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Pokemon Movie List In Order

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Pokmon The Movie: Hoopa And The Clash Of Ages

POKEMON Detective Pikachu Trailer (4K ULTRA HD) NEW 2019

This one was personally hard to watch. While many kids may find it fantastic due to the legendary Pokémon in the game, I found it poorly thrown together and simply made to appeal to the masses. It starts with an emphasis on Hoopa but quickly transitions to yet another Team Rocket theft attempt, and many legendary Pokémon appear.

Pokemon Heroes: Latios And Latias

Ash, Misty and Brock’s visit to the town of Alto Mare is turned upside down when two thieves try to steal the Soul Dew, a magical crystal that holds the essence of the Legendary Pokemon Latios and Latios, which keeps the city safe.

Promising reviews:

“Lots of fun this movie, and the ending is totally different from what we’re used to.” -Dakota W.

“One of my favourite movies from childhood, Pokemon Heroes has really aged well. It still has all the awesome and exciting moments I remember loving as a kid, and the animation is really enjoyable as well. You can visually see how the animation has changed between the series’s/movies, the smoothness and lifelike feel is really brought to life by the inclusion of digital animation, but one of the things that the movie does so well is incorporate that digital style with the traditional hand drawn stuff, so you get a really nice feeling of improved animation but blended with a comforting and familiar style that you see in the tv show.

A great movie for kids too, it has just the right blend of action scenes/moments and dialogue, and with some of the more tense/darker scenes where it looks like the bad guys are going to win, come an equal amount of lighthearted/inspiring/comical scenes that keep to the good ol Poke formula. The Pokemon series has come a long way since it first started and the characters have grown quite a lot, so it’s also a really good movie for long time fans.” -The Great Deku Tree

Pokemon Movies In Order: List Of All 23 Movies

Goes without saying, Pokemon has been an absolute favorite for all of us regardless of the age group we belong to.

Believe me, you, I am still a fan, and I hope many of you are too. That is exactly why I am here to jot down all the Pokemon movies in chronological order so that you can watch them as you please.

Here it comes.

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Arceus And The Jewel Of Life

Ash, Dawn, and Brock travel to Michina Town and discover the legendary Pokémon Arceus who has an age-old grudge with the townspeople. When Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina cannot hold it back, the heroes are sent back in time to try and fix the damage.

Promising reviews:

“Great entertainment and graphics. Well written story! Fun to see The legendaries! My kids loved it, and I must admit I got caught up in the story and watched with them! A good message passes through the movie on the value of honest labor! A great buy!” -Rania G.

“As usual, Pokemon delivers. Great plot, enjoyable music, and all the lovable charm that Pokemon is known for. Best time to watch the film is after season 12 of the show, because the Pokemon that Ash, Dawn, and Brock have and their evolutions match up with the end of the season.” -NMNS

Genesect And The Legend Awakened

The First Pokemon Movie Quotes. QuotesGram

Ash, Iris, and Cilan come under attack from a group of angry Genesect who have lost their home. The heroes are saved by Mewtwo, who wants to help the Genesect, but also save the city from being destroyed.

Promising review:“Great Pokémon film especially were Mega Mewtwo goes after the Genesect in order to stop them from destroying along with Ash and the gang helping to find a new home for the Genesect.” -Simon G.

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Pokmon The Movie: Diancie And The Cocoon Of Destruction

The first film in the XY Series of Pokémon showcases Diancie, the ruler of a failing underground kingdom called the Diamond Domain, finding the power to create a new heart diamond to save the kingdom.

After some thinking, she starts the trek to find who I believe to be the greatest legendary ever, Xerneas, who is known as the life-giving Pokémon. Of course, along the way to Xerneas, she finds Ash, Pikachu, and friends who accompany her.

Pokmon Watch Order: Anime Series And Movies

Gotta Catch Em All, one of the most popular pop-culture taglines of the 21st century, is of course related to the ever-expanding Pokémon franchise. The Pokémon franchise is one of the most popular and lucrative brands around the world, with the franchise including a series of video games, an anime series, movies, trading cards, and a lot of other merchandise. Since 1996, the Pokémon franchise has become the top-grossing media franchise in history, with total revenue of an estimated $100 billion comparatively, this franchise is by far the youngest on the list of top-grossing ones. With all those series, movies and video games, it is hard to know where to start and this is why we have made this ultimate Pokemon watch order guide.

Pokémon, which is short for Pocket Monsters, is a media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori back in 1995. It is a fantasy franchise set in a world where humans live together with creatures called Pokémon, who take on different shapes and sizes. It started off as a series of video games for the Game Boy console, but soon expanded to other media. Video games and anime are the most popular brands today, although the franchise has expanded to even live-action movies like Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

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Relation To The Main Series

Generally, Pokémon movies and long specials have little to no impact on the overall plotline of the anime and fans will argue as to whether or not they are considered true canon. Evidence going either way is sparse, with many details, such as the fact that Ash, Dawn, and Brock having met Dialga and Palkia in The Rise of Darkrai, Giratina and the Sky Warrior, and Arceus and the Jewel of Life going unmentioned when the Legendary Pokémon are seen again in The Battle Finale of Legend!. Other details introduced in movies, such as Ash’s Aura abilities as well as Dawn’s Lunar Wing, have in fact been referenced by the main series.

