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What To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword

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Post Game: Things To Do After You Become Champion

32 Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword and Shield!

You did, you’re the new champion! That said, there’s still more to explore and our Post Game page of IGNs Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough and wiki guide will continue to provide info on hidden collectible locations and strategies as you navigate to complete everything else.

There are several things you can do as soon as you return from the Title Screen, but the Legendary Quest and Battle Tower are the biggest in terms of content.

Push Your Luck At The Loto

You can try the Loto-ID in the Rotom PC in any Pokémon Center daily. If the ID No. of any of your Pokémon matches the daily Loto-ID number, you get the chance to win various rare prizes. Thats why its recommended to collect Pokémon with different ID No. by regularly trading with other trainers. Heres the list of Loto-ID digit matches and their respective prizes:

  • One-digit match: Moomoo Milk
  • Five-digit match: Master Ball

What To Do After Game In Pokemon Firered

These two guys missed a couple of steps. Allow me to clear things up. First, after beating the Elite Four, youll need to get data on 60 different Pokemon in your Dex before you can start the Post-game events. Once you do that, go talk to Oak in Pallet Town. Hell give you and your rival the National Dex.

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Encounter : Forest Of Focus


At the Forest of Focus, you’ll find Hop. As he complains about the heat and mentions that Sonia has gone to a place that’s “cold and snowy”. He mentions that Lilligant and Applin can be found in the forest and could be the sources of the mysterious honey.

You soon find a lost Petilil that may be separated from its parents. Hop suggests looking for the Lilligant that is its parent in the forest. You’ll need to find the Lilligant and escort it back to Hop. They will leave and Hop determines that the nectar isn’t the honey that Urshifu likes.

Following that, you’ll follow Hop to a tree in search of Applin. The Applin will run off but then by found at the top of a Berry Tree. After interacting with the tree, it will fall off and run away again. Hop will note it left a moist residue and also decide that it’s not the honey you’re looking for.

Hop then comes to the conclusion that he was thinking too much about what produces the honey rather than what utilises it and suggests that looking for a Vespiquen is the key. He suggests going to Honeycalm Island to search for the Honey.

Get Legendary Clue At Peony’s House

5 Things to Do After Beating Pokemon Sword &  Shield (Post ...

After getting the league card and uniform from Peony, you’ll find something flashing on the floor of his house. Pick it up and bring it to Peony in the Max Lair entrance. After this event, Ultra Beast Pokemon will start to appear in Dynamax Adventures.

Ultra Beast Pokemon

Get Poipole By Catching 5 Ultra Beasts

Even though Poipole and its evolutionary form Naganadel are Ultra Beasts, they won’t actually appear in Dynamax Adventures. You can only get Poipole by catching a total of 5 Ultra Beast Pokemon. After catching 5 Ultra Beasts, an event will start which grants you the Pokemon Poipole!

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Catch More Pokemon In The Wild Area

Once you’re the champion, every Pokemon in the Wild Area will be above level 60, and of course you can capture all the powerful Pokemon you’ve yet to catch. Try doing Raids, too, if you haven’t in a while–the five-star ones are super hard, but you can get some excellent Pokemon from them. Check out our guide to finding cool and rare Pokemon if you’re trying to complete your Pokedex, too.

Hunt For Shiny Pokmon

After you obtain the Shiny Charm, its time to collect all the shiny Pokémon. You can do this either by catching Pokémon in the wild or by hatching them from eggs.

For catching, the more you battle a certain Pokémon in the wild, the higher its shiny chance. For egg hatching, if you breed your Pokémon with a foreign Pokémon , the higher the chance that the Pokémon will hatch as a shiny.

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Are You Still Feeling Bored

If you still feel clueless and bored in the game, this version of the game might seem useful. However, you need to check your devices connectivity for this.

Pokemon sword offers to play battles and trade Pokemon with online players using the devices connectivity.

These are just some of the few ways to take your post-game journey forward. There is more to the game, like a legendary quest that most of you might have known.

Anyways, Like every other Pokemon game, the Pokemon sword goes on endlessly with its interesting post-game objectives. So play Pokemon sword and experience the best gaming experience of the Pokemon series!! This was all about what to do after beating pokemon sword. Hope you found this article interesting.

Complete Crown Tundra Pokedex

11 Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword and Shield | Post Game Features!?

Find all Pokemon in the Crown Tundra to complete the Pokedex. Once you’ve completed it, go to the Crown Tundra station and talk to the researcher there to get rewards such as the Replica Crown, a certificate, and useful items such as Bottle Caps and Rare Candies.

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Find Rare League Cards

You should be able to find old rivals again once you are the world champion in Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you can help them or defeat them in battle, then you can obtain rare league cards. They are a collector item and show signed photos of the trainers.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available now for the Nintendo Switch.

