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Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy Cheat Codebreaker

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Use Pokmon Emerald Cheats With My Boy Emulator

Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy GameShark Cheat Codes for GBA

Activating cheat codes with the My Boy emulator for Android is a very similar process:

  • Open the My Boy emulator and load the Pokémon Emerald ROM.

  • Tap the hamburger icon in the top-left corner of the screen to open the My Boy menu.

  • Tap Cheats.

  • Tap Cheat name and give your cheat a name.

  • Tap Cheat code and enter the desired code.

  • Tap OK to return to the game with cheats enabled.

  • To remove a code’s effect, go back into the cheat menu, select the code name, and choose Remove.

    The free version of the My Boy GBA emulator doesn’t let you enter more than a single line of code at once, but you can still activate longer codes by entering them line-by-line as if they were separate cheats.

    Cheats De Pokmon Emerald: Rare Candy Dinheiro Infinito E Todos Os Pokmon

    Usar cheats para capturar seus Pokémon favoritos era algo muito comum nos jogos do Game Boy Advance. Principalmente na versão Emerald, uma das mais difíceis da franquia para os portáteis. Além disso, era sempre útil ter Rare Candies extras ou dinheiro infinito. Pensando nisso, juntamos TODOS os cheats de Pokémon Emerald em um texto só!

    Lembre-se de salvar o jogo antes de usar o Game Shark, pois seu save file pode ficar corrompido. Além disso, é preciso do Master Code para que os demais códigos funcionem. Se ele não funcionar, há uma versão alternativa:

    Master Code:

    How To Use Pokmon Cheat Codes

    GBA emulators have a Cheat menu where you can input your chosen cheat code. The process for Visual Boy Advance is:

    • Open the Visual Boy emulator
    • On your VBA menu, select File, Open, and Pokémon Emerald ROM
    • Select Cheats, then Cheat list, then GameShark
    • Enter GameShark codes
    • Tap OK twice to return to the game

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    Getting Started: Best Emulators For Pokmon Emerald

    You can run Pokémon Emerald on Game Boy Advance or a Game Boy Advance emulator. Although some GBA emulators have paid versions, many are downloadable for free, like:

    • Visual Boy Advance emulator
    • OpenEmu
    • BatGBA

    Visual Boy Advance is one of our top GBA emulator choices. It works on nearly all devices, it gets regular fixes and updates, and you can use it to play almost any GBA game without glitches, including a standard Pokémon Emerald ROM.

    Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Cheats Gba How To Trade Pokemon

    Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy Cheat Gameshark
  • Launch Pokémon Emerald Enhanced in the My Boy Emulator and tap the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen
  • Tap Link Local.
  • Select the game you want to trade with.
  • When the new game launches, tap the menu icon again, then tap Switch game
  • Select Pokémon Emerald Enhanced to resume your game.
  • You can now go to a Pokémon Center to initiate trading, then switch back to the other game to complete the process.
  • Do you know any more Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Cheats GBA ROM?

    Other Pokemons Games GBA & ROM Cheats:

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    Rare Candy Cheat Pros And Cons

    The rare candy, as the name suggests it is rare not just in Pokemon Emerald but in every Pokemon game. This precious item gives you a chance to evolve and increase the level of your Pokemon without effort.

    Aside from its impressive benefits, there are drawbacks you may encounter when using the cheat. Activating the cheat populates your PC with bundles of rare candies, which in the long run not useful. When improperly used, this will cause problem to your PC or bag.

    Best practicesFortunately, theres a way to prevent rare candies from populating your PC. All you have to do is turning off the cheat after use or after withdrawal. Keeping the cheat activated even when not being used will just produce more rare candy bundles. This safety method applies not only for the rare candy cheat but also to all cheats, cheat codes arent safe when remained enabled when not used.

    List Of Pokmon Emerald Cheats

    Here are some Pokémon Emerald Game Shark/Action Replay cheat codes to use in the game if you want things like infinite money or the chance to never miss when in a battle. Note that some of these codes include multiple lines of code, and they may not work every time!

