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Pokemon Starter Squad Episode 10

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Starter Squad Provides Example Of:

Legend of Blue Shell Man Guy – Starter Squad (Ep.10)
  • Adaptational Badass: Quite a few.
  • Caterpie is known in both the games and the anime pretty much only for being a weak Bug-type that mostly exists to be an easy first catch. Here, on the other hand, it’s a threatening antagonist who wants to kill the main characters.
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  • Geodude is usually considered one of the weaker Rock-types, only considered worthwhile due to the fact it can evolve into Golem. The one in this series is much more of a force to be reckoned with, and comes closer than any of Butterfree’s other Pokémon to actually killing Charmander.
  • Adaptational Dumbass: Red is regarded as a well-thoughtout battle strategist in the games. Here he seems to be unable to find the Pokemon Center Door.
  • Adaptational Heroism: In canon, Mewtwo is at best an Anti-Villain here, he appears to be the Big Good of the series, as he is trying to protect reality from MissingNo., and rescues the protagonists from getting assimilated by it.
  • Adaptational Wimp: Due to being killed by Charmander, Red never became Kanto Champion to begin with.
  • Admiring the Abomination: In Episode 8, when he first sees MissingNo., Haunter calls it “beautiful.”
  • Ambiguous Gender: Caterpie, as Squirtle points out.
  • Anti-Climax: In Episode 8, Haunter is building tension in order to scare Charmander by casting an illusion of a room with no way out and a silhouette of Red behind him, then Gastly ruins the moment.
  • Oh, that poor Hitmonchan.
  • In Episode 8, Haunter suffers the same fate as Hitmonchan.
  • Jerkass:
  • Legend Of Blue Shell Man Guy

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    — Video Credits —

    Pierce Shipp

    Executive Producers :

    DarkHenrik, Benny Yau, Charles Hoskins, Earoist, Ryan Fleck, Royce M. Aguila, Pkmn Trainer Gonzo, David Keyworth, Dreux Ferrano Jr., Aporeia, Syrus Coy, AK, Kip, Jacob, Abra, Alex Bourdages, Blockhead, Keven Boucher

    Voice Acting:

    Jess Floam as Chimchar

    Greg Hoffman as Bidoof

    CjCameron as Bibarel

    Dreux Ferrano Jr. as Squirtle/Wartortle

    Jordan Bonn as Turtwig

    Jeffrey Hunt as Fearow

    Ed Atlin as Snover

    Dane Powroznik as Spearow

    River Vitae as Abomasnow

    Ash Might Have Had A Blastoise

    Despite having multiple opportunities for evolving, the only reason Ash chose not to evolve Pikachu was that he wanted to prove his worth against Lt. Surge’s Raichu, as both Lt. Surge and his Raichu looked down on Pikachu for its pre-evolution status. Had Ash picked a Squirtle instead, not only might he have had evolved it, it may have evolved all the way to Blastoise. This would have had far-reaching consequences, as he wouldn’t have had to catch Lapras in the Orange Islands, he may have defeated Harrison’s Blaziken in the Johto League, and, most notable, he may have had a Mega Blastoise in the Kalos region.

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    He Might Not Have Caught A Squirtle

    Since, in this timeline, Ash already has a Squirtle, he may never have caught the leader of the Squirtle Squad in the first place. Already having a Squirtle of his own, or perhaps even one of its evolutions, Ash may have been able to change the Squirtle Squad’s ways without them having to put out a forest fire. While this would be a loss for Ash, since Squirtle’s personality was one of the more entertaining, it might also mean that his starter Squirtle would be even stronger than the wild one he caught.

    Gym Battles Would Have Turned Out Differently

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    While Ash would have had a significantly better time with Brock’s gym and might have even won on his own merits rather than simply accidentally setting off the fire suppression system, not having Pikachu would affect many of his future battles. Lt. Surge, in particular, would have played out much differently, since Ash would either have to use one of his other Pokémon or teach his Squirtle a coverage move like Dig, which would work a lot like Pikachu’s Iron Tail in the canon story for covering his Ground-type weakness.

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    Island Of Giant Pokmon

    This is third episode in an arc where Ash and the gang go aboard the Saint Anne, but eventually encounter a terrible storm that washes them up on this mysterious island.