Collect All 100 Technical Machines

There are 100 TMs in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Since youre on a quest to become the best like no one ever was, its important that you have access to various Pokémon moves that you can learn through TMs.

To help you with collecting them all, heres a location guide for all 100 TMs in the region of Galar.

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Battle The Master Trainers

After defeating the Elite Four, players may start to notice that many of the game’s trainers now have a Pokemon symbol floating above their heads. Placing that specific Pokemon at the front of their party will allow players to fight these trainers once more.

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Although they are a little more difficult the second time around, the real challenge is finding them all. There are a lot of them scattered around Kanto 153, to be exact so those hoping to complete all of the extra content in the game can expect to devote quite a bit of time to tracking them all down.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Dlc: Get The Porygon

11 Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword and Shield ...

Porygons are often Pokemon that all fans have close to their hearts as they are extremely rare in the old school games. However, the previous two titles have allowed all players to get them fairly easily, and that is the same in the DLC. After beating Mustard, players can get Porygon simply by talking to it in the Dojo.

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Farm Experience With Wild Chanseys And Blisseys

Pokemon Sword & Shield has lacked a number of easy ways to grind for experience, but the Isle of Armor fixed this by adding a great new way to get a lot of fast experience nearly anywhere. This is thanks to Chansey, and its evolved form Blissey, who both grant an absurdly large amount of experience compared to any other Pokemon you can encounter.

Chanseys and Blisseys will spawn nearly anywhere on the island in the overworld, so you can easily just bike around until one shows up wandering the grass. Giving any Pokemon a Lucky Egg and sending it into battle first will let your newly hatched Pokemon hit the first 30 or 40 levels without wasting your valuable experience candies.

Encounter : Motostoke & Wild Area


After beating Kabu, when you go to leave the city to go to the Wild Area to head towards Hammerlocke, you will bump into Hop and the three Gym Leaders who come to see you off and give you encouragement. However, when you get into the Wild Area, Hop’s enthusiasm shows and he suggests catching more strong Pokémon as he’ll be doing that to fill in the next page of the tale of his Legend. However, Bede soon appears and starts belittling Hop, including how Hop throws a Poké Ball. He then challenges Bede to a battle. Hop insists that he’ll win, but when you reach Hammerlocke, you discover he didn’t.

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Get The Master Ball And Beast Ball

Go back to your home in Postwick and step into the kitchen. A guest will arrive, which is Professor Magnolia. She will hand you a Master Ball. You only get one in the main game, so make sure to use it wisely. But if you are lucky, it is possible to win a Master Ball through the Loto ID.

You can also obtain a Beast Ball in Stow-on-Side. Just talk to the merchant on the right.

Explore The Extra Islands

10 Things To Do After You Beat Pokemon Sword and Shield | Guide | Endgame

There are many different islands to explore around the outskirts of the large main island, and players can find many unique things by adventuring to these mini landmasses that many players might forget to explore.

Most notably, there are several rare Pokemon to catch on these islands, such as Combee, and there are even TRs to pick up from the ground. Be careful when heading to these islands because Sharpedo will chase the player around in the water. These extra islands that most players didn’t explore are great end game content for the expansion pack.

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What To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword

Are you wondering what to do after beating Pokemon sword? Then check out this article. If you have completed at least Pokemon sword or any Pokemon video game all by yourself, you would have known by now that Pokemon games dont come to an end.

Yes! Pokemon video games are known for their post-game gameplay. Sounds different, isnt it?

For Players Who Want To Do Max Raid Battles

Content for Max Raid Lovers
Lucky EggIf a Pokemon holds this, its Exp. points will increase by 1.5x.

Collecting these tools will help you make the most out of the Pokemon you are raising. In addition to the bonuses they add on to your Pokemon, they greatly reduce the time involved with training a powerful Pokemon.

A Ditto with good IVs is a must!

Ditto, who can act as a parent for any Pokemon, is a requirement for getting the best eggs. Since parent Pokemon pass on their IVs to their offspring, you will want to have one with the best IVs available.

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What To Do After Beat Pokemon League In Pokemon Platinum

Finish your pokedex, then go to professor rowens lab in Sand gem town, have him upgrade your pokedex, go to Snowpoint City, go to the boat should take you straight to the Battle Frontier, go up from where your standing, talk to fisherman, he gives you the super rod, keep going up, then you should be running into new pokemon. thanked the writer.

What Happens After You Beat The Elite Four In Pokemon X

Can i beat Pokémon Sword &  Shield only using Sobble? (no ...