The three Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon movies are unique exceptions in these regards: I Choose You! is an alternate retelling of Ash’s early journey in a continuity completely independent of the main series, with the following movie, The Power of Us, being an original story also set within that continuity. Finally, Mewtwo Strikes BackEvolution is the first Pokémon movie to be a remake, being a CGI retelling of Mewtwo Strikes Back.

Due to this inconsistency, it will be noted in the movies’ individual articles when a reference has been made to them in the main anime. The placement of the movies in the anime timeline will normally be between the episodes aired before and after the date of the movie’s Japanese premiere, though often with more recent movies, this placement can vary with regard to events in the main anime.

Pokmon: The First Movie

Best & Easy Order To Watch – Pokemon – All Movies
Pokémon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back
Japanese theatrical release poster
Gekijban Poketto Monsut: Myts no Gyakush
Literally Pocket Monsters the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back
Directed by
Running time
¥350 million
Box office $172.7 million

Pokémon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back is a 1998 Japanese anime film directed by Kunihiko Yuyama, the chief director of the Pokémon television series. It is the first theatrical release in the Pokémon franchise.

It was first released in Japan on July 18, 1998. On July 8, 1999, a Complete Version of the film aired on Japanese television. In addition to an added prologue, the updated version included new animation and CGI graphics. The English-language adaptation, produced by Nintendo and 4Kids Entertainment and licensed by Warner Bros. Pictures, was released in North America on November 12, 1999. The events of the film take place during the first season of Pokémon: Indigo League.

The film primarily consists of three segments: Pikachu’s Vacation, a 21-minute feature focusing on the series mascot Pikachu Origin of Mewtwo, the 10-minute prologue added to the Complete Version of the film and Mewtwo Strikes Back, the main 75-minute film feature. Overseas, the prologue can only be seen as a bonus short in DVD versions of Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns.

The Japanese version of Pokémon: The First Movie won the Animation Kobe for Theatrical Film Award, but the English version won two out of five of its Stinkers Awards nominations .

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Zoroark Master Of Illusions

Ash and friends visit Crown City for the Pokémon Baccer World Cup, but discover a Zoroark causing havoc disguised as the legendary Pokémon Entei, Raikou and Suicune. Zoroark’s baby, Zorua, asks the heroes for help from the evil Kodai who seeks out Celebi and its time-traveling abilities.

Promising review:“The “illusions” part of the movie is really fun, and there are several of my favorite legendaries in this film as well. There’s a pretty clever villain and a nice mix of action and drama. The movie starts off quickly and doesn’t waste time getting into the story. Overall I recommend this if you’re a fan of Pokemon movies.” -A. Golden

Can You Watch Pokmon On Netflix

Sure you can! Pokémon is actually available on Netflix. For instance, in the United States, you’ll find Indigo League, Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends, Journeys, as well as Power of Us, I Choose You, and Mewtwo Strikes Back. The same titles are available in the United Kingdom, Australia, and even Japan.

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About Pokmon Movies In India

Pokémon is a popular Japanese video game and television anime series. In India, anime is relatively popular, while video games are less well known. Pokémon came to Indian Television in 2003 and was first aired on Cartoon Network. Later, it was also shown in Pogo. In 2014, Pokémon was shown on Hungama TV and later switched to Disney XD, which was later rebranded as Marvel HQ. The dubbed Pokémon anime is dubbed in three languages: Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. In 2014, the Pokémon anime had an Indian audience of 100.8 million viewers and was dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu on Hungama TV. The Pokémon anime is also shown on Disney International HD in English.

Ranking The Pokemon Movies

Pokemon Movie List

Ranking all of the Pokemon films from best to worst.


  • Genres

PG|93 min|Animation, Action, Adventure

In the town of Greenfield, a young, lonely girl’s dreams and wishes are brought into reality by a collective of reality-warping Pokémon.

Director:Kunihiko Yuyama| Stars:Veronica Taylor, Eric Stuart, Rica Matsumoto, Rachael Lillis


G|84 min|Animation, Action, Adventure

Ash Ketchum must gather the three spheres of fire, ice and lightning in order to restore balance to the Orange Islands.

Directors:Michael Haigney, Kunihiko Yuyama| Stars:Veronica Taylor, Rica Matsumoto, Ikue Ôtani, Unshô Ishizuka


G|103 min|Animation, Action, Adventure

When Pikachu is taken to the Tree of Beginnings by the playful Mew, Ash Ketchum and friends are guided to the tree by Lucario, a time-displaced Pokémon who seeks answers regarding the betrayal of his master.

Directors:Kunihiko Yuyama, Darren Dunstan| Stars:Veronica Taylor, Eric Stuart, Amy Birnbaum, Madeleine Blaustein


PG|96 min|Animation, Action, Adventure

Directors:Kunihiko Yuyama, Michael Haigney| Stars:Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart, Rica Matsumoto


95 min|Animation, Action, Adventure

An idyllic town is thrown into chaos when two powerful Pokémon, Dialga and Palkia, cross paths and battle, distorting the dimensions of time and space. The only hope comes from Darkrai, a shadowy Pokémon shunned by the townsfolk.


