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Pokemon Diamond Pearl Or Platinum

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Vs Pokemon Shining Pearl

All Version Differences in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum

Lets start first by mentioning the things these games have in common. They share maps, storylines, characters, and missions.

They also share the same price, both Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl cost: $59.99.

If you cannot decide after reading this article, there is also a double pack for $119.99.

The Distortion World Is Absent From Bdsp

The showdown against Cyrus in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl brings back the original encounter from D& P in which players can catch either Dialga or Palkia depending on their version. However, Platinums Distortion World is absent as Giratina is no longer the mascot Legendary of the game that players encounter at the games climactic Spear Pillar. With its unique mechanics and bizarre atmosphere that set it apart from anything else in the game, players may be disappointed to know that the Distortion World will not be featured in Diamond & Pearls remakes.

While this parallel realm cant be accessed in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, its resident Giratina can still be caught after players defeat the Pokémon League. Giratina can be found by returning to Route 214 below Veilstone City, where a new hidden path has been opened on the right just below Psychic Mitchell. This Spring Path features Pokémon that are around level 50 and leads players to Turnback Cave, where the legendary Giratina will be waiting for them.

Stock Up On Healing Items

All members of the Elite Four and especially Champion Cynthia will not think twice about using healing items. In fact, the Elite Four will use at least one Full Restore during their respective battles and Cynthia can use up to five. The best thing to do is imitate them.

Every player should buy at least 20 Full Restores, which heal not only HP but also status conditions. Max Revives are also recommended, especially if a Pokémon faints mid-battle. These are the two most expensive healing items in the main series games, but they are so worth it.

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How To Get Version Exclusive Pokemon

Just because you committed to one version of the game, doesnt mean youll miss out on the pokemon exclusive to the other.

If you want to round out your Pokedex, youll need to trade with other players locally or online.

You can do this using the Union Room feature, which allows you to trade, battle, and interact with other trainers.

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Bdsps Gym Leaders Use Original Teams From D& p

Pokémon Adventures: Diamond and Pearl/Platinum, Vol. 5

In addition to the changes that Platinum made to its gyms puzzles, most of its gym leaders also had different Pokémon in their teams. Gardenias Cherubi had evolved into a Cherrim for Platinums fight, and Fantinas Gengar was downgraded to a Haunter. Fantinas Drifblim was also swapped for Duskull. Bryons party featured a Magneton instead of a Bronzor, which increased the difficulty of his battle and rounded out his teams abilities.

With the expanded Pokédex of Platinum compared to D& P, Candices and Volkners teams featured more Pokémon of their respective types as more ice and electric type Pokémon were included in the game. Candice had a Piloswine and Froslass rather than Snover and Medicham, and Volkner fought with Jolteon and Electivire instead of Ambipom and Octillery. Despite the return of each gym leaders original team in BDSP, however, the remakes update their gym battles by giving each partys Pokémon new movesets, presenting a fresh challenge compared to both D& P and Platinum.

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Which Is Better Brilliant Diamond Or Shining Pearl

If you’re wondering whether you should get Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, look again at the list of exclusive Pokemon above. These exclusives are the biggest differences between the two, making this a subjective answer – the version that is better is the one with more of your favorite Pokemon in it.

We suggest coordinating which version you will get with friends, so you can trade the exclusives with each other as you play!

Historically, the original Pokemon Diamond sold more than Pokemon Pearl did – about 43% more in the first week of launch! So if you want rarer exclusive Pokemon, Shining Pearl is likely a safe bet, as fewer people will likely purchase it.

The Best Pokemon In Pokemon Bdsp

There are 150 Pokemon you can capture when you first start the game. Below you’ll find the 10 best Pokemon you can get before unlocking the National Pokedex, either in the Overworld or down in the Grand Underground, and team compositions based on the Starter Pokemon you’ve chosen.

Note that for the team composition, this guide excludes Pokemon like Gengar and Electivire due to their requirement to evolve by trading.

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Pokemon Platinum Version : : Changes From Diamond And Pearl

In true Pokemon tradition, a third Pokemon game is released after a couple of years to compliment the other two before it. There are many changes in this remake, but whether the changes make it worthwhile to play through the game again is entirely up to you. If you have already gotten Platinum, then use this guide to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the new stuff.

Possible Differences Between Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Unboxing

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are both still a ways away from releasing, so its impossible to say exactly what the major differences will be between them. Historically, Pokémon games have been near-identical aside from their exclusive Pokémon. However, the new games have many features that past ones have not. Character customization, Pokémon Contests, and Walking Pokémon have been in past games, and the Underground was a feature in the original Diamond and Pearl, but no game has had all of them before. Its entirely possible that these features will lead to differences between the two versions.

Character customization has been a fan-favorite feature in every Pokémon game its been featured in. There have already been several outfits debuted in various trailers, and its possible that certain outfits will be exclusive to one version of the game or another. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon featured version-exclusive clothing, so it wouldnt be a stretch to expect it in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. There could also be version-exclusive accessories in Super Contests, or decorations for players Secret Bases in the Grand Underground. Theres also the possibility that the games will make certain Gym Leaders version-exclusive, like Pokémon Sword and Shielddid.