After you beat the Elite Four and start the game anew for the first time, your friend Shauna will meet you outside your house. As a congratulatory gift for your success and achievements, shell trade with you the unevolved form of the starter Pokémon she got. If you got Fennekin, shell give you Chespin.

There are plenty of things to do after you beat Pokémon Sword & Shield and while you wait for The Isle Of Armor And Crown Tundra DLC. There was once a time when a game was complete once a player had finished working through its story. That has not been the case for a while now.

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Test Your Battling Skills At The Battle Tower

After completing the Legendary Quest, youll be able to participate in challenging battles at the Battle Tower in Wyndon.

In this tower, youll be able to test your mettle in Pokémon Battles by participating in Single Battles and Double Battles.

Every time you win, you will be rewarded BPs , which you can exchange for special items, bottle caps, mints, and more in the Battle Tower and Hammerlocke Stadium. Every time you rise up in the ranks, you will also be rewarded with more BP and other surprising prizes.

Prove Your Mettle at the Battle Tower in Wyndon

Unlock The Judge Function

Unlocking the Judge Function is very simple. You only need to win six battles in the Battle Tower in either the Single Battle format or the Double Battle format.

Once unlocked, youll be able to determine the IVs of your Pokémon. Since IVs are directly correlated to stats such as HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed, the higher the values are, the stronger your Pokémon are.

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Complete The Isle Of Armor Pokdex

There are over a hundred new Pokemon to catch on the Isle of Armor that were not initially present in Pokemon Sword and Shield at its release in 2019. It is worth catching every possible Pokemon after completing the expansion pack’s storyline.

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Players will get a brand new Pokedex upon arriving at the island for the first time, and it will be helpful to track which new Pokémon players have already caught. There are many different ways to obtain Pokémon in the Isle of Armor DLC, including catching them in the wild, obtaining them from NPCs, trading with NPCs, and Max Raid battles.

Encounter 3: Wyndon Stadium

25 Things To Do After Finishing Pokémon Sword & Shield


After completing the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra storylines, Hop will also get asked to participate in the new Galarian Star Tournament. He insists it won’t affect his studies but is excited to participate. From here on, he can be your partner or opponent throughout the competition.

Pokémon Trainer Hop

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Deliver Food And Receive The Lucky Egg

When you enter the restaurant in Hulbury after completing the game, the chef there will ask you to deliver food for him, but he never seems to ask for his customer’s addresses. The clues he gives will lead you to the house near Hulbury station , the house at the bottom of the stairs in Hulbury , and the stall with the green roof in the marketplace area of Hulbury . The Lucky Egg grants extra Exp. Points to the Pokémon who holds it in battle.

There are many more things to do in the Pokémon Sword & Shield post-game, but these were some options to get you started.

Talk To Honey And Give Her Watts

Honey is present throughout most of the DLC, and giving her Watts will achieve two different important objectives for the player. The first and most well-known aspect of giving Honey Watts will be the upgrades that the dojo gets when the player donates to her. These upgrades include a hairstylist, a terminal, and even a vending machine.

However, if the player gives honey one million Watts, then she will have a special battle with a player, and this is unknown to most fans because it is not stated within her dialogue. Both of these are important in-game tasks to complete for players that went to 100% complete the Isle of Armor DLC.

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Catch All Legendaries In Dynamax Adventures

If you haven’t captured all legendary Pokemon appearing in Dynamax Adventures, repeat them until you’ve caught ’em all. By talking to Peonia and paying her 5 Dynite Ore, she will also give you the location of a specific legendary. Remember that if you fail to catch a Legendary, you can keep taking it on over and over!

Collect All The Rare League Cards

Post Game Guide

Aside from the League Cards you get by completing the game, you can get rare League Cards by doing certain stuff during the postgame. Fortunately, you will be able to collect most of the rare League Cards by completing the Legendary Quest. As for the rest, heres how you can get them:

  • Challenge her to a Pokémon Battle in Spikemuth.
  • Leons Rare League Card Challenge him in the Battle Tower.
  • Roses Rare League Card Talk to Oleanna inside the Galar Mine.
  • Ball Guys Rare League Card Talk to him outside Motostoke Stadium.

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Things To Do After Completing The Post Game In Pokmon Sword And Shield

So much to do. So much to see.

The length of a post-game story varies greatly between games in the Pokémon franchise, and Sword and Shield has a pretty meaty experience ready for you once you and Hop settle things one last time in the Slumbering Weald.

From the Battle Tower to the Wild Area, prepare yourself for multiple challenging battles that will make you truly test your skills in a variety of ways.

You wont need to look very hard to find something to keep you occupied without a guiding narrative, especially since the game pushes you towards the Battle Tower right after the story ends anyway.

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