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What To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword

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Post Game Content And Walkthrough

32 Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword and Shield!

This is a guide to post game content in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Events unlocked after beating the game, as well as things to do in order to fully complete SwSh are all listed here. Champions of Galar who are unsure of what to do next, please read on!

List of Contents

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Icipate In The Galarian Star Tournament

This is the post-game and is only accessible once you’ve completed both the Isle of armor and the Crown Tundra. It is a multi-battle event where you pick a partner and then you go up against other NPCs from the story.

Good luck completing all these 10 after beating the Crown Tundra in the Pokemon Sword and Shield!

Unlock The Judge Function

Unlocking the Judge Function is very simple. You only need to win six battles in the Battle Tower in either the Single Battle format or the Double Battle format.

Once unlocked, youll be able to determine the IVs of your Pokémon. Since IVs are directly correlated to stats such as HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed, the higher the values are, the stronger your Pokémon are.

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Catch Yourself A Legendary Pokemon

It wouldn’t be Pokemon without legendary or mythical Pokemon to catch – and though Sword & Shield do have a few less Pokemon of this type than some other games in the series, you’re still left with a gap in your Pokedex in the shape of Zacian and Zamazenta after completing the main story.

Sword users will have a chance to catch Zacian, while Shield players will get a shot at nabbing Zamazenta. To find your Legendary, head to the Slumbering Weald area and go to the shrine. There’s a little story sequence that takes place here whcih involves one more battle with Hop, and at the end of it you’ll have the chance to catch one of the two powerful legendary Pokemon of old. As we previously said, this might be a place to use your Master Ball.

Catch All Legendaries In Dynamax Adventures

5 Things to Do After Beating Pokemon Sword &  Shield (Post

If you havent captured all legendary Pokemon appearing in Dynamax Adventures, repeat them until youve caught em all. By talking to Peonia and paying her 5 Dynite Ore, she will also give you the location of a specific legendary. Remember that if you fail to catch a Legendary, you can keep taking it on over and over!

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Battle The Master Trainers

After defeating the Elite Four, players may start to notice that many of the games trainers now have a Pokemon symbol floating above their heads. Placing that specific Pokemon at the front of their party will allow players to fight these trainers once more.

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Although they are a little more difficult the second time around, the real challenge is finding them all. There are a lot of them scattered around Kanto 153, to be exact so those hoping to complete all of the extra content in the game can expect to devote quite a bit of time to tracking them all down.

Receive A Rare Type: Null

Type: Null is a rare Normal type Pokémon that you can only obtain post-game. Just go to the Battle Tower in Wyndon and go to the left side of the lobby. Speak to the girl near Type: Null and she will give you one for free. She will also give you some Memories, which are items that Type: Null’s evolution, Silvally, can hold to change its type.

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Catch More Pokemon In The Wild Area

Once youre the champion, every Pokemon in the Wild Area will be above level 60, and of course you can capture all the powerful Pokemon youve yet to catch. Try doing Raids, too, if you havent in a whilethe five-star ones are super hard, but you can get some excellent Pokemon from them. Check out our guide to finding cool and rare Pokemon if youre trying to complete your Pokedex, too.

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Get Yourself A Spirit Tomb

25 Things To Do After Finishing Pokémon Sword & Shield

As you come to a seemingly dead-end thing, you will find a gravestone. When you first come here, it’ll just be a gravestone that will ask you to spread its name. What that means is you have to interact with 50 other players online. Not that you have to battle or trade with him, you just have to talk to him and then they give you a free item. After talking to 50 of these people you will get the spirit team encounter.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Post Game: What To Do After Ending The Game

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now and while it is a lengthy game, some fans have already ended it. You might be wondering what to do after ending the game.

There are a couple of things that can be done in the game once you have completed it. Sadly, the post-game content is quite small compared to the older games.

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Fight Game Freaks Trainer

Throughout your travels you may have encountered certain NPCs who mentioned coming back to visit them when you are champion. These trainers a GAME FREAK trainers. These battles unlock when you are champion. So far Ive fought:

  • Morimoto: in a hotel room on the second floor of the Hotel Ionia in Circhester. He gives the Oval Charm for beating him. Can be fought once per IRL day.
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    Heres A Quick Guide For You To Complete The Legendary Quest:

  • Go to the Altar in the deepest area of Slumbering Weald.
  • Accept Hops Pokémon battle challenge and defeat him.
  • Engage in battle and defeat Sordward or Shielbert .
  • Head to the Pokémon Lab in Wedgehurst and talk to Sonia.
  • Go to Turffield Stadium and battle the berserking Dynamax Pokémon.
  • Go to Hulbury Stadium and Motostoke Stadium, and battle their respective berserking Dynamax Pokémon.
  • Return to the Pokémon Lab in Wedgehurst and talk to Sonia.
  • Fight alongside Hop and defeat Sordward and Shielbert in a Double Battle.
  • Go to Ballonlea Stadium and defeat Bede in a Pokémon Battle.
  • Go to Stow-on-Side Stadium, Circhester Stadium, and Hammerlocke Stadium, and battle their respective berserking Dynamax Pokémon.
  • Head to the Energy Plant in Hammerlocke Stadium and battle Sordward or Shielbert .
  • Head to the Tower Summit of Hammerlocke Stadium and defeat the berserking Zamazenta or Zacian .
  • Engage Zacian or Zamazenta and catch your version-exclusive Legendary Pokémon.
  • Return to the altar in the deepest area of Slumbering Weald and battle Hop for the last time.
  • Test Your Battling Skills At The Battle Tower

    5 Things to Do After Beating Pokemon Sword &  Shield (Post

    After completing the Legendary Quest, youll be able to participate in challenging battles at the Battle Tower in Wyndon.

    In this tower, youll be able to test your mettle in Pokémon Battles by participating in Single Battles and Double Battles.

    Every time you win, you will be rewarded BPs , which you can exchange for special items, bottle caps, mints, and more in the Battle Tower and Hammerlocke Stadium. Every time you rise up in the ranks, you will also be rewarded with more BP and other surprising prizes.

    Prove Your Mettle at the Battle Tower in Wyndon

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    Pokemon Sword And Shield Dlc: Get The Porygon

    Porygons are often Pokemon that all fans have close to their hearts as they are extremely rare in the old school games. However, the previous two titles have allowed all players to get them fairly easily, and that is the same in the DLC. After beating Mustard, players can get Porygon simply by talking to it in the Dojo.

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    Get Legendary Clue At Peony’s House

    After getting the league card and uniform from Peony, you’ll find something flashing on the floor of his house. Pick it up and bring it to Peony in the Max Lair entrance. After this event, Ultra Beast Pokemon will start to appear in Dynamax Adventures.

    Ultra Beast Pokemon

    Get Poipole By Catching 5 Ultra Beasts

    Even though Poipole and its evolutionary form Naganadel are Ultra Beasts, they won’t actually appear in Dynamax Adventures. You can only get Poipole by catching a total of 5 Ultra Beast Pokemon. After catching 5 Ultra Beasts, an event will start which grants you the Pokemon Poipole!

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    Get A Charmander That Can Turn Into Gigantamax Charizard

    Back in Postwick, head to Hop and Leon’s house and go upstairs. You will find a single Poké Ball on the ground. When you pick it up, there’s a letter from Leon, who tells you that this is a special Charmander for you to keep, absolutely free.

    This Charmander will evolve into a Charizard that can Gigantamax.

    How To Catch Shiny Pokemon Easily

    11 Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword and Shield | Post Game Features!?

    The more of the same type of Pokemon youve caught or battled, the more likely you will encounter a Shiny version of them in the wild. Also, the more you encounter a certain Pokemon, the more likely theyll appear in the Wild Area, too! So, if you have your eye on a certain Shiny Pokemon, run into them as often as possible. Your chain in Sword and Shield is permanent, which you can check by looking at your Pokedex.

    Additionally, youll want to unlock the Shiny Charm if you want to get serious about Shiny hunting. The Shiny Charm will further increase your odds when catching a Shiny, when either catching, fishing, or breeding. See How to Unlock the Shiny Charm.

    Check this chart to see the rates youll encounter a Pokemon based on how many youve battled, and if you have the Shiny Charm.

    Shiny Pokemon Hunting Odds Chart

    1/682 1/512

    Reminder, these battles can happen at any time, they do not have to be done one after the other! This is the total number of battles done in the entirety of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    The multiplier and odds are from the official Pokemon website and the Odds w/ Shiny Charm rates are from

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    Find All The Rare League Cards

    Some characters have a special rare version of their League Card that you can only get after you beat the main story. Here’s a list of each rare card and where to find it. Take note, many of these cards will be given to you during the Legendary Quest.

    During the Legendary Quest:

    • – Speak to and battle Marnie at Spikemuth.
    • Rose – Speak to Oleanna in the Galar Mine.
    • Ball Guy – Speak to Ball Guy outside the Motostoke Gym.
    • Leon – Defeat Leon in the Battle Tower.

    Turrfield Gym: Tsareena Raid

    Agree to help and you’ll start up a raid boss battle against a Tsareena with help from Hop, Piers, and Milo. Tsareena is weak to Fire!

    After defeating it, two more spots will be detected with the Power Spot Detector.

    Reach Motostoke Gym and help Kabu fight a giant Torkoal. Water, Ground, and Rock attacks here!