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D& ps Original Climate Returns To Sinnoh In Bdsp

Platinum featured a Sinnoh Region that was notably colder than it had been in Diamond & Pearl, with Lucas and Dawn sporting winter weather outfits to keep warm on their adventures. While their Platinum outfits are available in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, which lets players change their outfits to customize their avatar, the climate of the Sinnoh Region has returned to its more temperate state. Its possible that Sinnoh became colder as a result of the Distortion World portal being open atop Mount Coronet, and as this realm is not included in the remakes, Sinnohs warmer weather is featured once again in Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

Gameplay Changes Such As Faster Surfing Speed Make For A Better All

Gameplay changes have been made to enhance performance in Pokémon Platinum. These are not necessarily aspects that players scream out about wanting them changed but they certainly do still change the game for the better.

The speed at which a Surf-using Pokémon can travel on the water is sped up considerably, which not only is perfect for players just wanting to get to the next location as soon as possible, but it also makes a lot of sense. Normal land travel gets running shoes and the bicycle, so water travel should be sped up as well.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Dlc Roadmap: Will There Be A Platinum Expansion

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl let players relive the iconic originals, all while bringing them up to more modern standards. Many users are wondering if the games will go beyond just that by releasing all-new downloadable content, however. Others are hoping for a Pokemon Platinum expansion restoring that games missing content in these remakes. With all that in mind, heres the lowdown on a Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl DLC roadmap.

Pokmon Diamond Pearl And Platinum: 10 Tips For Taking On The Elite 4

Pokémon Adventures: Diamond and Pearl/Platinum, Vol. 7

The Elite 4 can be among the toughest possible opponents to face in Pokémon. Thankfully, there are some tips to really help you out against them.

Tough and challenging, the Elite Four are type-specialists who aren’t afraid to spam Full Restores. Trainers must battle them consecutively and defeat them if they want to get to the Champion and challenge him or her, depending on the region.

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In Sinnoh, trainers must battle the Elite Four in a fixed order. Pokémon Diamond & Pearl are famous for having an unbalanced Pokédex that results in the Fire-type specialist, Flint, having only two Fire-types on his team. Other than that, though, Sinnoh’s Elite Four is quite tough and impressive, representing a true challenge before facing the absolute best Champion in the games, the fearsome Cynthia. With a proper strategy, however, the player can emerge victorious without too much trouble.

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Pokemon Diamond Pearl And Platinum

Publisher Nintendo

Welcome one, welcome all, to IGN Guide’s offering for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum on the Nintendo DS. An insane amount of work and time went into this guide, but the reader will no doubt find all of the toil, sweat and tears well worth it, as our guide is chock full of information even the most hardened Pokemon veteran will find useful. Complete with multiple sections to cover all aspects of the game, our guide simply makes the game easier in all aspects.

This game is a big step up from the GBA games. This game utilizes the DS’s full graphical control quite nicely. And in this game, you use the double screen to perform multiple tasks throughout your adventure.

Having a hard time grasping the fundamentals of the game? Check out our Basics section. Curious what a specific item, TM or HM does? Consult the Inventory section of the guide. Stuck in a specific place in the game? Read our meaty walkthrough, which brings you from the very beginning of the game to the very end . We also have a Sidequests section, a detailed map, and a Pokedex to help all potential trainers on their quest.

So grab your Poke Balls and your most trusted Pokemon and get ready to battle! Eight more badges need to be acquired…you do want to become the Pokemon Champion, don’t you?

Even More Pokemon Guides!

Relationship To Other Genres

RPGs seldom test a player’s physical skill. Combat is typically a tactical challenge rather than a physical one, and games involve other non-action gameplay such as choosing dialog options, inventory management, or buying and selling items.

Although RPGs share some combat rules with , RPGs are often about a small group of individual characters. Wargames tend to have large groups of identical units, as well as non-humanoid units such as tanks and airplanes. Role-playing games do not normally allow the player to produce more units. However, the series crosses these genres by combining individual heroes with large numbers of troops in large battles.

RPGs rival in terms of their rich storylines, in contrast to genres that do not rely upon storytelling such as or . Both genres also feature highly detailed characters, and a great deal of exploration. However, adventure games usually have a well-defined character, whereas while RPGs may do so, many allow the player to design their characters. Adventure games usually focus on one character, whereas RPGs often feature an entire party. RPGs also feature a combat system, which adventure games usually lack. Whereas both adventure games and RPGs may focus on the personal or psychological growth of characters, RPGs tend to emphasize a complex eternal economy where characters are defined by increasing numerical attributes.

Fallout 3

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How To Get Good Pokmon In Diamond Pearl And Platinum

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 18,211 times.

This article explains how to get the best Pokémon in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

All Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Dlc

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum – A Retrospective

Heres all of the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl downloadable content for Nintendo Switch:

  • Pokemon Brilliant Diamond pre-order bonus:
  • Manaphy Egg
  • Pokemon Shining Pearl pre-order bonus
  • Manaphy Egg
  • Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Double Pack pre-order bonus:
  • Manaphy Egg
  • 12 Quick Balls
  • 200 Poke Balls
  • All of the Pokemon Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond add-on content comes in the form of pre-order bonuses. Since the games are faithful remakes of their Nintendo DS counterparts, it seems unlikely that all-new original content will launch in the future.

