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Pokemon Gold Silver Or Crystal

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Pichu: Pibu Taking After His Trainer

Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal Review

The final Pokemon acquired by Gold during the Gold, Silver, and Crystal arc, the Electric-type Pichu was the second Pokemon that Gold managed to hatch from an egg. Born from trainer Red’s “Pika” and trainer Yellow’s “Chuchu”, the egg had initially been left at the Johto Day Care. However, once the day care was attacked, Pika and Chuchu escaped into the Ilex Forest in an attempt to protect the egg. However, the two were quickly captured by the Masked Man, the leader of the sudden attack. The Masked Man later used the egg as hostages in a successful attempt to force the pursuing Gold to surrender.

Mantine: Tibo The Enemy Of My Enemy

Mantine, the Water/Flying Pokemon, joined Gold’s team in a fairly flashy way. As Gold and company attempted to battle the legendary Pokemon Lugia, Gold found that, without a Flying Pokemon, he was unable to aid in the fight against the enormous soaring creature. Trapped below the fight, Gold was accidentally knocked into the sea by the swirling winds and devastating tidal waves. Sinking into the ocean, Gold spotted a distant wild Mantine cowering from the terrifying blasts of the battle above. Gold immediately recognized the Pokemon as an opportunity to escape his predicament, and began to swim over to the creature.


Just as his teammates above began to worry about Gold’s survival, the trainer burst from the sea he had somehow convinced the wild Pokemon into functioning as an impromptu hang-glider, with schools of water-blasting fish serving as makeshift jets. As the battle against Lugia wound to its conclusion, Gold happily introduced his flying companion to the rest of the crew, welcoming the nicknamed “Tibo” to the team.

Special Australian Rev A Revision

Circa 2019-, it was documented that a variation of Pokémon Crystal Version exists for Australia with a different ROM and this was overlooked, even by ROM scene groups. This version is based on Rev A . It made some subtle changes to Game Corner texts and an undocumented Mobile System GB coding change for Mobile Stadium, without actually removing the slot machines, unlike what became of international HeartGold and SoulSilver where the slot machines were replaced with Voltorb Flip.

ChickasaurusGL Evie

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Pokmon Gold Silver And Crystal

Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal
JP: November 21, 1997 JP: November 21, 1999
Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

Pokémon Gold and Silver are a pair of role playing games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. During development, they were originally known as Pokémon 2: Gold and Silver. An enhanced version, Pokémon Crystal was later released.

Enhanced remakes of the games were released as Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver ten years after the original release.

Defeat The Karate Master

The Evolution of Pokémon Games

As you make your way through Mt. Mortar, don’t miss theopportunity to brawl with the talented Karate Master, who will come at you witha Hitmonlee and a Hitmonchan. If you’re able to beat this Trainer and you have an open spot in your party,he’ll hand over a Tyrogue. Tyrogue is special in that it can evolve at Lv. 20into Hitmonlee if its Attack is higher than its Defense, or Hitmonchan if itsDefense is higher than its Attack, or Hitmontop if the stats are equal. It’s theonly way to get any of these Pokémonin Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver, so don’t miss Tyrogueand plan your Evolution accordingly.

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Pokmon Gold And Silver Versions

Pokémon Gold/Silver redirects here. For the book, see Pokémon Gold/Silver .
Pokémon Gold Version
Pokémon Gold Version’s box art, depictingHo-Oh.
Pokémon Silver Version
Pokémon Silver Version’s box art, depictingLugia.
Box art of Pocket Monsters: Gold, depictingHo-Oh.
Box art of Pocket Monsters: Silver, depictingLugia.

Pokémon Gold and Silver

Pokémon Gold Version and Pokémon Silver Version were the first core series games of Generation II for the Game Boy Color.

During development, the games had the tentative titles of Pocket Monsters 2 or Pokémon 2 and Pocket Monsters 2: Gold & Silver , along with a provisional release date of “late 1997”. The number 2 was dropped as of Nintendo Space World 97 in November 1997.

Originally announced for a March 1998 release in Nintendo Space World ’97, the games had their launch date postponed, with Nintendo issuing a public apology where it was claimed that the developers were worn out but fully committed to the project and that they required more time to expand and improve the games further. They were eventually released in Japan on November 21, 1999, in North America on October 15, 2000, and in Europe on April 6, 2001. In South Korea, Nintendo collaborated with Daewon to release the games in the country, which occurred on April 24, 2002 the Korean versions are solely compatible with the Game Boy Color, which was released there in 2000, also by Daewon.

The games were released on the Nintendo 3DSVirtual Console on September 22, 2017.

Pokmon Gold And Silver

  • Pokémon Gold
  • Pokémon Silver
North American box art for Pokémon Gold, depicting the legendary PokémonHo-Oh. The box art for Pokémon Silver depicts the legendary Pokémon Lugia .
Single-player, multiplayer

Pokémon Gold Version and Pokémon Silver Version are 1999 role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color. They are the first installments in the second generation of the Pokémon video game series. They were released in Japan in 1999, Australia and North America in 2000, and Europe in 2001. Pokémon Crystal, an enhanced version, was released a year later in each region. In 2009, on the 10th anniversary of Gold and Silver, remakes titled Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver were released for the Nintendo DS.

