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What Was The First Pokemon Game

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When Is The New Pokemon Game Coming Out

The First Pokemon Game Ever – Pokemon fire Red Version

A Pokémon RPG for Switch is coming in late 2019. The three new Pokémon games announced for Switch arent Game Freak s next new Pokémon RPG. A new Pokémon game is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

And thus began a franchise that went on to become the second largest gaming franchise ever. 26 February 1996 marks the debut of the Pokémon franchise in the form of both those games on the Game Boy in Japan.

Pokemon Diamond And Pearl

When you compare them with the other games in the series, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl didnt do anything too groundbreaking to really shake things up. One notable thing it did do, however, was bring Pokemon trading into the modern age. Instead of using a cable link, it made use of the Nintendo DS’ WiFi connectivity to trade Pokemon with other players. While some new features did come into play too, most of them built on those that were already introduced in Ruby and Sapphire. Before the enhanced Platinum version came along, the animations had a habit of slowing down the battle sequences, which made the pacing feel a bit off. It does also deserve some credit for its story: the evil Team Galactic conduct science experiments to try and take control of the Legendaries in the Sinnoh region in some rather weird ways, but its not as gripping as other stories we get to experience.

Who Created Pokemon And What Year Was It Released

Nintendos global success with the Pokemon games led to their recent release of Pokemon Go. This game has gotten the attention of gamers worldwide, even in countries where gaming is banned. But how was this video game franchise created?

The original creator of Pokemon is Satoshi Tajiri who was inspired by his childhood hobby catching small creatures called cooties. For those unfamiliar with the term cooties, it is a childhood phrase used to describe insects and other crawling creatures.

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What Order Should You Play The Pokmon Games

The best order in which to play the mainline Pokemon RPG games is the order in which they were released. This way, youll be gradually introduced to new regions and more cute critters as you go, rather than being absolutely overwhelmed at the start of your journey.

Weve omitted spinoff titles like Pokemon Snap on this list, because really you can dip into those whenever you want, and youll have a nice time without having to worry about the timeline.

If its the main saga of Pokémon that you want to play through, though, below youll find the best order in which to do it!

Pokmon Trading Card Game

The First Pokemon Game for Smartphones Is Nothing Like ...
  • JP: December 18, 1998
  • AU: April 7, 2000
  • NA: April 10, 2000
  • EU: December 15, 2000
Single-player, multiplayer

Pokémon Trading Card Game is a video game adaptation of the original tabletop trading card game of the same name, which in turn was based on the Pokémonrole-playing video game series. Developed by Hudson Soft and Creatures, and published by Nintendo, it was initially released in Japan on December 18, 1998, with an English version appearing in Australia on April 7, 2000, North America on April 10, 2000, and in Europe the following December. The title features digital versions of cards from the first three sets of the trading card game originally released in English by Wizards of the Coast between 1998 and 1999, as well as exclusive cards not available outside of the game.

A second Game Boy Color game, Pokémon Card GB2: Great Rocket-Dan Sanjo! , was released in Japan on March 28, 2001, having a centered storyline. Although this sequel was not released on North America or Europe, several enthusiasts have released English translations.

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Sinnoh Is Brilliant & Shiny

On February 26, 2021, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, remakes of the Generation IV games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, were announced on that day’s Pokémon Presents with a release date of late 2021. Pokémon Legends: Arceus was also announced during same Pokémon Presents, slated to be released in early 2022.

Pokemon Diamond & Pearl 1767 Million

The Nintendo DS Pokemon game from 2006 came in two versions, Diamond and Pearl. With combined sales of 17.67 units, these entries are the fourth-bestselling Pokemon games. these games are set in a fictional region of Sinnoh and follow a new trainer who wants to become the Pokemon League Champion.

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The gameplay is largely the same as with the previous entries but Diamond and Pearl do add a multiplayer option where players can battle against other trainers. The games received favorable reviews and won an award for the Best Handheld Game at G-Phoria 2007.

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Why Is Pokemon Still Relevant Today After All These Years

This question has no real answer, but its clear that the franchise has taken on a life of its own. There are many reasons why people adore this series that started in 1996. Pokemon has always been fun for kids and adults alike with its unique art style, characters, story, and collectibles that can be purchased.

Even though pokemon is for everyone, it has always had its main base in children. For this reason, the franchise continuously introduces new generations of people to its world through video games, television shows, movies, toys, and card games. And every child who gets into pokemon becomes an adult fan eventually.

All The Main Pokmon Games In Chronological Order

Pokemon Red Version The First Pokemon Game I Completed (Story)

Were you there when it all started?

Designing a game is one thing, but creating a franchise and turning into an empire is another.

While it may be relatively easy to attract masses during the information age, it was a whole different world in the 90s. Pokémon first came out as an RPG for Nintendos Game Boy, and after a local launch in Japan, the attention surrounding the future third best-selling video game franchise started to increase.