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The Years Of The Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Pokémon: I Choose You!
  • Pokémon: The Power of Us
  • Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution
  • Pokémon: Secrets of the Jungle

The Pokémon TV anime also stalled during the 2010-2016 season. Everything about the franchise felt complete, in fact, even their games and exercises made up the structure of the Elite Four. With this in mind, Pokémon Sun and Moon form the cornerstone of the franchises great revival.

For sports, the new setting and plot structure is very much focused on narrating the story driven by the character while removing the gyms completely.

For TV anime, new Ash and co-designs. simplify the look of the series. While it was controversial at the time, it allowed for the most liquid cartoon and led to the most intriguing sequence of animations of a series you have ever seen, such as a baseball bat. Seriously, great!

The driving formula for almost all movies before this point was split. Pokémon movies are now separated from TV anime and move to another timeline, giving employees the freedom to try out new animation styles, news stories, and creative talent that can put each of them in this world of characters and characters. It is an idea that has run a web series like Pokémon Twilight Wings.

This is the current era of Pokémon movies, and apart from the mixed-effects, its very easy to have a lot of fun since they were introduced.

The release of I Choose You coincided with a powerful push to bring back Pokémon movies to theaters outside Japan.

Pokemon Movies: From Best To Worst


  • Genres

G|103 min|Animation, Action, Adventure

When Pikachu is taken to the Tree of Beginnings by the playful Mew, Ash Ketchum and friends are guided to the tree by Lucario, a time-displaced Pokémon who seeks answers regarding the betrayal of his master.

PG|96 min|Animation, Action, Adventure

PG|93 min|Animation, Action, Adventure

In the town of Greenfield, a young, lonely girl’s dreams and wishes are brought into reality by a collective of reality-warping Pokémon.

PG|98 min|Animation, Action, Adventure

A comet bearing a deadly Pokemon creature crash-lands onto Earth, terrorising a nearby high-tech city, where Ash, Pikachu and friends are currently visiting…

G|80 min|Animation, Action, Adventure

95 min|Animation, Action, Adventure

An idyllic town is thrown into chaos when two powerful Pokémon, Dialga and Palkia, cross paths and battle, distorting the dimensions of time and space. The only hope comes from Darkrai, a shadowy Pokémon shunned by the townsfolk.

PG|60 min|Animation, Action, Adventure

Team Rocket’s memories of Mewtwo had been erased, but the Team Rocket scientists’ logs have not. After uncovering the logs, they track down Mewtwo and build a Base in a Johto. Ash and company meet Mr. Giovanni for the first time.

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Pokmon Movies This Season Werent Fun

Pokémon movies have always been a promotional tool. They are aimed at promoting the Pokémon anime, which is itself a game-changer, with movies designed to turn viewers into actors.

Theres a reason why people who go to Japanese movies are given Pokémon cards and a Pokémon event for their games: it not only rewards people who are already investing in Pokémon but creates a FOMO that can encourage movie fans on the phone to give it a try.

With the exception of the 9th movie, Pokémon Ranger and The Temple of the Sea, Pokémon movies were seldom directed directly at video games or as illuminating as they were in the years following this trilogy.

With the advent of online events and scenes of the new release of Pokémon, movies have become a vehicle for introducing new types of Pokémon and existing myths that were kept under threat until the lead.

While not an example of the launch of the new Pokémon movie series, the two releases of Pokémon the Movie:Black Victini and Reshiram and White Victini and Zekrom show us what this Pokémon movie era will represent.

Just as we would see many Pokémon games released simultaneously with little difference, two movies released simultaneously told the same story with only minor variations. It was a move driven by greed and, despite ignoring the confusion it brought, Victors story was an unpleasant puzzle.

Every Pokmon Movie And Why We Love Them

How To Watch Pokemon In The Right Order

Did you know that even though The Pokémon Company was founded in 1995, it wasnt until 1998 1999 that North America saw the introduction of Pokémon on TV and at the Movies?

With Pokémon Indigo League first airing in America on September 8th, 1998, we were introduced to Ash Ketchum and his naughty friend Pikachu. A year later, North America started getting Pokémon movies, with Mewtwo Strikes Back introducing the first lab-made Pokémon, Mewtwo.

Today, were going to show some love to the entire movie lineup, whether theyre good or bad. Which movie is your favorite?

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How To Watch Pokmon Movies And Series In Chronological Order

Although the Pokémon series and movies are not the roots of this franchise, it’s certainly a good way to get to know this great world and to become a fan of it all.

The best way to follow the Pokémon story is to watch the movies and series in the order they were released. That being said, we’ll split them up a bit so you’ll know how to follow each stage.

Giratina And The Sky Warrior

The sequel to The Rise of Darkrai, Giratina, and the Sky Warrior links the battle between Palkia and Dialga. This creates the first set of movies where the plotline directly affects the plotline of another without being a proper trilogy. When Palkia and Dialga distorted time and space in Alamos Town, it defiled the Reverse World with Pollution, which angered Giratina.

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