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How Do You Get Candy In Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go: Using Rare Candies


Much like items like Potions in Pokemon GO, Rare Candies can be used at any point during gameplay. They are found in the items menu alongside the trainer’s other items, so to use them, they will want to hop over to their menu and scroll until they find the candies.

Tap the candies, which will then pull up the trainer’s list of Pokemon.

Once at the list of Pokemon, simply pick the ‘mon that the trainer would like to add candies to. That’s all there is to it!

The Rare Candies should convert into the Pokemon’s candies and be added to its total. Rare Candies are somewhat rare compared to other items, so Pokemon GO trainers will want to be certain that the Pokemon they’re awarding Rare Candies to is worth powering up or evolving.

Simply using Rare Candies to power up wanton Pokemon is not a great way to get a good return on interest.

Primarily, obtaining Rare Candies in Pokemon GO is done by completing raids, trainer battles, and Research Tasks. Additionally, a special variant of Rare Candies exists, known as XL Rare Candies, for players to achieve level 40 or higher.

Like XL Candies, these Rare Candies are specifically for Pokemon that have broken past their limits and have become XL Pokemon. However, without gamers reaching Trainer Level 40, XL Candies and XL Rare Candies will not be available.

Pokmon Go: Every Possible Way To Get Rare Candy

Rare Candy is a hugely important item in Pokémon GO, but what are all the ways it can be obtained in the mobile game?

Rare Candy has always been a coveted item in many Pokémongames. Using one is an easy way to power up or evolve a Pokémon. In traditional Pokémon games, one could obtain a Rare Candy in a few places, such as on the ground, in a trashcan, or in a dark cave.

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These methods are less than ideal in the real world. Thankfully, Pokémon GO offers a few ways to obtain Rare Candy, and it is much easier to get them than in the handheld games. Given that some legendary Pokémon require the Trainer to walk 20 kilometers with them for one measly candy, getting Rare Candy is a must.

Pick Up Let’s Go Eevee Or Pikachu

This isn’t an easy one given the price, but picking up Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee may be the easiest way for you to obtain your Melmetal. Evolving Meltan into Melmetal is a lot easier with Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee for reasons that will be covered later on in this list.

If you’ve not played a Pokemon game before outside of Pokemon Go, the Let’s Go games are actually a really good introduction to the core Pokemon series. It marries the mechanics of the core games with many of the mechanics of Pokemon Go and does so in a game that is a good bit easier than the other Pokemon games of its kind.

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Candy Types And Differences

While exploring Kanto you’ll be able to find three kinds of candy: Rare Candy, species-specific candy, and stats candy. The stats candy aren’t officially called that, but as those have no known name, we’re calling it that for now. All candy change a chosen Pokemon‘s stats.

  • Rare Candy – Like past games, Rare Candy is a special item that instantly raises a Pokemon‘s level by one. As its name suggests, these are rare and hidden throughout Kanto.
  • Species-specific Candy – This candy type is the kind you’d find in Pokemon Go. These candy are named after the Pokemon species they can be given to. It increases all stats by +1. These can be found by combo catching a Pokemon and are generally dropped sparsely.
  • Stats Candy – As you catch Pokemon and send them back to Professor Oak, you’ll get candy that can increase a single stat of a Pokemon.

A Pikachu Candy was used in the screenshot above.

Field Research And Special Research

In addition to catching Pokemon, Pokemon Go has missions to complete called Research tasks. There are two main types of tasks: Field Research and Special Research.

Special Research stories involve completing tasks to help Professor Willow investigate mysterious Pokemon.

Field Research tasks are one-off challenges that are primarily distributed at PokeStops. You’ll receive one random task when you spin a photo disc, and completing it will net you a reward, which can range from an item to a Pokemon encounter.

In addition to a reward, you’ll earn a stamp for the first Field Research task you complete each day. Once you’ve amassed seven stamps, you’ll achieve a Research Breakthrough. This will net you additional rewards, including a chance to catch a special Pokemon. The Research Breakthrough encounter changes each month.

Special Research tasks, on the other hand, are Pokemon Go’s “story” missions. These are introduced by a brief message from Professor Willow and typically come in multiple stages. Each stage you complete will net you various rewards, and completing the entire research line typically culminates in a chance to catch a special, rare Pokemon.

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What Is The Fastest Way To Get Xl Candy In Pokmon Go

Taking all the above methods into consideration, the fastest way to get XL Candy in Pokémon Go is to catch Pokémon, especially if they are evolved, Legendary or Mythical, where XL Candy is guaranteed.

For unevolved Pokémon, there’s still a decent chance going by early user experiences in the Australian test ahead of a worldwide launch, this is around a 15% to 25% that each catch will give you one to three XL Candy for that Pokémon. Those odds, along with the fact catching is the fastest and easiest method on the above list, makes this by far the best way to get XL Candy.

With the introduction of guaranteed XL Candy for evolved, Legendary or Mythical, it’s worth trying to make the use of Raid Hours and other events to help you power up creatures past level 41. Also, it makes opening the Meltan Mystery Box all the more attractive.