The anime adaptation of the first titles allowed the Pokémon fever to cross continents. Alongside early adaptors, a chunk of the player base was introduced to the series through the anime series, which also shaped many fans childhoods.

The Pokémon franchises core titles were released in generations. This meant that each game had different Pokémon and characters. This evergoing cycle kept the masses coming for more while also increasing the Pokédexs size. Trainers naturally wanted to continue catching them all, and they were also hooked by the new storylines.

Theres no doubt that excellent developers took part in making each Pokémon game, but theres another factor that was key to the franchises success. Controlling the hype and enthusiasm around your franchise is another critical factor that makes or breaks series. Too much or too little of anything can easily reduce players interests, and Pokémon did it just right.

Here are all the Pokémon games from the core series in chronological order.

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The Pokmon Series Added Shiny Pokmon In Generation 2

Like many mechanics in the Pokémon series, Shiny hunting has evolved with each new game and console. Whereas players once had to engage in endless random encounters to find a Shiny, now they can increase their odds by Chaining encounters of the same species repeatedly or by entering Dynamax Adventures in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Players can also breed and hatch Pokémon eggs to get a Shiny, giving them a chance to potentially have a special Pokémon with carefully bred stats.

While all Shiny encounters are usually a cause for Pokémon fans to celebrate, some Shiny Pokémon appear to be worth more than others to dedicated Shiny hunters. Even though Shiny Pokémon have become more popular and easier to catch in recent titles, some of the most coveted Shinies are the ones captured in older games like Generation 2, then painstakingly transferred from game to game. This intensity in Shiny hunting has created an entire community of Shiny hunters online, some of whom post YouTube videos of their journey to collect as many Shinies as they can. These dedicated hunters share their methods with other Pokémon fans, spreading their wisdom in hopes that it could lead others to a successful hunt for a rare Shiny.

Pokemon Heartgold & Soulsilver 1272 Million

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions are the remakes of the Gold and SilverPokemon games published in 1999. The starting Pokemon to chose from are Chikorita, Cyndiquil, and Totodaille.

Like in the original versions, the story takes place in Kanto and Johto regions where the player catches Pokemon and fights the gym leaders with an occasional battle against the well-known Team Rocket. The ultimate battle is against Red, the games’ final boss. The games received positive reviews and sold 12.72 million copies on Nintendo DS.

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A New Light Shines On Alola

Two follow-up games, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, were announced during a Nintendo Direct presentation on June 6, 2017. The games were released exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS on November 17, 2017, featuring an alternate storyline set in Sun and Moon’s world, and will feature new Pokémon not available in the original games.

It’s A Second Step Into Unova

90s Kid Presents: The Top 16 Greatest Video Games of the ...

It was always anticipated that Black and White would eventually get a third version, as past generations have. Many assumed it would be called “Pokémon Grey Version”. However, this time there would be sequels, and with a different plot altogether.

Sequels to Black and White, Pokémon Black and White Versions 2, were released to Japan in June 2012 and came to North America, Europe and Australia in October 2012. The games feature two new forms of Kyurem, called Black Kyurem and White Kyurem , as well as new forms of the Forces of Nature and Keldeo. The games take place two years after Black and White, and many things have changed in the Unova region.

Some manga series followed the release of the second paired versions, most notably a new chapter of Pokémon Adventures which began its serialization in July 2013 .

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What Pokemon Was Invented First

The very first Pokémon ever created, according to interview information provided by Gamepedia, was the Ground/Rock type evolution Rhydon. Originally, Pokémon designs were going to be more heavily inspired by dinosaurs, and Rhydons design captures that first vision well, sporting horns, a long tail, and a dinosaur-like body.

Pokmon White/black And White/black 2

Starter Pokémon: Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott

Generation five was an oddity. It was the first in the series to get a direct sequel, with Black 2 and White 2 releasing a year after the originals. The sequels did retread familiar territory, but told a new story and featured some new areas and new Pokémon. Generation five also holds the record for the most Pokémon, with 156 new Pokémon to catch.

Even more so than Diamond and Pearl, though, gen five, especially the sequels, felt like a stopgap for the series next evolution. While we regard generation five as the worst, we still think its pretty darn good. It didnt introduce much new at all, but the true sequel concept was intriguing nonetheless.

