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Pokemon Go Trading Costs

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How Do You Trade Pokmon With The Same Switch


By linking the same Nintendo Account to both the Nintendo Switch version and mobile version of Pokémon HOME, youll be able to access the same Pokémon Boxes on both versions. With Pokémon HOME you can move Pokémon between compatible games, trade Pokémon on the go, and more!

Can you Evolve Haunter without trading? Will Haunter be able to evolve without being traded? No. It is a Pokémon that requires a link or GTS or wonder trade to evolve. Haunter only evolves into Gengar if you trade.

How do you trade Pokemon with the same switch?

By linking the same Nintendo Account to both the Nintendo Switch version and mobile version of Pokémon HOME, youll be able to access the same Pokémon Boxes on both versions. With Pokémon HOME you can move Pokémon between compatible games, trade Pokémon on the go, and more!

How can trade evolve without trading BDSP? If you still dont have access to trading, then you cant get any trade evolution Pokemon. Luckily, the only requirement for trading is that youve beaten Roark at the Oreburgh City Gym.

Lucky Friends And Lucky Pokmon

The best possible trade you can make is with someone youve become Lucky Friends with. To become Lucky Friends with someone, you must already be Best Friends with them first. All you must do from there is continue to send each other gifts and do battles together. Eventually, you will achieve Lucky Friend status. However, note that you only have one shot at becoming Lucky Friends each day, so you only need to send a gift and or a battle together once per day. You will both receive a notification if youve achieved Lucky Friend Status.

If you trade a Pokémon with a Lucky Friend, that Pokémon will be considered a Lucky Pokémon. This means it will have guaranteed higher IVs and will cost less Stardust to trade. More than that, the Pokémon will also only take half as much Stardust to power up going forward as a normal Pokémon would. Note that just by completing a normal trade, there is always a chance a Pokémon could become Lucky, regardless of whether you are trading with a Lucky Friend.

How Much Does Evolve Trading Cost

When you trade a Pokemon, its evolution Candy cost is reduced to zero, which makes it a great option for Pokemon like Pumpkaboo and Phantump that require a lot of Candy to evolve without trading.

You will have to pay Stardust, though. The amount depends on the rarity of the Pokemon youre trading and your Friendship Level with the other Trainer.

Weve listed the cost of evolving each of these Pokemon through Candies below, and you can see that the trading method takes out a lot of work.

  • 100 Candy: Haunter, Graveler, Kadabra, and Machoke.
  • 200 Candy: Boldore, Gurrdurr, Karrablast, Phantump, Pumpkaboo, and Shelmet.

Once youve found another player to connect with and trade, youve saved a lot of Candy and a lot of time trying to get that specific Pokemon evolution you want.

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Has High Minimum Individual Value

A Lucky Pokemons IV is relatively higher than those caught in the wild, the same as Pokemon hatched from eggs or caught from raid battles.

Did You Get Lucky Pokemon With Low IV After Announcement?

Some trainers may have received a Lucky Pokemon with low IV after its release in-game. This is possible to happen as IVs of Lucky Pokemon do change after trading.

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Pokmon Go Trading Costs For Shiny And Legendary Pokmon

Leek Duck (NYC)  : " Pokémon Trading Costs/Friendship Bonuses ...

Alternatively, you can also check out this helpful visual, which does an excellent job of informing trainers based on the type of trade theyre about to make.

The trading costs can scale down during seasonal events by 10 to 25 percent, meaning save your trades if theres an event approaching. A Pokémons level will be scaled down if youre trading with an account that is at a lower level than your account.

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Ex Deoxys Gold Star Rayquaza

Sold in December, 2020 for $45,100

Among the most powerful of any Pokémon, Rayquaza is a large, serpentine creature that gained a considerable boost in notoriety after serving as the box art mascot for the Pokémon Emerald video game.

EX Deoxys was the 24th set in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and its symbol is that of a shooting star.

The set consisted of 108 cards, three of which come with a gold star variant, including the Rayquaza Holo.

Youll notice that next to the Rayquaza name in the upper-left, there is a foil gold star that sets it apart as the gold star variant.

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Prepare To Use A Lot Of Stardust

When you tap a friends portrait in your friends list and you have met the distance requirements, you will find the option to trade. Youll quickly notice that depending on the Pokémon you wish to trade with one another, however, the amount of Stardust youll be using to do so may be large.

To maintain the amount of trades and what Pokémon are sent between players, Pokémon Go requires a certain amount of Stardust for each trade depending on the type of Pokémon, as well as the friendship between the players. If both Pokémon being traded are in both players Pokédex, the trade will only cost 100 Stardust regardless of friendship level.

There are also Special Trades which further limit how much players may trade with one another, as well as exponentially increase the Stardust cost. These types of trades can only be done once per day. If both Pokémon are Legendary or Shiny and in both players Pokédex, or neither normal Pokémon is in either players Pokédex, the trade will cost 20,000 Stardust for Good Friends, 16,000 for Great Friends, 1,600 for Ultra Friends, or 800 for Best Friends. And if both Pokémon are Legendary or Shiny and are not in either players Pokédex, Good Friends will be set back a whopping 1,000,000 Stardust Great Friends 800,000 Ultra Friends 80,000 and Best Friends 40,000.