    Walk through walls

    7881A409 E2026E0C 8E883EFF 92E9660D

    Birth Island – 4A99A22B 58284D2DNavel Rock – 842CB8A9 7F8B0149

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    Pokemon Fire Red Tm Codes

    You can grab this popular collection of GameShark Codes for Pokemon Fire Red here: 8. Infinite Exp Cheat Get loads of exp from battles with this cheat. It’s super easy to use and the feedback. The below Action Replay code is for Pokemon Fire Red. It gets you a Suicune in box 1 slot 1 of your PC with a Hardy nature, 31 IV in every stat, and 252 EVs in every stat. 1…. RAM – GBA Cheats Pokemon Fire Red Gameshark/AR Code – Previous Suicine Code Edit and Max EVs IPS Theme by IPSFocus Theme. Chameleon Dark IPS Default.

    How To Use Pokemon Fire Red Rare Candy Cheat With Gameshark

    Pokemon Emerald – Rare Candy Cheat | GameShark Codes

    To do this you must have 2 gameboy advances and 2 copies of Fire Red, or A copy of Fire Red, and a copy of Leaf Green. 1st, start both games, then pick a starter pokemon. Catch 1 other pokemon. Then, in the games, get to a part where you can trade, and trade your starter pokemon into the other game. The process of using the cheat on an Android device is pretty much similar to the PC version. Here are the steps: First, open the latest version of My Boy emulator. After that, go to Cheats. Now, select on Rare Candy Cheats and enter the code ‘ 82025840 0044 ‘. Click on it to enable.

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    Pokemon Fire Red Cheats All About Its Cheat Codes

    So I’ve started pokemon fire red, and now i figured it wouldnt be hard to find some codes for rare candies and all those event tickets like how easy it was to find ruby and sapphire codes. Sadly I was wrong. So I discovered that my copy of the game is a v1.1 rev catridge and most of the codes. 83007CEE 0193. Regirock. 83007CEE 0191. Registeel. 83007CEE 0192. Zapdos. 83007CEE 0091. Remember to enter the master code first, then select one of the legendary codes to encounter that Pokemon. Don’t use too many at the same time otherwise your game could crash.

    The Best Gameshark Cheats For Pokemon Emerald

    Other than a few of the cheats we discussed, there are other great GameShark cheats for Pokemon Emerald. They can let you encounter Legendary Pokemon or do other things not ordinarily possible.

    The cheats for walking through walls and getting Shiny Pokemon already mentioned are GameShark codes. Here are a few more:

    Code for Encountering Deoxys

    Heres a code to get encounter Deoxys anywhere:

    25214170 0AB256A2


    Code for Infinite Safari Time

    You can stay in the Safari for as long as you want while this cheat is active:


    Code for Unlimited Safari Balls

    With this cheat, you can use as many Safari Balls as you wish to catch Pokemon:


    Code for Catching Safari Pokemon Easily

    When you need to catch em all, use this code:



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    The Most Used Pokemon Emerald Cheats

    Aaron DonaldRead more January 30, 2022

    Older games are experiencing a comeback and are popular among retro gamers using emulators. Emulation allows them to play games like Pokémon Emerald, as well as use cheats in them. However, with so many cheat codes to choose from, what should you use?

    We gathered some of the best Pokémon Emerald cheats here for you. Some of these have unique requirements and may not work well with other cheats, though. While using cheats can be risky, there are ways to stay safe from corrupted files and crashes.

    U R *** Low Profane People

    Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy Cheat Gameshark

    You people are disgusting! Do you not have anything better to do with your time? This is asimple question about how to clone rare candies. You don’t need to shout out to the worldthat you want people to… Do something to you. If you are so desperate for someone to dothis for you, then i pity you. And on a pokemon forum too! Jeez!I know this is kinda random, but what pokemon on emerald do you consider to be rare otherthan legendaries? Please state examples that have levels of rarity between ralts andbeldum. And is it possible to get a vulpix on mt. Pyre?P. S. I need rare candies too:(


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    Pokmon Emerald Cloning Glitch

    A glitch makes it possible to clone any item or pokémon in your possession. It’s possible to clone two pokémon at a time:

  • Go to the Battle Tower PC.

