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Pokemon Black 2 Gift Pokemon

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To 2013 Pokemon Mystery Events

All Gift Pokemon (Pokemon Black 2/White 2)

So, what do you get out of these Mystery Gift events? Let me tell you, theres a lot to unpack here. This includes event-based Pokemon only obtainable by attending major Pokemon events personally, like the World Championships, but also includes Pokemon and items from around the world in some cases, such as the 2012 Pika Pika Carnival event in Singapore. It includes online wi-fi events and Gamestop on-site events. In the HGSS games, the Yellow Road allow your game to tie to the Pokewalker with new Pokemon that can be caught. Yellow Road is nothing but Pikachus, including a possible Pikachu that knows Surf and one that knows Fly .

Pokemon Black 2 Cheats Action Replay Codes: Tested Working For Na Version

Please note: Be warned that some listed cheats could potentially cause problems to your game. Our readers have reported messing of key items and random crashing. As a rule of thumb, save the game before applying any cheats. When you observed irregularities after applying a cheat, dont save your progress and restart your game.

Gift Pokmon Given By Trainers In The Games

As with wild Pokémon, gift Pokémon will have the last four moves they could have learned by level up except under extraordinary circumstances. Normally, the player is treated as the Original Trainer of gift Pokémon they receive from NPCs however, in some particular cases, such as Webster‘s Spearow in Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver and N’s Pokémon in Black 2 and White 2, the NPC is retained as the Pokémon’s Original Trainer.

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Getting A Shiny Pokmon As A Gift Is An Opportunity Not To Be Missed

While Dratini can be obtained as a gift from the Dragon’s Den Master in the Gen II games and remakes, there is an especially exciting Gift Pokémon opportunity in Black 2 & White 2. Depending on the game, the player gets either a Shiny Dratini or a Shiny Gible from Benga.

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In White 2, the player can receive the Shiny Dratini after defeating Benga at White Treehollow, while in Black 2, the Shiny Gible can be obtained after beating Benga at Black Tower. The Gift Pokémon are only level 1, but they are incredible and usable Dragon-types in their respective shiny forms, making them an instant addition to any team.

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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2Pokémon Black and White

The game has a brand new story than the previous games, having a new plot and features.

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Receiving An Eevee Opens Up Plenty Of New Opportunities

Receiving an Eevee as a gift is a common occurrence in the Pokémon games, even more so than getting a Togepi Egg. With there now being eight different species to evolve an Eevee into, they can become an instant member of any team, with plenty of possibilities to evolve according to overall team type matchups and balance.

Eevee has been gifted by trainers during the normal Pokémon Gym Badge grind in both the Gen I and II games, with a trainer on the Celadon Mansion rooftop and Bill in Goldenrod, respectively. However, there have also been times when Eevee can’t be acquired until after defeating the Elite Four and the main portion of the game. Regardless, Eevee is still easily one the best Gift Pokémon in the entire series.

How To Get Pokemon Events For Generation 4 Games

For the Gen 4 games, however, their internet settings were individual in each game. So, head into the opening menu, just after the title screen of your choice of game. Somewhere on the list, its going to mention Nintendo WFC. For Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, use the above paragraph to do the same thing, but within the game settings. For Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, it takes some additional steps.

Starting off, do you have Mystery Gift unlocked yet? Head to Jubilife City and into the Jubilife TV building. On the third floor, find the man in the bottom left area and he will ask two questions. For the first question, choose EveryoneHappy, then for question two, answer Wi-fiConnection. This will unlock Mystery Gift in the usual menu before you start the game.

For the three in question, however, the stars have to align and youll need an older-style WPS setting on your router. Some older Wireless-N routers have them built in and its a matter of a setting. But, it will ask for the WPS code that is used instead of the usual password. Some phone hotspots have this ability built in as well and may take some additional settings to fiddle with. Try the same DNS settings as above , but another additional possibility is putting as the primary and setting the secondary to or If none of these options work, you may be out of luck for this one.

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Silvally Can Become Any Type That Its Trainer Wishes It To Be

Type: Null is certainly one of the more unique species of Pokémon, in part due to its synthetic nature and origin. Introduced in Gen VII, with it being created by Faba, it has appeared as a Gift Pokémon in both the Alola and Galar regions and is another Gift Pokémon that provides unique adaptable capabilities.

Type: Null’s evolved form Silvally is able to change its type if holding the corresponding Memory Disk, which in turn changes the typing of its signature move, Multi-Attack. This versatile Pokémon can be acquired as a post-game gift in Sun & Moon and is available at the Battle Tower in Sword & Shield.

Beldum Is A Valuable Gift Pokmon Even If The Timing Is A Little Off

Can you beat Pokémon MOON BLACK 2 using only GIFT POKEMON?! (Rom hack, no items)

Receiving a Beldum from Steven at his Mossdeep City house in the Gen III games and their remakes is a fantastic addition to the party, but it comes with the drawback of only happening after the player’s completion of the Elite Four challenge and induction into the Hall of Fame.