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Pokemon Go Trading Mechanics

There is a few things to keep in mind when trading Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

  • Standard trades cost 100 Stardust. A standard trade involves Pokemon that are not shiny, not legendary and which you have already caught.
  • IVs, HP and CP change when trading, but moves, gender and size of the traded Pokemon stay the same. Be careful: Pokemon Level can also change!
  • A traded Pokemon level will be adjusted to the maximum power up level the recipient can perform. If you try to trade a higher level Pokemon to someone who cant normally power up to that level, the Pokemons level will go down. In other words, you cant boost someone by passing them a high level Pokemon they wouldnt have access to otherwise.
  • You can influence the re-rolled stats by increasing your Friendship level. According to this official blog post, the game assigns minimum stat values based on your Friendship level.
  • Trades reward additional Candy, depending on the distance between the locations where the two Pokemon were caught
  • 1 Candy => close distance
  • 3 Candy => 100 KM distance
  • Trading Pokemon affects your older medals:
  • Trading XL Magikarps counts towards the Fisherman Medal
  • Trading tiny Rattata counts towards the Youngster Medal
  • Trading any Pokemon counts towards the appropriate Type medal
  • A Pokemon can only be traded once. You cant chain-trade in order to get perfect IVs, as explained in the official blog post.
  • Stardust Is A Very Valuable Resource Within Pokmon Go That May Deter Trainers From Trading However Increasing Your Friendship Level Will Reduce The Stardust Cost When Trading With Another Trainer


    Currently, there are five Friendship levels within Pokémon GO. These levels are Friend, Good Friend, Great Friend, Ultra Friend, and Best Friend. As each Friendship level is obtained, Trainers will earn additional benefits of lower Stardust costs during Trading.

    When a Trainer initially becomes Friends with another Trainer, they will be in the Friend level. While a Trainer is at this Friendship level, only non-Shiny, non-Legendary, and non-Regional Pokémon can be traded. Owned Pokémon will cost 100 Stardust while unowned Pokémon will cost 20,000 Stardust.

    After a Trainer becomes Good Friends with another Trainer, they will be able to trade Shiny, Legendary, and Regional Pokémon. Owned Shiny and Legendary Pokémon will cost 20,000 Stardust, while owned Regional and other Pokémon will cost 100 Stardust.

    Although these Stardust amounts are not of that much of a concern, the unowned Shiny and Legendary Pokémon at the Good Friends level cost a whopping 1,000,000 Stardust. However, the unowned Regional and other Pokémon are a much more manageable 20,000 Stardust.

    More from App Trigger

    When a Trainer becomes Great Friends with another Trainer, they will see the owned Shiny and Legendary Pokémon Stardust cost decrease to 16,000. The owned Regional and other Pokémon will also decrease to just 80 Stardust. Unowned Shiny and Legendary Pokémon will drop to 800,000 while unowned Regional and other Pokémon will drop to 16,000.

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    Special Trading In Pokemon Go

    On top of the regular trading options available to all players at level 10 and above, there is also Special Trading. This is only available to pairs of trainers who have a friendship level of great or Best with each other. Here’s all of the details you need to know:

    • Special Trading is unlocked at Great or Best Friendship levels
    • Special Trading involves Legendary, Shiny and pokemon that either trainer has not yet caught
    • Special Trading costs 40k Stardust per trade and is limited to one trade per day

    How To Trade In Pokmon Go And Trading Requirements

    Before you can start trading, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

    • Be Pokémon Go Friends with the person you are trading with
    • Have a Trainer Level of 10 or above
    • Be within close physical proximity

    From there, go to your Friends feed, and select the Friend you want to Trade with. The option to Trade will be next to ‘Send Gift’, below the XP bar.

    Provided you are within 100m, you can then select a Pokémon to trade, check the Pokémon you’ll receive and the Stardust cost before confirming. Then, you trade, with the process taking just a few seconds.

    The following also needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to trading:

    • Trades will give each player additional Candy, with more Candy rewarded if the two Pokémon were caught far away from another. According to Reddit, this is 1 Candy for below 30km, 2 Candy for 30-100km, 3 Candy for above 100km.
    • The HP and CP of each Pokémon will vary once the Trade is completed – it could be higher or lower. The better the Friendship Level, the less variation will be. You’ll be able to see this before the trade, and there will be safeguards in place to stop powerful Pokémon going to players with a much lower Trainer level.

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    How Do You Get A Lucky Pokmon

    You can get Lucky Pokémon randomly when trading Pokémon with friends. When you trade, theres a small chance that your Pokémon will become Lucky. Both Pokémon will always become Lucky if one does. According to research from The Silph Road, Pokémon are more likely to become Lucky if they were caught long ago.