    The best part of this episode is that the Pokémon talk! Not in the Pikachu has a creepy, cherubic voice-type of way either their normal Pokémon voices are given subtitles so that we can see how they communicate. Its particularly heartwarming, because we get to see the Pokeémons different personalities Charmander, who was left in the rain by his abusive trainer, is more timid, whereas Squirtle is bold and brash Pikachu has undying loyalty to Ash, much like Ekans and Koffing do to Jessie and James.

    It also includes the objectively best scene in all of television ever, namely when Bulbasaur and Charmander send Squirtle to talk to the giant roaming Blastoise, and he greets it with, Yo! Brother!

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    Charmander The Stray Pokmon

    Its one of the first tastes of cruelty we get in the Pokémon world. Its the second in a three-episode arc where Ash gets his Kanto starters, and perhaps the most heartwrenching encounter of all is Charmander.

    The poor Charmander has been left to DIE by his old trainer, abandoned on a rock in the middle of a road with a weak tail. When Ash tries to catch it, Charmander refuses to budge. Even as a thunderstorm rages on, Charmander steadfastly waits for his jerk of a trainer, holding a leaf as a little umbrella to keep his tail-flame from extinguishing.

    We know it has a happy ending, but man, this episode puts us through the ringer.

    Many Of His Pokmon May Be Different

    Starter Squad – Episodes 1-9

    Since the majority of Ash’s Pokémon are fast, special attacking sweepers like Pikachu, he may have gone in a different direction without a Pikachu on his team. This aside, Ash’s first few Pokémon would also be different, since his first encounter with a Pidgey might have been successful with an obedient starter and without Misty, he would have never noticed Caterpie in Viridian Forest.

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    Pokémon like Damien’s Charmander would probably still be caught, but some of Misty’s Pokémon, such as Togepi and Poliwag, may have gone to Ash instead and resulting in him having a very different team by the end of the Kanto and Johto Leagues.

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    The 15 Best Starter Pokmon

    What are the best starter Pokémon? Even though it’s easy to appreciate them all, it’s apparent that there are a select few that make up the greatest.

    The Pokémon series is continuing to grow massively in size, as there are now eight generations and almost 1,000 of these creatures in general. There have been some marvelous Pokémon over the years, from Mewtwo to Zarude, but it is hard to find many that are more popular among fans than starter Pokémon. These are what jumpstarted a generation of Pokémon, as they are what gamers see and get to pick from first. Interestingly, the series has been able to create some truly magnificent starters in the process, which is a huge reason why the franchise is so beloved by many. But what starter Pokémon are the best?

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    Even though it is easy to appreciate every starter Pokémon, it is apparent that there are a select few that are truly among the best. This is not only based on their fighting abilities but also their overall significance to the series itself. Also, what helps certain Pokémon become such hot commodities to catch is what their final evolved forms are. Starter Pokémon are responsible for developing into some of the biggest names in the entire series.

    Blm: Chermancer’in Yzne Yumruk Atlyor

    Chermancer, Squater ve Balbazar dövü altrmas yaparken 2. eitmen gelir. Hitmonchan’n çkarr. Hitmonchan beni bu güçsüzlerle mi savatryorsun der ama bir ey yapamaz. Ve Squater’ frlatr, Chermancer’i bayltr. Ardndan Balbazar’ alr. Chermancer uyandnda Squater onunla kamp atei yakmaya çalyordur. Chermancer yine otoritesiyle Balbazar’ benim planmla kurtaracaz der ama bu kadar otoriteye Squater artk dayanamaz ve kzar. Hep kendin strateji belirlemeden kaba kuvvetle saldryorsun demeye balar. Bunun üzerine Chermancer kabul edip özür diler ve Balbazar’ kurtarmak için Squater’a plann sorar. Ardndan Squater 2. eitmenin karsnda berilir eitmen Hitmonchan’n serbest brakr brakmaz Chermancer gelir ve poketopuna Hitmonchan’ yarm olarak sokup topu parçalar ve Hitmonchan hiçlie gider. Eitmen kaçar. Balbazar’ kurtarl ve yolculua devam ederler.