The games introduce 100 new species of Pokémon and follow the progress of the player character in their quest to master Pokémon battling. Both games are independent of each other but feature largely the same plot and, while both can be played separately, it is necessary to trade between these games and their predecessors in order to fully complete the games’ Pokédex. The Johto Saga of the Pokémon anime is based on the new region introduced in the games.

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Sunkern: Sunbo Seed Of Greatness

The Grass-type Pokemon Sunkern, who was later nicknamed “Sunbo”, was the very first Pokemon to be caught by Gold in his journey across the Johto region. Funnily enough, Sunbo was initially caught as a means of capturing a significantly larger Pokemon.

As Gold struggled to help Falkner, Gym Leader of Violet City’s Gym, chase down a wild Skarmory , he realized that none of their super-effective Fire Pokemon could reach the flying beast. However, upon seeing the wild Sunkern hopping about, Gold is struck by a moment of inspiration and catches the hopping seed Pokemon. Ordering it to jump high into the air with a Fire-type in tow, Falkner and Gold were able to land a super-effective blow on the steel Skarmory, allowing Falkner to catch the elusive target. Both Falkner and Gold walked away from the encounter with a brand-new Pokemon, with Gold claiming “Sunbo” with pride.

The End Of Team Rocket


The antagonists from Red and Blue returned for Gold and Silver, but something was a little different this time around. They weren’t quite as strong as they once were. As a matter of fact, Team Rocket was significantly weaker, and their plans not as ambitious in the Johto Region. They cut off a few Slowpoke tails and took over a radio station, but that was about it.

The reason for this is that the organization took a severe hit in the first games. Giovanni disappeared into hiding and Team Rocket was in fragments. Those extremely loyal to the cause tried to revive it in the Johto Region, but with very little success. It wasn’t long before the trainer Gold screwed up their plans and they agreed to disband the team for good.

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Sudowoodo: Sudobo Mimic Extraordinaire

Sudowoodo, a Rock-type Pokemon, was the second to be added to Gold’s team. During a race between Gold and Whitney, Gym Leader of Goldenrod City’s Gym, both contestants found their path blocked by an odd tree, which resisted all attempts to dislodge it. With the tree resilient to all attempts to bash or burn it down, Gold was surprised to find only a Poliwag’s water attack had any effect on the roadblock.

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After the race was interrupted once more by a rampaging Pokemon, Gold returned to the tree to find it visibly shaking with fright. Using a water attack on the tree once more, the roadblock sheds its disguise to reveal itself as a camouflaged Sudowoodo. Gold learned that Sudowoodo, having been frightened by the rampaging Pokemon that had interrupted the race earlier, had disguised itself as a tree as an attempt to hide. Gold encouraged Sudowoodo to stand up for itself, and offers the Pokemon a chance to learn how to fight. Sudowoodo happily agreed, and “Sudobo” became the newest member of Gold’s Pokemon team.

It’s His Mother’s Name

In the Pokémon games, there are three things you can name: yourself, your rival, and your Pokémon. While this doesn’t give a whole lot of options for customization, it does allow you to alter everything you need to. But what if we were to tell you that players of Gold and Silver were originally supposed to name their mothers?

Game Freak revealed that Gold’s mother’s name was going to be up for the player to decide, but it was cut for being seen as not relevant to the overall experience. After all, they wouldn’t want people naming her Martha so that he and Silver could have some sort of reckoning and immediately become best friends. All joking aside, it’s a decent idea, but we’re not broken up about its absence.

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Leave Pokmon Withditto At A Pokmon Day Care

Finding an Egg can be notoriously tricky, but you can makethe process much easier with the use of Ditto. The Transform Pokémon can bepaired with just about any Pokémon in the Pokémon Day Care to produce a PokémonEgg . It doesn’t even matter what gender the otherPokémon is. Better still, you can encounter Ditto in the wild just outside ofthe Pokémon Day Care on Route 34 south of Goldenrod City. Catch one and leaveit in the Pokémon Day Care, then watch the Pokémon Eggs roll in.

Togepi: Togepo Born To Be Wild

Pokémon Gold Silver And Crystal (Nintendo GameBoy Color ...

The first Pokemon of the arc to join the team without being directly caught, the Fairy-type Togepi joined Gold’s team after hatching from an egg. While showcasing his billiard skills, Gold received a call from Professor Elm, who encouraged Gold to take good care of a mysterious egg he had received from Gym Leader Jasmine. However, once Gold set up camp on the outskirts of Goldenrod City, a wild Gligar snatched the egg while the trainer was sleeping.