For unevolved creatures, there are also occasionally promotions which will give more Candy XL when catching than normal. For example during Season of Legends, certain encounters as part of Go Battle League rewards – including Poliwhirl, Flaaffy, Pupitar, Medicham, Scraggy, Galvantula, Lampent, and Stunfisk – will give more XL Candy.

Regardless, it seems that converting Candy into XL Candy is a very expensive way to level up a Pokémon past Level 40, requiring some 29,600 Candy in total in total. Instead, it’s better to use that Candy to evolve another Pokémon to Level 40.

How To Easily Get Pokemon Go Candy

Now that you know how to get your rare candy, this is how you can use it. As part of the game, you can assign a Pokemon as walking buddy to get a new rare candy. Some of the candies might require traveling for longer distances to drop the rewards and get the candies for the pokemon. For this to be implemented, the best way is to simulate the GPS movement with iMyFone AnyTo.

iMyFone AnyTo is a tool designed to help you change your current location to anywhere you wish to in the world. It can support both iOS ï¼iOS 15 Supportedï¼ and Android devices. It also can support to manage the GPS Location on five different iOS devices. You can simply simulate your movements as well as spoof your location in a hassle-free way. Let us know how you can do this.

Step 1: Download and install the tool on your computer. Now, launch it and click on the âGet Startedâ button to start the process.

Step 2: Connect your iOS or Android device to the PC with the help of USB cable. Once connected, tap on the âTrust this computerâ option on your device.

Step 3: You will be directed to a map page. Here to customize the route, select the âTwo-spot Modeâ which is the first one on the upper right corner.

Step 4: Now, on the map, tap on the place where you want to start the journey and plan the route. You can use the speed bar to slide and customize the speed among walking, cycling or car speed.

Now, watch the video to get more Pokemon with iMyFone AnyTo.

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How To Get Candy

Aside from Rare Candy, the easiest way to get candy is by catching lots of Pokemon. Combos award more candy than catching Pokemon randomly. Learn more about combos on the Pokemon: Let’s Go Catch Combo Guide.

Once you’ve looked over the Pokemon you caught, send the extras to the Professor for even more candy. Professor Oak will send you bonus candy if you’ve sent him a lot of one species of Pokemon.

Tl dr: How Do You Get The Most Candy In Pokmon Go


Here’s your cheat sheet:

  • 3 Candies per base-level Pokémon caught in the wild.
  • 5 Candies per second-level Pokémon caught in the wild.
  • 10 Candies per third-level Pokémon caught in the wild.
  • 6 Candies per base-level Pokémon caught in the wild while using a Pinap Berry.
  • 10 Candies per second-level Pokémon caught in the wild while using a Pinap Berry.
  • 20 Candies per third-level Pokémon caught in the wild while using a Pinap Berry.
  • 5 to 15 Candies per 2 KM Egg hatched.
  • 10 to 21 Candies per 5 KM Egg hatched.
  • 16 to 32 Candies per 10 KM Egg hatched.
  • 1 Candy per Pokémon evolved.
  • 1 Candy per Pokémon transferred to the Professor.
  • 1 Candy per Buddy distance walked.
  • 1 Candy, every once and a while, from feeding a friendly Pokémon on a Gym.
  • 1 Candy per Pokemon Traded > 25 KM
  • 2 Candy per Pokémon Traded 25-100KM
  • 3 Candy per Pokémon Traded > 100KM
  • 2-10 Rare Candies, sometimes, from beating Raid Bosses.
  • 1 Rare Candy for completing specific Field Research tasks

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Is Pokemon Sword Better Than Lets Go

Pokemon Lets Go looks leagues better than Sword/Shield due to its consistent visual quality. Sure, Pokemon Lets Go is not the best looking game on Switch, but I remember being impressed by Lets Gos visuals. Whats more, Lets Go feels like it had more effort put into its visuals than Sword/Shield.

How To Evolve Pokemon Fast In Pokemon Go

The best strategy for evolving a species is to continue capturing Pokémon of the same type. This works well with common Pokémon types such as Pidgey, Weedle, or Caterpie, as their evolution costs are much cheaper than other species. Accumulate as much Candy as you can from captures, and if you need a bit of extra Candy, trade in the weaklings to bolster your supply. Once you have enough Candy to evolve a species multiple times, start evolving the ones with the highest CP. Use a Lucky Egg beforehand to maximize your XP bonus for evolving each creature.

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What Is Xl Candy In Pokmon Go And How Does Xl Candy Work

XL Candy is a new resource available for players who hit Level 40, allowing them to level their Pokémon to an even higher CP level.

As with Levels 1 to 40, this new CP level scales with the new Trainer level cap increase – going all the way to Level 50. It should be noted with XL Candy is that, as soon as you hit Level 40, you can level a Pokémon all the way to 50 if you like – provided you have the XL Candy available.

As with Candy and Mega Energy, each XL Candy is tied to that evolution chain of Pokémon. So if you want to level up a Charizard past its Level 40 CP cap, then you need to get your hands on Charmander XL Candy.

Due to it being an end-game resource, and the ability to make already powerful Pokémon even stronger, it’s harder to get your hands on than existing Candy. That said, many of the methods are the same – it just involves a spot of luck.

