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Where To Find Ralts In Pokemon Shield

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How To Evolve Pokemon Sword & Shield Riolu Into Lucario

Where To Find Ralts In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Once players have gotten their hands on a Riolu, they’re going to want to evolve it into Lucario to maximize its stats and potential. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done for some. Although players won’t need to find anything particularly out-of-the-way, they will need to fill Riolu’s happiness bar and maintain a strong bond with the Pokemon.

Using a Soothe Bell is recommended as it will help increase a Pokemon’s happiness and help it reach a faster Maximum Bond as it battles. Unfortunately, this just takes time and players that want a Lucario will have to go through the motions if they wish to revolve it from a Riolu. Once the Riolu has reached a state of Maximum Happiness and Bond, it simply needs to be leveled up one additional time and it will evolve.

As this shows, there are many conditions to take into account when evolving Pokemon in Galar. Take Sirfetch’d, for instance, one of the newest Pokemon only available in Pokemon Sword. First, players will need to catch a Farfetch’d, which likes overcast weather. Then it is a matter of evolving Farfetch’d into a Sirfetch’d. This can only be done via a special – and slightly difficult – requirement.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are out now for Nintendo Switch.

Where To Find Kirlia In The Wild

Kirlia can be found in the Rolling Fields of the Wild Area as a Wandering Pokemon. There are three Wandering Kirlia, and they only appear in Foggy Weather. Prior to getting all 8 of Galar’s gym badges, Kirlia will be a level 26. Once players have beaten Sword & Shield‘s main story, Kirlia, along with other Wild Area Pokemon, will be level 60.

Unfortunately, the Grass Badge only allows trainers to catch Pokemon up to level 25, and Kirlia is just one level higher. This means trainers will need to get the Water Badge , which enables them to catch Pokemon up to level 30.

The earliest way to get Kirlia would be to evolve Ralts. Trainers won’t need gym badges to catch Ralts since it appears at a much lower level than Kirlia in the Wild. Ralts can be found in:

  • Dappled Grove

Where To Find Ralts Location In Pokemon Sword & Shield

To find Ralts in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you first have to unlock the Fog Wild Area weather effect in the game. As far as we can tell, the only way to do so is to beat the main boss in the story missions. Then, when youre just freely roaming around and exploring, places that previously didnt have Fog now will have a chance to spawn it. The locations where you can catch Ralts include Dappled Grove, West Lake Axewell, North Lake Miloch, South Lake Miloch, Rolling Fields, and Watchtower Ruins.

Now, we found our Ralts by driving our bike around the ruined tower in the Watchtower Ruins area. Sooner or later a Ralts is going to rear up its watermelon-like head. When it does, immediately bike towards it as fast as you can. Ralts will start running away and eventually disappear, so you have to catch up real quick. If it does manage to run away, thats fine. Just keep doing laps until it comes back.

We recommend using the False Swipe move on Ralts. This move guarantees that itll keep at least 1 HP. That way, it wont faint, and youll be able to capture it. Oh, and one more important detail: you can only find Ralts in Fog, as weve already mentioned. However, in Rolling Fields, you can also find a Ralts when its just Overcast, but its very, very rare, only about 2%.

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How And Where To Find Ralts

As I said, its not as easy as heading to a route and wandering around till he spawns. Ralts is very weather dependent, so you may want to know how to change weather in Sword and Shield. Once you know that, you need to start looking for heavy fog, which is one of the rarer weather patterns throughout the Wild Area. Overcast has a chance of spawning Ralts, but its much lower than fog. Of course, fog only unlocks once youve become the Galar region champion and completed the post game mission, so make sure you complete the main quest before hunting for Ralts.

Once you have done so, the specific regions youll want to watch for are the Rolling Fields, Dappled Grove, Watchtower Ruins, North and South Lake Miloch, and West Lake Axewell. If any of these show foggy weather on the map, head there and Ralts should be appearing pretty regularly. Just watch the tall grass for the tiny green and red head to pop out. Rush in, cause if Ralts sees you he will start to run away, and soon youll have your own.