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    For Bertha Take Advantage Of The Grass

    Bertha, the Ground-type specialist, is next. Ground has three weaknesses, Grass, Water, and Ice. Three of her Pokémon, Whiscash, Golem, and Quagsire, have quad Grass weaknesses and no move that’s super effective against Grass-types, so they should go down easily. Quagsire knows Protect, though, which can be a nuisance. Sudowoodo and Hippowdown are pure Rock and Ground-types respectively, so Grass will also work on them.

    In Platinum, Quagsire and Sudowoodo get replaced with Gliscor and Rhyperior. The latter also has a four-times Grass weakness but knows two dangerous moves, the Bug-type Megahorn and the Ice-type Avalanche. It’s best to use a Water-type against it. As for Gliscor, an Ice move will most likely OHKO it.

    The Best Torterra Team

    Fighting / Steel Nasty Plot , Aura Sphere , Flash Cannon , Dragon Pulse

    A highly physical Pokemon, Torterra is equipped with high Attack and Defense. Though boasting the slowest base Speed out of the Starter trio, Torterra is great at prolonging fights with its abilities and high defensive attributes. But be careful against Ice-types Pokemon since Torterra has a 4x damage weakness.

    With utility moves like Leech Seed and Curse, Torterra can essentially defeat its opponents while barely taking any damage. The latter ability will sacrifice Torterra’s already slow speed to boost both Attack and Defense, and the former will damage Torterra’s opponent while healing itself.

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    Dialga & Palkia: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearls Biggest Difference

    The biggest difference between Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and the biggest factor players need to consider when deciding on which game they want to get, is the inclusion of Dialga or Palkia. Because players can only capture one of each legendary Pokémon in any given game, its difficult to permanently trade for the one they dont already have. Its a lot more common to request a trade for the one theyre missing to fill out its Pokédex entry, then return the legendary Pokémon to its original Trainer immediately. But players who want to keep the legendary Pokémon permanently, or even use it on their own team, will find it best to simply get the game that features the legendary they want so they can catch it themselves.

    Dialga is a defensive Steel- and Dragon-type legendary Pokémon exclusive to Brilliant Diamond. Palkia is an offensive Water- and Dragon-type legendary Pokémon only found in Shining Pearl. Although Dialga is generally a little more flexible in battle, both are extremely powerful and useful in casual and competitive play. Most players, especially more casual players, will find its best to choose between design preference, or preference towards defensive or offensive Pokémon.

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    Best Monotype Runs For Pokemon Diamond Pearl And Platinum

    Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

    As I am writing and submitting this blog post, Pokémon Go is releasing Sinnoh Pokémon onto the streets. Now, I love the different generations for one reason or another but Generation 4 seems to have a special place in my heart as that was when I got back into Pokémon after a long hiatus. In particular, Pokémon Platinum ranks as one of my favorite Pokémon games as they took Diamond and Pearl and improved everything about those games making a stellar classic.

    But were here to determine which types are the best for a Monotype Run which is a run where you only catch and train one type of Pokémon. And unfortunately, the Sinnoh games are hit or miss. Although more Pokémon are introduced, Diamond and Pearl only have 150 Pokémon available so you get some pretty average runs. Platinum thankfully adds 60 more Pokémon to Sinnoh which makes a lot of types doable or splendid.


  • Only Pokémon of a certain type may be caught and trained.
  • You must catch the first Pokémon available of that type if your starter does not match that type .
  • You may train a Pokémon that evolves to said type as long as you do it ASAP.
  • No out-of-game trading allowed
  • Only Pokémon caught before Elite Four are counted.
  • Without further ado, lets take a look! A list of full team combinations can be found below as well.

    The Best Types

    The Worst Types


    Type Teams

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    Dialga Narrowly Beats Out Palkia In The End

    Both of these Pokémon are easily some of the strongest in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, but Dialga ultimately ends up being the stronger option. As a Dragon- and Steel-type, Dialga ditches its weaknesses to Dragon, Fairy, and Ice-type attacks, and its Steel-type moves are effective on those Ice and Fairy-types. Dragons are typically weak to these types, so being a Dragon without any of the common weaknesses of a dragon is a unique attribute that shouldnt be overlooked. Palkias Water and Dragon typing is also quite strong, but hes still weak to fairy and dragon moves, which makes him vulnerable to the same things as a typical dragon.

    Both Pokémon have access to the Pressure and Telepathy abilities, which double the usage of the enemys PP and eliminate damage caused by allies respectively. They share a gargantuan base 120 Attack and base 150 Special Attack stat, which allows both of them to annihilate foes with moves like Outrage and Draco Meteor. Palika is slightly faster, but Dialga has a little more health to make up for it. No matter how you slice it, both of these legendary Pokémon are absurdly powerful forces to add to any team, but Dialgas typing gives it the slight edge over Palkia.

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