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    Things To Do After Beating Pokemon Sword And Pokemon Shield

    · Updated November 26, 2019

    In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield you complete the game when you defeat Leon in the Pokemon Championship final. This victory marks the end of the game as it were and the credits will roll. After the credits roll you might be wondering what else to do. Here are 5 Things to Do After Beating Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

    Are You Still Feeling Bored

    5 Things to Do After Beating Pokemon Sword &  Shield (Post

    If you still feel clueless and bored in the game, this version of the game might seem useful. However, you need to check your devices connectivity for this.

    Pokemon sword offers to play battles and trade Pokemon with online players using the devices connectivity.

    These are just some of the few ways to take your post-game journey forward. There is more to the game, like a legendary quest that most of you might have known.

    Anyways, Like every other Pokemon game, the Pokemon sword goes on endlessly with its interesting post-game objectives. So play Pokemon sword and experience the best gaming experience of the Pokemon series!! This was all about what to do after beating pokemon sword. Hope you found this article interesting.

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    Time To Go Shiny Hunting

    One of the most popular things to do once you’ve completed a Pokémon game is to hunt for Shiny Pokémon. For those who aren’t aware, Shiny Pokémon are rare, alternately-colored versions of Pokémon. Without the Shiny Charm that we mentioned, the odds of finding a Shiny in the wild or breeding one is 1/4096. With the Shiny Charm, your odds become 1/1365.33.

    However, you can increase your odds of finding a Shiny Pokémon even more by getting catch combos, and battling a specific Pokémon a lot. For more in-depth detail about how to catch Shiny Pokémon, check out our Shiny catching guide.

    Shiny Hunting In Pokemon Sword & Shield

    Shiny Pokemon are the rarest creatures in the game. Players will need to be extremely lucky to found one of these colored variant Pokemon. Each Pokemon has a Shiny form and the game makes it much easier to find them. From collecting the Shiny Charm and Egg Charm to breeding or battling for Shiny Pokemon, theres so much to do to find these Pokemon. Its also extremely satisfying to finally find one. Players will need to have the patience for this one.

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    How To Pass Down Natures

    Natures are another important factor to having a great Pokemon. Read more about Natures here.

    To pass down a Pokemon’s nature, give it an Everstone to hold. The offspring will inherit the Nature of the Pokemon holding the Everstone.

    will notYou can find an Everstone to the right of Turfield Stadium.

    What Happens After You Beat The Elite Four In Pokemon X

    10 Things To Do After You Beat Pokemon Sword and Shield | Guide | Endgame

    After you beat the Elite Four and start the game anew for the first time, your friend Shauna will meet you outside your house. As a congratulatory gift for your success and achievements, shell trade with you the unevolved form of the starter Pokémon she got. If you got Fennekin, shell give you Chespin.

    There are plenty of things to do after you beat Pokémon Sword & Shield and while you wait for The Isle Of Armor And Crown Tundra DLC. There was once a time when a game was complete once a player had finished working through its story. That has not been the case for a while now.

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    Challenge Red At The Indigo League

    Once players have defeated six of the master trainers, Red will finally appear outside of the Pokemon League. Hes considerably more difficult than both Blue and Green combined due to him boasting a team of Pokemon that are all level 85.

    Players should aim for a team that is at least level 75 before taking him on and stocking up on max revives, max potions and full restores is something of a must. Challenging though he may be, defeating Red is definitely possible and the sign of a true Pokemon Champion.

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    Track Down Your Legendary

    Both Pokemon Sword & Shield have Legendary Pokemon, both are heavily involved in the latter stages of the story, but you can also capture one of these awesome Pokemon for yourself. Zacian and Zamazenta can be caught once youve completed the game. Head to Slumbering Weald to begin the long quest to get your legendary Pokemon. Be sure to check out our guide on finding the legendary Pokemon if you get stuck.

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    How To Unlock The Shiny Charm

    The Shiny Charm further increases your chance when shiny hunting, but requires a bit of work to get. You must catch all 400 Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield to unlock the Shiny Charm see our List of Pokemon Locations to help fill out your Pokedex!

    After filling your Pokedex, head to Circhester. Enter the hotel on the left, and use the elevator to go to the rooms. Enter the last room down the hallway on the left. Inside, talk to the doctor in this room. Hell give you a Shiny Charm once you complete your Pokedex.

    Complete The Isle Of Armor Pokdex

    5 Things to Do After Beating Pokemon Sword &  Shield (Post

    There are over a hundred new Pokemon to catch on the Isle of Armor that were not initially present in Pokemon Sword and Shield at its release in 2019. It is worth catching every possible Pokemon after completing the expansion pack’s storyline.

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    Players will get a brand new Pokedex upon arriving at the island for the first time, and it will be helpful to track which new Pokémon players have already caught. There are many different ways to obtain Pokémon in the Isle of Armor DLC, including catching them in the wild, obtaining them from NPCs, trading with NPCs, and Max Raid battles.

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