  • Put the two pokémon you wish to clone in Lanettes PC. If you wish to duplicate an item, give it to one of those pokémon.

    Select Move Items at the inventory screen to give items to your pokémon.

  • Exit the PC and save your game.

  • Take out the pokémon you just stored.

  • Talk to the woman behind the counter near the PC.

  • Accept her challenge and pick two pokémon from your party including the ones you want to clone.

  • When she asks you to save your game, select Yes.

  • When you are asked again to save, turn off the GBA console, or close your emulator .

    Turning off the GBA during the save process can lead to permanent data loss.

  • Turn on the console and load your save file. The pair of pokémon you chose for battle will be in your party as well as in the PC along with the items they were holding.

  • Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Cheats Gba How To Use Them With My Boy Emulator

    These are the steps to use Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Cheats GBA ROM with My Boy Emulator:

  • Launch the My Boy app and load your Pokémon Emerald Enhanced ROM
  • Tap the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen to open the My Boy menu
  • Tap Cheats
  • Tap Cheat name and enter a description of the cheat
  • Tap Cheat code, enter the code, then tap OK
  • Three dots in the top-right corner of the screen, then tap Save
  • Tap the back button on your device to resume the game with cheats enabled
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    Pokemon Emerald Cheats: Exp

    Theres an unlimited EXP cheat if you dont want to use your endless supply of Rare Candies. It gives you 9,999 EXP per battle, and with it, you can level any Pokemon up in a fraction of the time you usually need. Keep fighting wild Pokemon to max out your roster.

    The cheat contains five lines of code:


    Just copy and paste it into your emulator, and it should work fine. As with all cheats, you should deactivate it once your Pokemon doesnt need any more EXP.

    Pokemon Fire Red Cheats

    Pokemon Emerald – Rare Candy Gameshark Cheat Code

    In order to activate Pokemon FireRed cheats, you must be running the Visual Boy Advance emulator on your computer. When you do, you can change the items in your first slot to 999 candies. Once you have the cheat code, you can go to the Cheat list window and enter the cheat codes in there. GAME NEWS AND HACKS.

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    Choose Your Gba Emulator

    Other than modified Game Boy Advances, you can play Pokémon Emerald or other Game Boy titles on a Game Boy Advance emulator. GBA emulators can be downloaded for free, though some have paid versions as well.

    The best free GBA emulators you can download right now are:

    • mGBA
    • Higan GBA Emulator
    • OpenEmu

    mGBA and VisualBoy Advance are among the best GBA emulators you can get right now. The latter gets constant updates and fixes, and it runs on almost anything.

    We recommend VisualBoy Advance because it runs all GBA games under the sun, including Pokémon Emerald, without issues. ROM hacks are another issue entirely, but standard GBA ROMs all work properly with VisualBoy Advance. You can also enter cheat codes with this emulator and many others.

    mGBA is our next pick due to its simplicity and how it allows for ROM patches. Setting it up takes very little technical expertise.

    OpenEmu is the best GBA emulator for macOS. The others are unavailable on Mac, so youll have to get OpenEmu to play Pokemon Emerald.

    Armed with your GBA emulator and ROM of Pokémon Emerald, you can start inputting cheats. Your GBA emulator should have a cheats tab where you can copy and paste them in.

    Pokemon Firered Version Cheats

    72BC6DFB E9CA5465. 56671F3A 6F4F4D6B. The 5000 EXP Code In FR/LG 337B239E B5061765. A3F94196 26E7D330. **Buy MASTER BALL Cost $0. Master Ball: 88CFA129 357400B2 < -Code 8BB602F7 8CEB681A < -Master Ball. Tap on the + sign and enter your code. Step 4. Double-check that the Gameshark tab is selected before entering your code. Step 5. Click on Save, and the code should now be activated. Be sure to verify the code you entered is resulting in the features and cheat you wanted to be applied. I play Fire Red Omega on John GBA on my phone and I’ve tried to YouTube fire red cheats but I can’t seem to get them to work. I’m not sure if it’s a emulator thing or a game thing when fire red was modded. The emulator supports raw code, codebreaker, gameshark and gameshark v3.