    From Pokémon Go:

    If youre near a friend and have a Trainer Level of 10 or higher, you can trade Pokémon youve caught with that friend. Completing a trade earns a bonus Candy for the Pokémon youve traded away, and that bonus can increase if the Pokémon you traded were caught in locations far apart from each other! All trades are powered by Stardust, and some trades require more Stardust than others. As you build your Friendship Level with the friend you are trading with, youll find that you can complete the trade with much less Stardust.

    Certain Pokémon, such as a Legendary Pokémon, a Shiny Pokémon, or a Pokémon not currently in your Pokédex, require a Special Trade to complete, so keep that in mind before trading away that golden Magikarp! Special Trades can only occur once per day with a Great Friend or Best Friend, and it often requires a lot of Stardust to complete a Special Trade. Special Trades are a great way to show a friend how much you care!

    What Pokemon Sare Not Allowed For Trading

    Pokemon GO Trading and Friendships  How Do I Trade In Pokemon GO?

    While trading is a great feature in Pokemon Go, it has its own limitations. As of now, there are few Pokemon that you canât trade with a trainer friend. Niantic doesnât allow players to trade Mythical Pokemon like Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi.

    This is due to the fact that Mythical Pokemon are limited to one for each account. Since a player canât have two Mythical Pokemon, Niantic has simply put a restriction on trading them in Pokemon Go.

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    Here’s How Much Stardust It Costs To Trade Pokmon By Friend Level In ‘pokmon Go’

    Trading in Pokemon GO.

    Trading is finally live in Pokémon GO, but it isn’t so easy as finding someone with a creature you want and filling out your Pokédex. No, developer Niantic Labs has instituted a sort of transaction tax to keep the new system from distorting the in-game economy or encouraging shady back-alley meetups. Trading costs Stardust, still one of the most valuable resources is in the game and not easy to part with, particularly in these quantities. Different Pokémon take different amounts of Stardust to trade, however, and the amount of Stardust it takes goes down depending on how good friends you are with the person you’re trading with.

    Luckily, we have the Silph Road to collate all the data is this relatively complicated game and put it all in one place for whenever we need to refer to it. So here are all the Stardust costs by friend level, with credit Janka_lml for putting it together.

    A reddit post about stardust costs to trade in Pokemon GO.

    As you can see, the prices get pretty steep if you’re trying to fill in your Pokédex with high-value creatures by trading with people you’ve just met. The most expensive trade on this list is for a Legendary or Shiny that you don’t yet have in your Pokédex, and it will cost you a whopping 1,000,000 Stardust. Getting to be better friends will help immensely with this, however, bringing the cost of the same trade to a still-substantial but eminently-manageable 40,000 Stardust.

    What Gives The Most Stardust

    Gym raids on Raid Boss Pokemon can reward a good amount of Stardust once the boss is defeated. Pokemon GO players can also obtain Stardust by defeating Team GO Rocket members. Defeating Grunts, Leaders, or Giovanni will yield different amounts of Stardust.

    Is it better to power up before evolving?

    It doesnt really matter unless you care about PVP. Cp is determined by base stats of a pokemon, the pokémons level, and its ivs. Because evolving a pokemon only changes the base stats not the level or ivs, it doesnt matter if you power up a pokemon before evolving or after the cp it gets to wont change.

    Can you buy Stardust? You can not buy stardust, you must collect it by catching pokemon. Similar to candy, stardust is connected to monsters. Unlike candy, it doesnt matter where the stardust came from. Each time you catch a Pokemon, youll be awarded 100 Stardust and three Pokemon Candy, specific to the Pokemon you just caught.

    How much Legendary do you need to trade Stardust? Trading a Legendary or Shiny Pokémon that your friend doesnt have yet can cost up to 1,000,000 Stardust. The trade cost decreases to 800,000 for Great Friends, 80,000 for Ultra Friends, and 40,000 for Best Friends.

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    Best Pokemon To Trade In Pokemon Go

    We will go through the Best Pokemon To Trade In Pokemon GO. These will range from Shiny, Event Only and Meta Relevant Gym Attacker Pokemon. Most importantly we will list all the Regional Pokemon, which for most in Pokemon GO are the rarest pokemon you should trade to complete their Pokedex.

    List of Pokemon You Should Trade In Pokemon GO.


    Based on Releases that Niantic has done in the past, we can take a guess and estimate as to when some of these future updates will be released. These are not actual release dates, these are when we think these features might become available based on Niantic past release record.

    Pokemon GO Trading release in NOWTrainer Battles releasePokemon GO Gen 4 release

    List of Other Features Players Want In Pokemon GO

    • Trainer Battles : Fighting gyms all day is fun, but sometimes you want to measure your Pokemon versus your friends. This is a feature Pokemon go players are eagerly looking forward to using. As for the date, this will be available that is still unknown and could be for quite some time. At least till Pokemon go trading is ready since Niantic has their Pokemon Go trade system is the top priority.
    • Show Other Nearby Trainers: This would be an excellent way to find out who exactly is playing Pokemon go near you. It also will help players find hotspots for Pokemon activity or just places to hang as a Pokemon go player. In the future, this will allow players find each other and even Pokemon Go trade.

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