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Generation 1 Pokmon Games

The following games are the first out for the franchise and they were all released for the original Game Boy. One side note here is that Green was only available in Japan although many have been able to get their hands on the game over the years. Another thing to note is that, unless youre a true completionist, you only really need to play one game from each generation. These are your options to start off with:

  • Pokémon Red
  • Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire

    The FIRST Pokemon Remake Games… (Fire Red & Leaf Green)

    While a lot of formula remained unchanged, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire took the series into a vibrant world of colour on the GameBoy Advance. The Pokemon sprites popped from screen like never before, and the magical start up screen is hard to forget. It was also the first Pokemon game to introduce a lot of elements and features that continued throughout the series. 2v2 double battles popped up for the first time, and Pokemon were also attributed with different Natures which affected their overall stats. An extensive list of new abilities were also first introduced in this entry, which were specific to different types – this really added more depth to the battles compared to the games that came before. Contests were also brought in to add new challenges to the gameplay. The Hoenn region was a great setting, and the Legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre – who could summon a specific weather element into battle – were very memorable. Since Ruby and Sapphire built upon what Silver and Gold established without veering off into any drastic new direction, it didnt feel quite as special.

    Several years after its release in 2003, an updated edition followed in the shape of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

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    Pokemon X & Y 1653 Million

    Pokemon X and Y were the first Pokemon games published on Nintendo 3DS, therefore featuring Pokemon in fully 3D polygonal graphics, which was, speaking of it, very well received. Aside from that, the two versions of the game feature 72 new Pokemon as well 30 Mega Evolutions for already fully evolved Pokemon such as Charizard and Blastoise.

    The two games managed to sell 16.53 million copies, which is impressive considering X and Y were published on the Nintendo 3DS. The commercial success followed the critical and the game won the Golden Joystick Award for the Best Handheld Game of the Year.

    The Best Pokemon Games Ranked From Worst To Best

    Just what are the best Pokemon games in the core series? Over the years, we’ve seen eight generations of Pokemon games on Nintendo’s handheld consoles. With so many choose from in the ever-evolving franchise, it can be hard to rank all of them from worst to best. Some added new features to bring something fresh and new to the series, while others stuck to that classic formula we’ve come to know and love. And certain Pokemon games may hold a special nostalgic factor for different players.

    Of course, when it comes to Pokemon, we’ve also seen some fantastic spin-offs such as Pokemon Go, the classic Pokemon Trading Card Game for the GameBoy, and Pokemon Let’s Go, to name a few. But this list is focusing solely on the core series. With Pokemon Legends: Arceus coming next year and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl on the horizon, now’s a better time than any to look back on the series so far. From the most recent Pokemon Sword and Shield to Pokemon Red and Blue, we’ve ranked all of the best Pokemon games from worst to best. Which one will take our number one spot? Read on to find out.

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    Sword Dlc: Pokmon Sword Expansion Pass

    With this pass, Pokémon Sword owners can explore two new locations within the Galar region: the Crown Tundra and the Armor Isle. The Crown Tundra is filled with legendary Pokémon from previous games, while the Armor Isle provides a new storyline and a new Pokémon for players to evolve. You do need the base game to play this DLC.

    Pokmon Black And White 2

    My first shiny in any Pokemon game ever! : pokemongo
    • Release Date: June 23, 2012
    • Platform: Nintendo DS

    The Pokémon Black and White 2 was a direct sequel of the Pokémon Black and White, thus breaking the tradition of remastering the same game that had been followed up until this point.

    The game continues the story of the protagonist in a new and different part of the Unova map, with new cities such as the Humilau city.

    Team Plasma, the enemies of the first game, have reformed under the rule of Ghetsis, a tyrannical King who was defeated by the protagonist in the previous game.

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    List Of All Pokemon Games In Chronological Order

    Pokemon is one of the longest-running video game series. With over dozens of main games and hundreds of spin-offs, the Pokemon series has become a staple of the gaming community.

    The first main Pokemon game, Pokemon Red, came out all the way back in 1996 for the original Gameboy.

    Since then, there have been numerous games for every console released by Nintendo. A new Pokemon generation accompanies the release of a new Nintendo console.

    It is intriguing to know the fact that the main series of Pokemon games were initially released only on handheld Nintendo consoles.

    With so many Pokemon Games out there, it is hard to keep a tab on them. Thats where this handy list comes in.

    Here youll find a complete list of all pokemon games in order, starting from the very first one all the way up to Pokemon Sword and Shiel, the latest game in the main series.

    Well start off with the main series, ordered by generation and consoles, and then dive deeper into the spin-offs, handhelds and numerous other recognized Pokemon games in order.

    Pokmon Ruby And Sapphire

    These versions were the first installments in the Pokémon series third generation.


    Some key features of these versions include double battles and new Pokémon abilities.

    Developer: Game Freak

    Publisher: The Pokémon Company Nintendo

    Release: November 21, 2002 , March 19, 2003 , April 3, 2003 , July 25, 2003

    Platforms: Game Boy Advance

    This game includes three basic screens the field map, the battle screen, and the menu.

    Why players should play this game

    Some great features of this game include:

    • There is a new Elite Four and its champion makes use of a Steel-type Pokémon.
    • There are 135 new Pokémon introduced in this version.

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