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    Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy Cheats

    Enter the Gameshark code BFF956FA 2F9EC50D Rare candies. or follow the instruction for the Pokemon Emerald cheat codes below.

    Master code-:

    Rare Candy:BFF956FA 2F9EC50DThe rare candies might just appear in the item storage section of the PC in any pokemon center!


    83005E18 270F

    Master Ball : 82005274 0001 Rare Candy :82005274 0044 .

    Important Notes:

    Once you are done with the cheat put it off, to resume normal game functions.

    It works well for gameshark. If your game freezes, wait for about 30 minutes to retry. Ensure you save your game if you have gained the goodies, do this before restarting.

    You need to have a full version of the emulator for it to work well.

    Note: Some cheats may not work with your device and some are peculiar to a particular region. This cheat may not work for gba4 iOS 2.0.

    The items required varies. Action replay, gameshark and other emulators have different selectors.

    If the Pokemon emerald rare candy cheat does not work for you, this might be due to any of the reasons in the note section above. Remember to thank us if this cheat works for you.

    Complete Your Pokdex Duplicate Items And Alter Your Pokmon’s Nature

    Pokemon emerald l UNLIMITED MONEY
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

    Pokémon Emerald for Game Boy Advance is a remake of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire featuring improved graphics, new locations, and more pokémon to collect. Whether you’re playing on an original GBA device or an emulator, entering Gameshark and Action Replay cheat codes for PokémonEmerald is a fairly simple process. There are also a few glitches you can exploit to your advantage.

    Although Pokémon Emerald is essentially the same game as Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the following cheats are exclusive to Emerald.

    Lifewire can’t guarantee that all of these cheats will work all of the time.

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    Pokemon Emerald Rare Candy Cheats:

    The rare candy code is a very famous cheat code and it works for almost every Pokémon game. The rare candy code will help you evolve your pokémons without any effort. The cheat will also work instantly. It will also help you increase your pokémons levels. The rare candy is a very precious item and as the name suggests. The candy is very rare and you cant find it easily. But without the candy, you will not be able to enjoy all of the features of the game. If you want rare candies to help your pokémons evolve and increase in level, you will have to type the following code exactly as we mentioned.

    • The code for rare candy is 820052740044.

    The rare candy cheat is a very useful and helpful code. Once you enter the code on your P.C it will work instantly and you will receive rare candies. You can try restarting the game if the cheat does not work. If the cheat does not work you can try restarting your computer. Make sure that the code is exactly like we mentioned.

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    How To Get Rare Candies With A Gameshark In Pokemon Emerald

    In “Pokemon Emerald” and other Pokemon games, a Pokemon becomes stronger by gaining levels. There are two ways to gain levels: obtain sufficient experience points by winning battles and use in-game items called Rare Candy to instantly increase a Pokemon’s level by one. Rare Candy is indeed rare it is not sold by any shop and there are only a handful of them scattered across the overworld. However, a GameShark cheat can allow you easy access to an infinite supply of Rare Candy.

    Enter the following code into the GameShark cheat screen:

    D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

    Turn this code on and keep it on throughout this process. This is the “Master Code” required to make other GameShark cheats work with “Pokemon Emerald.”

    Enter the following code into the GameShark cheat screen:

    82005274 0044

    Turn this code on and keep it on throughout the process, as it modifies an important item value to Rare Candy.

    Go to any Pokemart and speak to the cashier. The first item for sale will still be listed as whatever it is normally, but the description and item image will be for Rare Candy. Purchase any number of Rare Candy as desired. Each Rare Candy costs P4800.


    If the cheat does not work, turn off or erase any other active cheats, as they may be interfering with the Rare Candy cheat.


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