Given to the player at a low level 5, with enough care and training, this Beldum can become the powerful Psychic-Steel Metagross, a behemoth in its own right. While such an acquisition would be more valuable in the leadup to challenging the Elite Four, it doesn’t change the fact that it is an impressive Pokémon to receive as a gift.

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Leon Shares The Sensation Of Having A Gigantamaxing Charizard In The Sword & Shield Post

The Gen VIII games Sword & Shield are not often discussed as being among the best Pokémon games of all time, but there are several things that they did get right, with one being the Gift Pokémon available. While starter Pokémon are often not applicable in the same breath as the likes of Eevee, in these games, it is possible to get a Charmander from Leon’s house after becoming the Champion.

Charizard is Leon’s ace throughout the games, and this is also showcased in the Pokémon Journeys anime. Leon’s gift gives the player the chance to have their very own Gigantamaxing Charizard, which is an exciting prospect in itself. Post-game gifts often offer up that annoyance of not being given sooner, but that annoyance is quickly forgotten in this case.

The Powerful Lucario Can Be Obtained As A Gift In X & Y

In the Gen IV games of Diamond & Pearl and their recent remakes, a Riolu can be obtained as a Gift Pokémon but with the catch that it’s in a Pokémon Egg. In X & Y, however, it is possible to get the evolved form Lucario as a Gift Pokémon at an impressive level of 32, cutting out plenty of training time and effort.

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The player can get their Lucario from Korrina at the Tower of Mastery upon utilizing Mega Evolution with a Lucario loaned to them, which will subsequently choose to stay with the player following the battle. Lucario is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the entire franchise, so to receive one at a decent level as a gift can be considered a win for any player.

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Pokmon Black 2 Locations

  • Black City: Although Black City made its debut in Pokémon Black, it has returned with a brand new look and some new features. In addition to new trainers who inhabit the city, theres also a Black Tower which enables you to battle increasingly tough opponents floor after floor and win items. You earn experience during these battles and cannot use items in or between battles. Black City may also be accessed from White 2 after receiving the key as a reward for beating Floor 5 of the Black Tower and transferring the key via the Unova Link.
  • Reversal Mountain: The cave shown above on the left shows Reversal Mountain as it appears in Pokémon Black 2. Although the change is just aesthetic, players can still enjoy the refreshing water-based stroll through Heatrans home.
  • Opelucid City: A futuristic version of Opelucid awaits players of Black 2, but only the appearance differs from white 2. All else is the same.
  • Route 4: In Black 2, Route 4 features a heavily developed area with modern buildings .

Pokmon White 2 Differences

Pokemon Black 2 (J) Lets Play
  • Assist Mode Key: By beating the Champion of the Elite 4 you can unlock this key which will lower the difficulty of all trainers in the game
  • Iceberg Key: By catching Regirock you may unlock this key which allows you to go to some underground ruins to catch Regice
  • White Forest Key: By winning Floor 5 of White Treehollow you can unlock the ability to let your friends with Black 2 access White Forest

FunFest Missions: Depending on your game version, the missions can vary. These are wireless multiplayer quests which have different goals, ranging from finding an item one player has hid to battling NPCs.

Join Avenue: This is a road in which new shops can open depending on who you pass while having your C-Gear on. Some shops differ depending on whether youre playing Black 2 or White 2.

Game Aesthetics: Black 2 and White 2 both feature their flagship color heavily in the user interface. For example, the HP bars of Pokémon have a black or white background depending on which version youre playing. The backgrounds also change for the screen that lists the name of the location you walk into.

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Changes From Black And White

  • The Gym Leader lineup has been reorganized.
  • Cheren is now a Normal-type Gym Leader and the first encountered.
  • Two new Gym Leaders appear, Roxie, who appears as the second Gym Leader encountered, and , the new final Gym Leader encountered.
  • Lenora, Brycen, and Striaton CityGymLeaders have since stepped down from their positions.
  • Iris also changes her position of being a gym leader in Pokémon White Version due to being the new champion.
  • Bianca, Cheren, Elesa, Iris and Ghetsis return with new designs.
  • Bianca is now the assistant of Professor Juniper.
  • Alder has stepped down from the Champion position and Iris has taken his place.
  • Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus get new formes called their “Therian” formes, which can be changed via the Reveal Glass.
  • Keldeo has a new forme called the “Resolution Forme”. Keldeo changes to its Resolution Forme when it learns Secret Sword and changes back when the move is forgotten.
  • Instead of specific trainers having sprite animations, all trainers in the game have sprite animations.
  • The Team Plasma has now split into two groups, one that has since seen the error of their ways but are still loyal to N and his goal to free Pokémon and the other follows Ghetsis and his plans for control over Unova.
  • Every gym from Black and White has had a redesign in their puzzles and every gym has remix of their music except Cheren. This is due to the fact that Cheren is a Normal-type.
  • These are the first games where the Gym music is remixed in different gyms.
  • Playing The Sword & Shield Dlc Will Get The Player A Powerful Gigantamaxing Urshifu

    The first of two DLCs to be introduced to Sword & Shield, Isle of Armor re-introduced a considerable number of returning Pokémon to the games, albeit it in an exciting new location, made up of several islands and different terrains. While the additional story isn’t particularly heavy, it revolves around the Master Dojo, with the Fighting-type specialist Mustard leading the way.