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    Pikachu Wouldn’t Have Been His Starter

    The most obvious change would be that Ash wouldn’t have taken Pikachu as his starter Pokémon, since the only reason he was given the option was that Professor Oak felt bad for him and decided that Pikachu would have to do. In the first episode, Ash claims that he thought about his choice all night and wanted to take Squirtle. Had Ash actually been able to follow through with this, not only would he have had a Squirtle instead of Pikachu, but Gary wouldn’t have been able to take Squirtle as his starter, meaning all four children would have to change their starter options.

    Caught In The Wild Instead

    Choose A Starter!
    • Ash’s Bulbasaur.
    • Goh’s Grookey.

    Certain characters in the anime have caught a regional Starter Pokémon in the wild instead of having them as their first Pokémon.


    • Ash caught:
    • Three of the Kanto region starter Pokémon, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, inquicksuccession. However, one out of the three evolved, as Charmander was the only that has evolved, becoming a Charmeleon, and later a Charizard, both of which were very disobedient to Ash until an incident in the Orange Archipelago, after which it served Ash as it had when it was a Charmander. Bulbasaur was also going to evolve, but decided to stay as itself then become an Ivysaur.
    • In a different community, Ash only caught Charmander and evolved into Charmeleon then into Charizard.
  • Three of the Johto regionstarterPokémon, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. However, unlike the Kanto starters, two out of three evolved as Chikorita and Cyndaquil evolved into Bayleef and Quilava, respectively.
  • One of the Hoenn starter Pokémon, Treecko as it evolved into a Grovylethen into a Sceptile.
  • Brock caught a Mudkip, which has since evolved into a .
  • May caught a Bulbasaur midway through her journey in Hoenn, and was given a Squirtle by Professor Oak when she journeyed to Kanto. Bulbasaur evolved all the way into a Venusaur and Squirtle evolved into Wartortle during May’s travels through Johto.
  • Dawn hatched a Cyndaquil during her journey in Sinnoh. It later evolved into Quilva.
  • Ash:
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    Future Of Starter Pokmon

    After Nintendo’s stagnant trend of three Fire/Fighting types in a row , GameFreak has learned from their mistakes and done a better job offering varied type combinations, seen in pairings like Incineroar’s Fire/Dark and Decidueye’s Grass/Ghost.

    Still, we’ve got plenty of type options still yearning to be explored, and I look forward to encountering Nintendo’s next Pokémon type fusions. But for now, as we eagerly await upcoming sets of video games to once again let us nickname our unfortunate companions , vote for your favorite starter family and I’ll see you at our next Pokémon countdown!

    Ash Or Brock May Have Taken Psyduck Instead Of Misty

    One of Misty’s signature Pokémon, Psyduck, was caught entirely by accident when she tripped and dropped a Pokéball, which the Psyduck used to catch itself out of sheer stupidity. Without Misty there to catch Psyduck, Brock or Ash may have opted to take it instead, since it seemed to be quite attached to the group when they first met. This would have long-lasting effects on either character, but most notably, if Brock took care of Psyduck, it might have evolved and been a great member of his team.

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    He Wouldn’t Have Had To Battle For The Cascade Badge

    When Ash first arrives at the Cerulean Gym, Misty’s sisters state that, despite being gym leaders, they have no Pokémon to battle with and have been giving out their badges to anyone who wants one. In the canon story, Ash would prefer to earn his badge, so he challenges Misty once he learns she is the actual gym leader of Cerulean City. Without Misty present, Ash wouldn’t have had the chance to battle for this badge and might have had a much harder time in future gym battles as a result.

    Here Comes The Squirtle Squad

    Pokemon REACTION: Starter Squad, Episode 10

    This is the last of three back-to-back episodes where Ash meets the Kanto starters that become his Pokémon. Here Comes the Squirtle Squad stands out particularly because, well, the SQUIRTLE SQUAD. .

    This gang of Squirtles wears sunglasses and wreaks havoc on a nearby town. Theyre led by a Squirtle with sleek, winged sunglasses the very same Squirtle who will eventually join Ashs team. They team up with Team Rockets Meowth to trap Ash and friends.

    Ashs Squirtle arguably has the most personality of all his Kanto Pokémon , and this is a stellar introduction to its badass ways.