And thats how and where to find Ralts in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Where To Find And Catch Ralts In Pokmon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Sword &  Shield

These are all the spawn locations for Ralts in Pokémon Sword & Shield:

  • Dappled Grove: It has a 25% chance of spawning during foggy weather in the overworld. Its level will range from 13 to 15.
  • North Lake Miloch: It has a 2% chance of spawning during foggy weather in the overworld. Its level ranges from 26 to 28.
  • Rolling Fields Area 2: It has a 2% chance of spawning during overcast weather in the overworld. Its level will range from 7 to 10.
  • Rolling Fields Area 2: It has a 25% chance of spawning during foggy weather in the overworld. Its level will range from 7 to 10.
  • Rolling Fields: It has a 2% chance of spawning during foggy weather in the overworld. Its level will range from 7 to 10.
  • Rolling Fields: It has a 60% chance of spawning during foggy weather in the overworld. Its level will range from 7 to 10.
  • South Lake Miloch: It has a 5% chance of spawning during foggy weather. Its level will range from 14 to 16.
  • Watchtower Ruins: It has a 10% chance of spawning during foggy weather. Its level will range from 10 to 15.

As another option, trainers can just find Gardevoir out in the wild. It has the potential to spawn in both the Dusty Bowl and Lake of Outrage. However, these are fairly high-level Pokémon. Capturing a Ralts and raising it will be a much faster process to add the powerful special attacker Gardevoir to any Pokemon Sword & Shield team.

Pokémon Sword & Shield is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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How To Find Kirlia In Pokmon Sword & Shield

Kirlia is a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokémon in Pokémon Sword & Shield. Trainers will need to find and capture a Ralts first and evolve it into Kirlia.

Finding and catching Kirlia is a vital part of completing the Pokédex in Pokémon Sword & Shield. While the expansion pass for Pokémon Sword & Shield has come to a close, many trainers are looking to revisit Galar to complete their Pokémon Home Pokédex. Pokémon Home offers players a place to keep all their Pokémon across every generation together. For example, trainers who recently picked up Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl may want to find a Kirlia to evolve when Pokémon BDSP receives Pokémon Home support, a feature promised for early 2022.

Kirlia is the evolved form of the Psychic- and Fairy-type Pokémon Ralts. Kirlia is a unique Pokémon because its next evolutionary stage depends on its gender. If trainers capture and evolve a female Kirlia, it will always evolve into Gardevoir and maintain its Psychic/Fairy-typing. However, if the Kirlia is a male and is exposed to a Dawn Stone, it will evolve into Gallade, the Fighting/Psychic-type Pokémon.

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Catching Kirlia & Evolving

As we noted above, the first and arguably easiest way of getting yourself Gallade in Pokemon Sword and Shield is to simply catch a Kirlia and evolve it.

Kirlia can be caught in the wild in both Sword and Shield, so you dont need to worry about it being exclusive to one of the games.

You can find Kirlia wandering around the overworld of Rolling Hills whenever theres Heavy Fog . It does have a low spawn rate, though, so going after a Ralts, which evolves into Kirlia at Lv. 20 may be a better option.

Ralts can be found in the following locations in Heavy Fog or Overcast weather:

  • Rolling Fields
  • South Lake Miloch
  • North Lake Miloch

Once youve got yourself a Kirlia, youll want to make sure that its male. If its female, youll need to find a male one, otherwise you wont be able to evolve it into Gallade.

As long as it is male, simply use a Dawn Stone to evolve Kirlia into Gallade in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Dawn Stones can be found at the Lake of Outrage. Weve included a guide here on how to farm all evolution stones via the Lake of Outrage.

Once youve got a Dawn Stone, simply open your bag, select it, and use it on your male Kirlia to evolve it into Gallade.

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Where To Catch Gallade In The Wild Area

The Wild Area is going to be key to getting your Gallade, and fortunately there are more than a few spots to find one. Gallade will spawn in Bridge Field, Dusty Bowl, North Lake Miloch, and Rolling Fields.

If you dont yet have access to Bridge Field and the north part of the Wild Area, North Lake Miloch will be your best bet. It shouldnt be too hard to find, as its usually walking along the overworld.

In my experience, the most reliable location to find Gallade is the small beach area in Bridge Field you can see below.

Simply encounter Gallade, whittle his health down, and throw the Poké Ball of your preference when the time is right to catch the basis of your Pokémon catching machine.

Ralts Where To Find For

Pokemon Sword and Shield – Where to Find Ralts
Not available in this game
SwordShield Rolling Fields, South Lake Miloch, Dappled Grove, West Lake Axewell, North Lake Miloch, Watchtower Ruins, Fields of Honor
Brilliant Diamond Route 203, 204, Fountainspring Cave, Dazzling Cave, Stargleam Cavern
Legends: Arceus

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Ralts Raids

Where do i find Ralts Raids?

You can find Ralts raids in the following locations: Bridge Field, Hammerlocke Hills, Lake of Outrage, Motostoke Riverbank, Rolling Fields, Stony Wilderness, Watchtower Ruins.