    If the player can pass three trials set by Mustard, they earn a Kubfu as a prize, and can then decide between two paths for evolving it into an Urshifu, the Single Strike Style dual Fighting-Dark route or the Rapid Strike Style Fighting-Water alternative. Regardless of the chosen path, Urshifu can become a powerful and reliable member of any team, especially with its Gigantamax capabilities.

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    Lapras Can Be A Game Changer If Integrated Well Into A Balanced Team

    It is an absolute game-changer when the player receives a Lapras as a gift while taking on Team Rocket at the Silph Co. building in the Gen I games and the subsequent remakes. Not only is Lapras a Water-type that can help the player by using Surf outside of battle, but it is also an Ice-type, a rare commodity in the early generations.

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    Ice-types are often considered to be one of the weaker types due to their sheer number of weaknesses, and Lapras’s dual Water-Ice typing is even more problematic. Still, it is a bulky Pokémon that can be especially useful against Giovanni’s Ground-types and eventually Lance’s Dragons.

    How To Get Pokemon Events In Generation 5 Games

    Where Is: Eevee (Gift Pokemon) (Pokemon Black 2/White 2)

    To begin, this exploit is doable on the Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, and 2DS XL for both generation 4 and 5, as well as the Nintendo DS and DS Lite for Generation 4. Nintendo DSi does not work for this, unfortunately. For brevity, we will give the 3DS/2DS version for this guide, but the steps for Gen 4 work the same way in DS/ DS Lite.

    Do you already have an internet connection set up on your 3DS? If so, skip this part. If not, head to the System Settings, then into Internet Settings, and finally Connection Settings from there. Add a New connection and take on the tutorial to set up an internet connection onto the 3DS. Test your connection and ensure its successful.

    Now that you have an internet connection, head to Change Settings and find DNS. Itll ask if you want to Auto-obtain the DNS and youre going to want to set this to No. Youll then see a primary and a secondary DNS. In the primary DNS, type in Leave the second one as all zeros and hit OK. No, seriously thats it for the Gen 5 games. Youre done and ready to go.

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    A Porygon With Its Hidden Ability Can Be Obtained In The Sword & Shield Dlc Isle Of Armor

    The unusual Normal-type Porygon is obtainable as a gift in multiple games in the franchise, most notably in Platinum, Sun & Moon, and the Sword & Shield Isle of Armor DLC. It can be obtained in the latter from Hyde after defeating Mustard for the third time at the Battle Court, with the player getting a level 25 Porygon with its Hidden Ability of Analytic.

    Analytic can allow Porygon to deal more damage if it moves after all other Pokémon in the battle. This can allow for creative strategies to be thought of by the player to get the best out of Porygon and its ability.

    Pokmon Black 2 Differences

    • Challenge Mode Key: By beating the Champion of the Elite 4 you can unlock this key which will raise the difficulty of all trainers in the game
    • Steel Head Key: By catching Regirock you may unlock this key which allows you to go to some underground ruins to catch Registeel
    • Black City Key: By winning Floor 5 of Black Tower you can unlock the ability to let your friends with White 2 access Black City

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    How To Solve 60000 Error

    There’s a specific method that should help trainers get around the Error 60000 problem. Here’s the procedure:

  • Get a Gen 4 game and head to the game’s WFC settings.
  • Delete the WFC config in it, then put it back in, connect to Mystery Gift.
  • It’ll ask to update your wifi profile, select yes to all.
  • Reconnect after the first time because it’ll give an error the first try.
  • There’s one additional tip we’d suggest, and it comes by way of MrBean35000vr over on YouTube: Keep in mind that the DNS server doesn’t only allow you to get Mystery Gifts, but also to use the WiFi club to do trades and battles with friends online, too, if people are interested. Gen 4 even has a fully working GTS. Try these settings:

    • DNS Server :
    • Alt DNS:, Secondary or

    Hitmonlee & Hitmonchan Can Be Useful Additions In Time For The Elite Four

    Pokemon White Version 2 Nintendo DS Game For Sale

    The Saffron City Fighting Dojo in the Gen I games and their remakes is essentially a secondary but unofficial Gym. It gives the player an extra challenge and comes with an enticing incentive that cannot really be ignored. By defeating the Karate Master, named Koichi in FireRed and LeafGreen, the player can obtain either a Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee.

    While both exceptional Fighting-types, they differ in fighting styles, stats, and moves that they can learn. With a sensible approach to deciding how to incorporate them into a team, either one can be a valuable addition.

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