Gold’s Pokemon attempted to chase down the Ground/Flying-type Gligar before the wild Pokemon could eat the egg, but, just before Gligar could devour its prey, the eggshell began to crack. Togepi burst out of the egg, and managed to fend off the wild Gligar. Shortly thereafter, Gold woke up and called Professor Elm to share the success. Elm was initially delighted, only to become horrified that the newborn Pokemon, now nicknamed “Togepo”, had inherited Gold’s love of gambling while hidden within the egg. Gold welcomed Togepo to the team , hoping to wean him of the bad habit.

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Cyndaquil: Exbo A Red

To start off his Pokemon journey, Gold acquired the starter Pokemon Cyndaquil in a rather dynamic fashion. After witnessing his soon-to-be rival Silver break into Professor Elm’s Pokemon lab, Gold accused the latter of being a thief and attempted to stop the boy. To do so, Gold snagged one of Professor Elm’s other starter Pokemon, Fire-type Cyndaquil. Although Cyndaquil’s blazing attacks managed to corner Silver, a timely intervention from Team Rocket allowed the thief to disappear with his stolen Pokemon.

As Gold recovered from injuries sustained during the attack, he decided to keep the Fire starter, nicknaming it “Exbo” after its explosive hide and temperament. Once Professor Elm allowed him to keep the borrowed Pokemon, Gold set out with Exbo to track down the escaped Silver, marking Exbo as the first Pokemon for Gold to acquire as a Pokemon trainer.

Story Changes In Pokemon Crystal

The narrative for Gold and Silver is identical in every way, and the only major differences between those games are the Pokemon available for capture. Crystal, however, embellishes the story and makes some changes. The legendary Pokemon, Suicune, is encountered several times throughout the story, along with a new character, Eusine. The mythical dog and its compatriots are required to be awakened to challenge the gym leader, Morty. Once stirred from its rest, the dog will be encountered in several scripted events.

Other changes in Crystal include a tweak to the chain of events leading up to acquiring the Rising Badge. During this sequence, players will be able to obtain a special Dratini that knows the move ExtremeSpeed, if they can correctly answer a series of questions. Additionally, a step was added necessitating players to meet the florist’s assistant so that they could progress past the strange tree, which is also known as Sudowoodo.

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Depending On Version Different Pokemon Are Available

Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal added strong new monsters, but for each version of the game, there are different creatures available for capture. Common Pokemon like Zubat and Pidgey can be commonly found in all versions, but some are exclusive to each distinct version. The Gold version exclusively has the Mankey, Growlithe, Spinarak, and Teddiursa evolutionary lines, in addition to Gligar and Mantine. Silver, on the other hand, has the Meowth, Vuplix, Ledyba, and Phanphy evolutionary lines and the single-stage Pokemon Skarmory and Delibird. The Crystal version is a little bit different from Gold and Silver when it comes to available Pokemon.

Pokemon Crystal is the third game of the 2nd generation, and it’s generally considered to be a refinement of Gold and Silver. Crystal has all the usual Pokemon a gamer might expect, but some notable omissions can only be obtained by trading with the other games of the 2nd and 1st generations. The starter Pokemon from the 1st generation and their later forms can’t be found in Crystal, in addition to the legendary monsters from those games. Some new Pokemon are unavailable as well, including the Mareep and Remoraid evolutionary line, and Girafarig. 1st generation Pokemon Vulpix and Mankey and their evolutions are unavailable too.

Water Supply And Sanitation

All Version Differences in Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal

Responsibility for the water and sanitation sector is shared between the , in charge of water supply for domestic use the , in charge of water resources development as well as sanitation the , in charge of ambient water quality and environmental preservation and the , in charge of performance benchmarking of utilities. Access to an is universal in Japan. About 98% of the population receives piped water supply from public utilities.

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Safari Zone In Construction

The Safari Zone was introduced in the first two games as a place where you could go to catch rare Pokémon that would otherwise not appear in the game. This location has later returned in future games in the franchise to allow players to catch Pokemon that would normally not reside in that region. It was also planned to be in Gold and Silver.

However, time constraints prevented the Safari Zone from making it into the Johto Region. It was developed enough that code for it does exist in the game, and it can be accessed through hacking. The only way you can catch Pokémon in it is by fishing, though. Walking through tall grass won’t do much there. It’s sad it didn’t make it, but the entire Kanto Region is there, so it’s all good!

Aesthetic And Gameplay Changes In Crystal

The Pokemon series makes changes in every generation and in the case of Pokemon Crystal, further changes were made to generation two. One of the major additions in Crystal is the ability for players to play as a female, which is a feature that would go on to be a series staple. Some locations received updated color palettes and layouts, marking minor changes from Gold and Silver. Pokemon sprites received short animations as well, which many gamers consider being a small but significant aesthetic update.

The Crystal version features a new subplot involving the mysterious Unown Pokemon. This side quest rewards players with some extra lore related to the origins of the enigmatic pocket monsters. Kurt, the Poke Ball maker, can also make several balls at once. This was seen as a huge quality of life improvement by players frustrated with only being able to have one crafted at a time. Another small yet significant change in Crystal relates to trainers. The trainers who contact the player now inform them of rare items in their possession, and uncommon Pokemon in their area.

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