You can the links below to view where to find Ralts Raid Spawn Locations in Pokemon Sw and Sh.

Where To Find Ralts In Pokemon Sword & Shield

In this guide, you will come to know how to catch a Ralts in the Pokemon Sword & Shield. Go through the guide, and you will find the location where you can catch them.

You can find the Ralts in the Pokemon Sword & Shield very easily and in no time. You have to find the Ralts in the areas that have Foggy weather. You need to come over to the Town Map option and go to the Rolling Fields that area has foggy weather, as you can see in the image below.

To get the fog in that area, you can even change the Date and Time. You need to turn off the Synchronize Clock via the Internet option. After that change the date and time, it is recommended to find the Ralts in the daytime.

Once you have changed it, go to the area to find the Ralts. You have to explore the area, and eventually, you will get them. They are hard to see because of their small size. As you get close to them, they start flying away from you. So you have to be very careful to catch them.

To catch him, you can even use the Pokemon, which can put him to sleep it will become much easier. In this way, you can get the Ralts in the Pokemon Sword & Shield and have more fun playing the game.

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Pokmon Sword And Shield Is A Game Where You’ll Want To Catch ’em All And Here’s Exactly How To Make Gallade Your Perfect Catching Machine

Pokémon Sword and Shield has continued to improve on a classic series, but ultimately theres only one thing were all trying to do: were trying to catch Pokémon.

Whether youre just looking for your favorites, trying to nab the rare and powerful legendary Pokémon, or hunting for shiny Pokémon, youre going to be catching Pokémon. It can be difficult sometimes to catch the ones we want, but there is a way to set yourself up for success.

Theres one Pokémon in all of Pokémon Sword and Shield that can be molded and built to become the perfect catching machine. Gallade is the Pokémon you want.

On this page:

  • 4.How to use your Pokémon catching machine in battle
  • Pokemon Sword And Shield How And Where To Find Ralts

    How to Catch RALTS Early

    At its core, Pokemon Sword and Shield are all about finding new species of Pokemon to catch. While previously you just needed to know which route a particular character would appear on, but things are more complicated now. Sometimes its the time of day, or just dumb luck, but most of the time its the weather. This is especially the case for Ralts, a fan favorite psychic and fairy type character that goes all the way back to gen 1. To help you catch him, heres how and where to find Ralts in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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    How To Use Your Pokmon Catching Machine In Battle

    Once youve done all the hard work, simply take your powered up and expertly crafted Gallade into battle against whatever Pokémon you want to catch. Be sure youve brought along several Poké Balls, whether theyre special ones or simply Ultra Balls.

    Its also not a bad idea to have some Revives and healing items in your inventory before heading into battle with Gallade. If youre up against a very difficult challenger, like a legendary Pokémon, you could run the risk of it fainting Gallade.

    You dont want to be stuck starting over just because of a lucky critical hit. Send in another Pokémon, and heal up Gallade while his teammate takes a few hits.

    When youre using Gallade, you can use Hypnosis to keep your opponent asleep as youre lowering their health with False Swipe. Just keep up the assault until you only see a sliver of red, indicating the Pokémon is down to 1 HP.

    Dont forget that you have Heal Pulse if you need it. Youll rarely use it, but it can help save a rare legendary or shiny Pokémon from fainting and ending a battle before you can catch it.

    Use Hypnosis to ensure theyre asleep after youve gotten their health lowered to the ideal amount. Throw your Poké Ball, and know that the hard work you put in before you threw it has given you the best possible chance of catching that Pokémon.

    Getting Gallade In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    There are two ways you can get a Gallade in the Galar region of Sword and Shield. The first method requires catching a Kirlia and evolving it from this.

    The alternative is to simply catch one out in the wild, but there are some extra conditions for both of these things that youll need to keep in consideration.

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    Catching Gallade In Pokemon Sword And Shield

    It is also possible to skip all of the evolution nonsense and just catch yourself a Gallade in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The problem is, its got a fairly low spawn rate and it only seems to appear in one location as far as we can tell.

    Specifically, youll need to head to Bridge Field during Normal Weather, Overcast, Raining, Thunderstorm, Intense Sun, Sandstorm. Some players have reported that Gallade can only be encountered on the little island just after the bridge on Bridge Field.

    Youll want to ensure youve got plenty of Ultra Balls with you, as well as Pokemon that know moves like False Swipe and Hypnosis or Sing to make catching Gallade even easier.

    Thats everything you need to know on how to get Gallade in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Head over to our guide wiki for more tips and tricks, or search for Twinfinite.

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