Candy Xl Costs Per Level

To power up your Pokémon to level 40, there is a Stardust and candy cost, but to go beyond level 40, you need Candy XL along with your Stardust.

You can power your Pokémon up to Level 50 from a Trainer Level of 40, so you dont need to be above Level 40 to have maxed out Level 50 Pokémon. Level 41+ Pokémon are usable in Master League, but not in Master League Classic.

Levelling up with Candy XL is certainly an expensive endeavour! Purified Pokémon have a slightly reduced Candy XL cost, and Shadow Pokémon have an even higher Candy XL cost.

Do note that it takes two powerups to increase a whole level. It will take you 250000 dust and 296 Candy XL to power up a Pokémon from Level 40 to 50.

The following table lists Candy XL and Stardust Cost for upgrading Pokémon from Level 41 to Level 50 in Pokémon GO:

Candy XL and Stardust Cost from Level 40 to 50


PokéMiners posted a summarised infographic on their data mining channels, which were attaching below:

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Knock The Pokemon Out Of Gym

This can be accomplished by having 3 player with you and making them battling randomly. Follow the below steps to use this trick:

  • Begin a âGym Battleâ with three players.
  • Drop off Player 1 and Player 2 and ensure that player 3 is still battling.
  • Make the Player 1 and 2 join a new battle.
  • Now make the Player 1 to drop off the battle and ensure that Player 2 is battling.
  • Make Player 1 to Join a new battle.
  • Now Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3 will finish the battle at same time.

If we play like this, Pokemon will consider these as separate battles and calculates the damages separately and thereby knocking out the Pokemon out immediately.

What About Transferring Pokmon To The Professor

You can also get Candy by transferring Pokémon to the Professor. These are typically Pokémon you don’t want or need for example, lower powered duplicates of Pokémon you already have. You get one Candy of the appropriate type per transfer. So, if you transfer a Charizard, Charmeleon, and Charmander, you get one Chamander Candy for each.

  • 1 Candy per Pokémon transferred to the Professor.

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How Do You Get Rare Candy In Pokmon Go

The higher the raid tier and the more powerful the Raid Boss, the more rare candy you’ll get. Beat a Tier 1 Magikarp, maybe you get 1-2 rare candies. Beat a Tier 5 Legendary, maybe you get 12

The more Battle Raids you win, the more Raid Bosses you beat, the more rare candy you get.

The second way is by getting and completing some of the more challenging Field Research tasks. You can get one to three rare candy this way, even if you don’t or can’t Raid.

What About Gyms Can You Get Candy From Gyms Now As Well

Pokemon GO – How To Get 100k Stardust & Candy FAST & Why They Are Important

Supposedly! With the new Pokémon Go Gym system, you motivate friendly Pokémon by feeding the Berries Razz, Pinap, Nanab, or Golden Razz. Once in a very rare while, you get a Candy for the kind of Pokémon you feed. So, for example, if you feed a Blissey, you get a Blissey Candy.

I’ve fed hundreds of Berries to Pokémon on Gyms, though, and I can’t recall getting a single Candy, so it’s likely very rare.

  • 1 Candy, very rarely, from feeding a friendly Pokémon on a Gym.

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What Is Pokmon Go Candy & What Can It Do

Candy is the Pokémon Go resource that can be consumed to power up Pokémon. You can find Pokémon Candy from hatched eggs. The Candy is undoubtedly essential in Pokémon Go to evolve the character and boost its strength to level up. A Candy is not worth an upgrade you will require a certain number of these Candy to level up.

The Pokémon Candy requirement varies from ones needs. If you are looking to upgrade Pidgey to Pidgeot, you will require 12 of those Candy. Also, to evolve to Raichu, you will require the 50s of the Pikachu Candy. Similarly, to grow higher, you will need Pokémon Go rare Candy. You can use the rare Candy to power up any Pokémon. The drop-rate of Pokémon using rare Candy is unknown to date. It was first introduced in the 1st generation and has evolved recently. In the recent 5th, 6th and 7th generations, rare Candy is used to cure wounded Pokémon.

In a nutshell, get more Candy in Pokémon Go so you can evolve and power up faster.

How To Transfer Pokmon And Get Extra Candy In Pokmon Go

Update: Pokémon Go now gives you the ability to transfer multiple Pokémon at the same time! It makes it much easier to clean out your storage but you might want to wait a bit before using it… You know, in case there’s a double Candy event over Christmas the way their was over Halloween.

When you catch a Pokémon in Pokémon Go, you get the creature added to your arsenal, of course but you also receive Stardust and a few pieces of creature-specific Candy to help Evolve or Power Up that Pokémon later down the road.

But catching creatures isn’t the only way to get candy: You can transfer extraneous Pokémon to Professor Willow to clear up your Pokémon storage and get a bonus piece of creature Candy, to boot. If you’ve got dozens of the same Pokémon , you can use this trick to get even more candy for some evolutionary excellence .

As such, when you end up with two dozen Rattata, you can clear those critters out of your Pokémon storage with the Transfer command, then use them to evolve your highest Rattata to Raticate, power up your Raticate, or merely grind XP with a Lucky Egg.

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