely a sight to behold, and its undoubtedly one of the most powerful Fire-type Pokemon in either game.

What Is A Shiny Charmander

How to get Squirtle and Bulbsaur in The Isle of Armor Pokémon Sword and Shield – Gigantamax Capable

So what makes a Shiny Charmander so special? Well, we were kind of hoping that you could tell us because the design is extremely underwhelming. This Shiny Pokemon has one noticeable difference from its standard model and that is the color change from orange to a vibrant yellow.

For some Pokemon, this would be an adequate change. Just look at what this exact change does for a Shiny Magikarp for example. However, due to the fact that this Pokemon is already a quite similar color already, the change is hardly noticeable and in truth, if you came across one, without a shiny animation prompt, we doubt you would immediately notice the difference.

This very slight alteration is a problem with some other popular Pokemon. The Pokemon mascot Pikachu springs to mind as their shiny only changes the standard yellow for a deeper shade of the same color. We hate to see when great Pokemon dont have a shiny variant worth hunting.

Now thankfully, if you evolve Charmander into a Charizard, you begin to reap the rewards of chasing down this shiny but as for the original starter Pokemon, we have to say its a bit of a letdown.

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