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    Abra And The Psychic Showdown

    Ash travels to Saffron City and faces off against Gym Leader Sabrina. In the games, Sabrina is a totally standard Gym Leader who casually mentions her psychic powers and prophecies in the same way designated-type trainers mention their passions. In the anime, though, Sabrina is a totally emotionless, sinister woman who also happens to have a creepy childlike alter-ego with occasionally demonic red eyes sitting on her lap, like some possessed ventriloquist dummy.

    When Ash inevitably loses this gym battle, he and his friends are shrunk and placed in a dollhouse, where they encounter dolls with soulless eyes staring at them. Meanwhile, Sabrinas spooky child-self giggles in a manner befitting a horror movie and tries to play with them.

    Theyre eventually rescued, and over the next two episodes, Ash sets out on a quest to find a Pokémon that actually has a type advantage at the psychic-type gym instead of just using Pikachu.

    This episode also receives a shout-out for Jessie and James fabulous hula dancer disguises.

    Misty Wouldn’t Have Become A Companion

    The only reason Ash ran into Misty in the first place was after his fateful encounter with a flock of angry Spearow, which attacked him and Pikachu after Pikachu decided it didn’t want to battle for such a stupid trainer. Because this battle would never happen, Ash and Pikachu wouldn’t be sent down a river to be caught by Misty, Ash wouldn’t have had to steal her bike to reach the Pokémon Center, and she never would have followed him to wait for him to replace her stolen and destroyed bike.

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    Guide To Iron Fist Alexander’s Questline In Elden Ring

    Another Hoenn option, Torchic first morphs into Combusken, then the fierce Blaziken, kicking off a long tradition of Fire/Fighting starters. Thankfully, it’s a good typing, bearing four weaknesses but five resistances, including a quad resistance to Bug and a useful Rock balance . Blaziken’s stats veer towards Attack and Special Attack, letting it assault foes with both direct and indirect moves, and it bears unique strikes like Sky Uppercut.

    Mega Blaziken receives an increase to just about every stat, particularly Attack, letting you ravage foes with contact moves for incredible damage. It also enjoys the Speed Boost ability, gradually increasing Speed to ensure you’re able to strike first each turn.

    Chespin, Quilladin, and Chesnaught

    Base Stat Total: 530

    Generation/Games: 6/X and Y

    Often ridiculed for its goofy second stage, Quilladin’s evolution nonetheless offers fierce power. Chesnaught’s stats emphasize Attack and especially Defense, absorbing physical blows with ease. It also learns a healthy variety of attacks while leveling, from status debuff Leech Side to HP-equalizing Pain Split to the unique Spiky Shield move, one of the best attacks in the game.

    Froakie, Frogadier, and Greninja

    Base Stat Total: 530

    Generation/Games: 6/X and Y

    Fennekin, Braixen, and Delphox

    Base Stat Total: 534

    Generation/Games: 6/X and Y

    Mudkip, Marshtomp, and Swampert

    Base Stat Total: 535

    Generation/Games: 3/Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

    Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur

    Base Stat Total: 525

    Team Rocket Might Have Left Ash Alone

    Casting Call Club : Starter Squad

    Without Pikachu destroying the Viridian Pokémon Center, Team Rocket would have never had such an interest in Ash and his starter Pokémon, and subsequently, might have gone on to be somewhat competent Pokémon thieves. This would have very long-lasting effects for both Ash and Team Rocket, as many main events in the story hinge on these two group’s interactions, including several caught Pokémon on both sides.

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    Pokmon: 10 Ways The Anime Would Have Changed If Ash Woke Up On Time

    Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon journey all began when he woke up late to meet Professor Oak. Here’s what would’ve happened if he had woken up on time.

    It’s hard to imagine what the Pokémon anime might have been like if the creators had followed through with the idea to have it more closely resemble the manga, as not only would the main character not be the Ash Ketchum we all know and love, but he would have also had a Clefairy as his starter rather than Pikachu. This isn’t the only potential change that might have happened, as the anime could have been very different had he actually woken up on time.

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    In the first episode, Pokémon, I Choose You!, Ash unfortunately destroys his alarm clock in the middle of the night and arrives too late to Professor Oak’s to take one of the original starter Pokémon, instead taking a defiant Pikachu. This begs the question, how would the anime have played out had he actually had the option of either Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle?

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